An ownerless Annapurna fully understands what it means to be a cat

The cat goes to the robot in Stray.

picture: Annapurna / Kotaku

If you have a cat in your home, how do you usually act? By looking up at the tail, you probably know how any normal cat does it. But the main cats azan A little more modest: at least based on the game footage shown during the silent broadcast show in which he participates, he mostly holds the tail Kotaku.

In other words, no, you probably won’t see a cat hole inside you azan.

azanAn adventure game released by Annapurna Interactive for PlayStation and PC This is Julyis the debut of French developer Blue Twelve Studio. The game takes place mainly in a futuristic city mysteriously occupied by robots resembling iPods. Although most games with this setup put you in the tight boots of a soldier in battle armor, azan This puts you in a softer, infinitely softer and perhaps more deadly (hey, you know, you know) orange cat situation. There was a lot of noise when the game was announced Sony show 2020It was originally planned to be released in 2021 without delay until this year.

During the pre-speech session, I could not get rid of one feeling: azan This is not an adventure game that you play like a cat. azan This is an adventure game wherever you are to be cat, up to what you do in the game.

Blue Twelve producer Swann Matin-Raget played for about 20 minutes azansays a few extracts from selected levels throughout the game. (anyway azan This is a semi-open world, and there will be more traditional, seemingly linear stages.) To play It focuses on very typical cat behavior. You can push bottles and jars off the counters. You can disrupt the board game played by two robots by sending wooden blocks scattered in the wave.

There is also a legitimate mechanic who scratches everything that cats want to scratch: carpets, sofas, everything that wears out easily and at the same time is dear to your heart. By rotating the right and left triggers alternately on your controllers, you can sharpen your paws on many in-game objects. (You’ll feel it in the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller Some backthe power of style opinion.) It’s not just cosmetics. Matin Raggett once slammed an unusual door on a neon street. A few seconds passed. The robot opened the door. this How to Progress in Certain Inaccessible Areas.

“I am doing something very unrealistic here,” he said [in] Matin Raggett said he would come in immediately. “You know, every cat will wait 10 to 20 minutes before it does.”

Given how many studio members own a cat, it makes sense that the Blue Twelve people are in a very good position to perfectly understand what it means to be a cat. Here are some of them to please the crowd:

There are three blue cats from Twelve Studio staff on the pillows.

picture: blue twelve

In fact, even the cat he plays with depends in part on one of these cats: an orange wheel (pictured) named Murtaugh, who lives with the studio’s co-owners. However, Matin Raggett noticed it azan There is no name of the player character.

Didn’t Murtaugh work as a motion capture actor before asking? azanFree hero. No cat does. I know it’s hard to believe, but it seems like it’s not easy for a cat to dress up in a costume to draw on stage and follow instructions. At least, azanThe hero was completely revived by hand, which presented its difficulties.

“In general, moving on all fours is much more difficult than moving two legs. The center of gravity is really different, and the overall animation smoothness has to be very high to be convincing. “” Also, when you try to move a person, you can easily imagine what you need to do to use it as a reference. you need to extrapolate the material you can find or create.

It’s not just “cat stuff”, it’s a basic game azan The focus is on platforms with light puzzle pieces. You will automatically make every jump in the game, you will always land on your feet and you will not be harmed during reconnaissance and movement. Environmental puzzles are the first obstacle to progress. Somewhere in the ad, Matin-Raget met a rotating industry fan. To prevent this from happening, ask your cat to take a nearby bucket and then roll it towards the fan. Knives squeezed between the fan and the hallway stand to open the door to the next room.

A cat riding in a B12 bucket.

screenshot: Annapurna Interactive

As with most third-party adventure games, you see your character from behind. Of course, this is a potential problem. (Harada azan It does not support characterization, for example, you cannot create a file A shimmering touch.)

Matin Raggett said: “We have not taken any steps to ensure that players do not have to watch the whole back of the game.” Kotaku In the next email. “But we’re working hard to revive the tail in a few different situations, and it helps a lot.”

One of the things that surprised me here: during the pre-release period, azan The protagonist lowered his tail. I have two cats. Many of my friends also have cats. (Welcome to the press!) Most of these cats walk with their tails raised on poles or straight. According to Matthew McCarthy, DVM, founder Juniper Valley Animal Hospital Middle Village, New York, this is a challenge for social interaction. McCarthy said it was a sign that “the cat is ready to communicate.” Kotaku.

“A scared cat will create a smaller silhouette,” McCarthy said. This could mean bending over, closing the ears, or, yes, hiding the tail. “Out of sight, out of mind. Hope. “

Sad but azanThe hero has nothing to fear. When Blue Twelve first came out, its rich visuals, atmosphere – and, you know, playing like cats, helped attract a lot of people. But there was not much information about who you really were Act. The general consensus at the time was: “Am I a cat? Do you walk around the city? Do you sit at the bar? Excellent! Sold. Give me. “

Cats in the bar area next to some of the bots in Stray.

screenshot: Annapurna Interactive

But The trailer was released last summer Show a completely different side azan. In one of the scenes, the cat was shown to run away from a group of anti-creatures to escape as much as possible. Accompanied by a floating drone robot. He jumps into a speeding car, dodges enemies, and turns into an abyss as if he were playing a leading role Unknown: the wealth of the cat. This was not a silent reconnaissance game introduced a year ago.

The announcement explained a little more about what happened there. According to Matin-Raget, the creative decision to show the intense clips was a choice of speed made at the beginning of the game, which has been developed in some features since 2016. The name of the bot is B12 (clear reference to the name). He is both a protector and an interpreter, able to see and speak, you are not a cat. When asked if I was limited to nine lives, Matin-Rage protested and did not say exactly how health, injury, rebirth, and the like worked.

Laziness predictions rarely give any idea of ​​whether a game is good or not. They often sell events – and their curators are more PR than practical ads, where you can’t even understand what the game is like. That is why we usually stay away from them Kotaku.

However, you have come a long way azan I’m so excited I don’t usually do that. And this is one of those millennials who are generally in the millennium of advertising hype, who are not spoiled by the cynicism that somehow turns hobbies into business! Maybe it’s just a cat’s neighbor instinct, but I feel good about it. At the very least, this would be a welcome departure from the traditionally inclined tariff that obscures the summer publication calendar.

Just don’t wait for any push.

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