Intimate scenes alone do not develop our sexuality

Last year, we were able to watch the fate of Majka and Natalia from the series “Control” almost regularly. Now, after the premiere of the fourth season, we are talking with the leading actors – Ewelina Pankowska and Ada Chlebicka about what this long journey is for them.

Weronika: We can already watch the fourth season in Player, but I know a lot of people haven’t seen it yet. Can you tell us about it by avoiding possible spoilers?

Ada Chlebicka: Undoubtedly, this season is more fictional and our heroes are more mature. We unanimously agree that this is our favorite season.

Ewelina Pankowska: Girls are now facing the most serious decisions of their lives. There are some changes, significant changes, so this season is the most serious in this regard.

Weronika: Have you changed with these characters? What has Natalya and Majka brought to your life during this time? After all, the first season of “Control” was filmed a few years ago.

Ada: Oh, that’s a difficult question! (laughs) They’re really grown up with us. Natasza (Parzymies), the author of “Control”, also took inspiration from us and took what we did not hide from our lives and from it.

Sometimes we laugh that if we return to “Control” every five years, let’s check what has changed during this period, what happened to our heroes.

Ewelina: For me, this is a wonderful journey – partly because it takes too long. We were in the birth of these characters, and still are. As a result, I feel more alive, because I have another biography, which gives me a lot of feelings and impressions.

Weronica: How did your character influence you to discover your gender? Has “control” changed over the years?

Ewelina: I recently shared a story on my Instagram about how to shoot intimate scenes in a series. I had a few real intimate scenes with Ada, and it was a very educational and perspective-enhancing work experience for me. Sometimes I come across a legend that you don’t feel anything because of the extreme stress in intimate scenes, but in fact it is not. It is known to bring some scenes to life, but they are as intimate as they can be. On the one hand, I know that this is my job, but on the other hand, the body does not feel this separation. Undoubtedly, “Control” allowed me to get to know my body better.

Ada: It’s a difficult question, but I think I was aware of my gender during the control phase.

Ewelina: I would like to add that in my opinion, our sexuality cannot be developed only by intimate scenes, because it is an integral part of a person and can develop at any time. I think other scenes of Control have developed me a lot.

Weronica: What about working on your report? Have you had such a stage to get to know each other in order to play the protagonists’ score reliably?

Ewelina: We did not have such a stage. It happened so “magically”. The first time we studied, or rather, while writing the first episode, and the second time … we met during the shooting of another film that should shine. We had to hope for a little chance – it will come out and something will come out of it. It turned out that there really is something.

Ada: Previously, we did not have a chance to get to know each other better, because most of the scenes of the first series were filmed separately. Then Ewelina had to hurry to the train, and the next day I had rehearsals for my vacation. Therefore, the decision to continue was a big mystery for us. It is very important for me to feel safe with Ewelina.

This is a really unique story, because when I have to play romantic scenes with someone else, even if there is chemistry between us on the screen, it is never as strong as between me and Ewelina.

Weronica: I know you act in plays and movies. Did Control interfere with your other projects in any way? Or maybe the exact opposite?

Ada: We are rarely asked such questions, but then I realize that there are people who can really cause this problem. This is as abstract as the last situation for me, where an old man painted the faces of two girls kissing. I have never felt hatred, and professionally a lot started with Control. It seems to me that this series brought us only good, positive emotions and great people.

Ewelina: I have it too and it is difficult for me to find any shortcomings. Nobody criticized my participation in such a project. Usually these are very nice words, thank you for creating us.

Weronika: “Control” is included in TVN and not only on the Internet. “Two girls will kiss on TV,” Natasza Parzymies wrote. What are you saying?

Ewelina: I’m happy! (laughs) That’s great news. Many people have asked me and Ada what they will be able to watch on TV because they do not have access to the Player, or just want to see it in such an “official” TV group. In the end, “Control” will be seen by older people who prefer to watch things on TV, otherwise the series will not be enough.

Ada: Exactly. On the other hand, many young girls who can’t get the Player themselves write to me, so it’s a possibility for them. I am very glad that it happened and we will be discovering it too. Finally, with the Control we have in the first season, we will be able to reach people from abroad. I’m excited to be able to deliver this series to these people, because thanks to them, “Control” has grown in this way.

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Weronica: We have many guests in “Control” – Ralph Kaminski, Magdalena Boczarska and others. var. Were any of these collaborations very important to you?

Ewelina: All the collaborations were really nice, but I must admit that the collaboration with Cesary Żak was especially important for me. How beautiful and polite Majka’s father is is one of the most important things for me in this new season.

I hope that this will be a figure that many parents can see for themselves, because it shows the contradiction in them. At the same time, they feel unconditional love for the child, as well as misunderstandings and fears, which is as natural as possible.

I also appreciate other people who are willing to appear in Control. I am glad that they decided to tell us this story.

Ada: I also love the image of Cesary Żak! I think that in addition to the great acting, it is worth appreciating Natasza, who miraculously wrote this image and introduced it to the world. It actually touches the heart. The scene in the cemetery is one of my favorite scenes … but as Ewelina says, each of these people was important. In terms of acting, we both started this project, but then every new person who joined the team was a great gift and became part of the family.

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