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Krzysztof Sobolewski with his wife

Almost a year ago, the Law on Law and Justice (PiS) passed a “sanitation resolution” aimed at eliminating the unhealthy phenomenon of filling PiS politicians’ family members into lucrative positions in state treasury companies. The model of the “fat cats” that Yaroslav Kaczynski (73) spoke about last year was the wife of PiS Secretary General Silvia Sobolevska (48). How is the situation a year later? The wife of an important PiS politician may be envied by many Poles waiting for the next payment …

– Cases of nepotism in our ranks they overshadowed our whole structure. They shake his confidence. They doubt that they understand the basic principle of law and justice, our policy as a service to the interests of the common goodnot as, but as a work for the welfare of the Republic of Poland and its citizens a way to get your own benefits – We read in the PiS’s “anti-nepotic” resolution that last year dozens of members of the Law and Justice family were fired from their positions in state-owned companies.

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Krzysztof Sobolevsky, the wife of PiS Secretary General Krzysztof Sobolevski, has lost a significant source of income. Until the summer of 2021, he served as Director of Management Systems and Corporate Risks in Orlando. He combined his position by sitting on the supervisory boards of two Orlen-owned companies: Anwil (since 10 December 2019), Orlen Paliwa (since 3 January 2020) and Szczecin-Goleniów Airport (since 5 May 2018).

According to Super Express, after the announcement of the content of the Sanacja resolution, the wife of the Secretary General of PiS immediately lost his position on the board of these companies.

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Sylwia Sobolewska. How much does the PiS Secretary-General’s wife earn in local government companies?

Fortunately for Sobolewska, the PiS resolution applies only to state-owned companies, with the exception of those run by local governments. In December 2021, Sylwia Sobolewska became … Kamień Pomorski Przedsiębiorstwo Gospodarki Komunalnej vice-president and Member of the Supervisory Board of Zamek in Ogrodzieniec.

As Super Express learns, Sobolewska makes money As vice-president of PGK 18,662.40 PLN per month Kamień in Pomorsk. How did he get the job? “The main reason for the appointment of a member of the Board is part 1 of Section §17 of the Charter of the PGK sp. Z oo in connection with Art.

Zamek (which manages the tourist attraction of the medieval ruins of the castle in Ogrodzieniec) sent us a salary range only for members of the supervisory board. An ordinary member earns 1,530 PLN per month, the Deputy Chairman earns 3,032 PLN, and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board earns 3,240.72 PLN.

Despite the inquiries, we could not find out what status Sobolewska has as a member of the supervisory board.

In general, he was a member of Sobolewska local government companies can earn 21,903.12 PLN per month.

Krzysztof Sobolewski did not answer our questions about whether his wife still works for the State Treasury and / or local government companies and helped her get a job.

“Fat cats kept in the state had to keep a diet, but as you can see, to survive, this does not belong to the wife of the famous United Health Baron Krzysztof Sobolevsky,” said MP Hanna Gill-Piątek. From Lodz

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