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M.Ajówka in Greece, shopping in the US, works in Poland. In any case, we must make sure that we use the Internet in the safest way. Therefore, in addition to the obvious antivirus software, we must complete our protection with a VPN program, which not only protects our privacy, but also allows you to enjoy your favorite series, for example, while traveling abroad.

The number of online threats is growing day by day. According to the latest CERT Polska report, 10,420 cybersecurity incidents were recorded in 2020. This is about 60.7 percent. more than in the previous year. Thirty-one percent of Poles have been or have been affected by online fraud, according to the Sandander Consumer Bank’s “Self-Portrait of Poles: Safety in Electronic Shopping 2022” report.

The Internet is full of fake sites that steal our information. Viruses and other forms of malware are spreading, which should take control of our computer or block it completely to get a ransom to unlock it. Finally, there are places where we can use the Internet just by connecting to an unknown (and indefinite) WiFi network, so we have a choice – either general or risky.

Such threats cannot be ignored. Probably no one will be surprised by the recommendation to use antivirus software. But sometimes that may not be enough. Therefore, many companies, which are more or less willing to allow employees to work remotely, allow only so-called use of corporate resources. VPN connection.

VPN is a tool that provides security, privacy and freedom of operation on the network. Virtual Private Network effectively protects your privacy. Creates an encrypted tunnel – connecting to the Internet, among others, it hides our location and all our online activities, makes it difficult to track us and significantly increases our security.

How does it work?

The VPN network hides the user’s IP address, so it is virtually impossible to link it to any activity on the network. The word “tunnel” is usually used to describe the work of this technology, which perfectly reflects the essence of the problem. This tunnel is a personal connection between our computer and the VPN provider’s server. Our activities (for example, searches, data sent and received, etc.) are transmitted only from this server.

All transmitted data is encrypted, so no third party will be able to read it – our tunnel is so armored that no attack can penetrate it.

From the outside, it looks like we are using a network from the IP address of this server. The server can be freely changed to another (offered by the service provider) and they are scattered all over the world. Thanks to this, with one click we can “move” to the United States or Japan and look like a computer connected to the network in this country.

It’s as if we manually assign our location to the GPS locator – in Poland or abroad. In this case, it is impossible to track the actual location.

How to choose a VPN?

There are many VPN service providers. When choosing one, it is important, among others, whether the company we use to protect our privacy on the Internet respects it. For example, it should follow the principle of not creating magazines, ie not registering the activities of its customers.

Free VPN services can pass some of the information collected from customers to advertisers. Thus, in exchange for secure communication, we must agree to limit our privacy, which is not fundamental and, in fact, contradicts the idea of ​​using private networks.

Another important thing is the number and location of servers we can use. The more, the more agile our actions will be.

VPN in practice

Since the essence of private networks is user security, let’s look at the product of a company that has long been engaged in Internet security, whose brand has become synonymous with such systems. Norton offers computer protection in the form of antivirus, firewall and other tools. One of them is the Secure VPN feature, which is an additional security that complements all of the above.

This function is very simple to use. After subscribing, we download the software (VPN client) to a computer or mobile device and run it with a few clicks, for example, select the location of the server we want to use as a “window to the world”. In addition, we can activate the blocking of advertising monitors. The service then runs in the background and you can use the Internet “normally”, the VPN works without the user’s knowledge, encrypts the connection and hides the real location and IP address of the computer.

Secure VPN is a valuable tool for people who frequently use various unknown networks such as libraries, hotels and cafes. Thanks to it, you can safely use such networks without worrying about the actions of thieves or other criminals.

Additional benefits

Using a VPN, for example, has a number of additional benefits that will be appreciated by frequent travelers. Typically, many internet services are aimed at citizens of a particular country. So, if you use the streaming service in Poland, for example, you will not be able to connect to it while traveling in Greece. It is also worth noting that some online stores have different prices for customers from different countries.

VPN is an excellent solution to these problems. If you are in the aforementioned Greece and want to watch your favorite series without access to the Internet abroad, it is enough to turn on the VPN and use a Polish server. The service provider will see the location of the VPN server, not you, so it will “think” that you are connected from Poland. Similarly, when shopping – you know that the cheapest flights can be purchased online, for example, in the US and our prices are higher – you connect to a server in that country and save money.

This is not just an addition

Security experts have long believed that VPNs are the best way to protect your privacy on the Internet. Of course, it does not protect against viruses downloaded from the network, such as Trojans, which appear to be legitimate software and download them ourselves, but it allows you to protect yourself, for example, from theft of credit card information or other viruses. sensitive information.

Therefore, hybrid solutions are the best, for example, the Norton 360 package, which includes not only antivirus software, firewall software, Dark Web monitoring and many other solutions, but also a VPN client that provides the highest level of security. – A detailed description of all software functions and system requirements can be found at Let’s add that the product is offered in the form of an automatically renewed annual subscription.

Remember that there are people on the “other side” who have great technical knowledge and can do almost anything online to get our money and information. Let’s not give them a chance and use proven solutions.

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