Żabka, Sunday, June 12, 2022. Żabka is open on Sunday? [12.06.2022]

February 6, 2022, Sunday was the first Sunday since the change in trade laws. In Poland, the ban on opening shops on Sundays has been in force for some time. The first Sundays without trade in Poland began to appear in 2018. From 2020, stores will only be open on certain Sundays (one day each before Christmas, Easter and January, April, June and August).

Many major retailers have recently circumvented Sunday’s trade ban, with the exception of post offices. networks such as Biedronka, Lidl, Kaufland, Auchan, Carrefour, Netto, Stokrotka if Inter Marche They were able to get Poczta thanks to contracts with Polska or courier companies “post office” status and also opens stores on non-commercial Sundays.

In October 2021, the Sejm of the Republic of Poland adopted regulations tightening bans on Sunday trading. They clarify, among other things, that “core business” means a point where 40% of its revenue comes from that activity, such as a post office that will be difficult to access by revenue-generating hypermarkets. was symbolic of postal activity.

Wrocław: Biedronka is open on Sunday. Uses a “door” for railway stations

A Biedronka is open Sunday in Wrocław, despite a trade ban that has been tightened since February. The store railway station benefits from commercial exclusion.

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– Every Sunday, every Sunday I open my Żabkam for you – reads the actress who appeared in the commercial of Żabka network, which appears on official channels. In this way, the popular chain understands that despite the strict ban on trade rules that came into force on February 1, shoe stores are open on Sundays.

On Sunday, kaabka used a gate that allowed the owner to open the store if he was standing behind the counter. The chain builds its model on the basis of franchising, ie shops with this logo do not belong to one corporation, but to local entrepreneurs.

In this case, the introduction of self-service cash registers is a great help, thanks to which the store is able to serve more customers, even if only one person.

Which service points and shops can be open on Sundays?

The amended trade restriction act on Sundays and holidays and some other days lists a number of exceptions to the ban on Sunday trading. Trading can be done every Sunday:

at petrol stations;

in trade enterprises whose main activity is flower trade;

in pharmacies and drugstores;

in animal health facilities;

in trade enterprises whose main activity is trade in souvenirs or objects of worship;

in trade enterprises, the main activity of which is the sale of coupons for the press, public transport tickets, tobacco products, games of chance and mutual betting games;

In post offices within the meaning of the article. 3 Paragraph 15 of the Law of 23 November 2012 – The Postal Law, the main activity of which is the provision of postal services provided in art (Journal of Laws of 2020, Articles 1041 and 2320). 2 paragraphs 1 of this act;

in commercial enterprises in important infrastructure facilities referred to in the Law on Crisis Management of April 26, 2007 (Journal of Laws 2020, paragraph 1856 and 2021, paragraph 159);

in commercial establishments in hotels;

in trade enterprises in enterprises operating in the field of culture, sports, education, tourism and recreation;

located only in trade enterprises, as well as market halls organized for the purpose of holding festivals, fairs and other casual, thematic or sporting and recreational events;

In the health departments of medical institutions in commercial establishments and in other health facilities intended for people whose health condition requires medical care 24 hours or 24 hours a day;

In accordance with the Law of December 16, 2010 “On Public Collective Transport” (Journal of Laws 2020, paragraphs 1944 and 2400) in accordance with the Law of December 20, 1996 on trade stations, ports and marinas at railway stations ports and harbors (Journal of Laws of 2021, paragraph 491) and ports and ports in accordance with the meaning of the Law of 21 December 2000 on inland navigation (Journal of Laws 2020, Article 1863) – direct service to travelers;

for the sale of fish in fish farms, fishing vessels and commercial enterprises engaged only in the reception of fish products;

in accordance with the Law of July 3, 2002 on trade enterprises at airports – Aviation Law (Journal of Laws 2020, Articles 1970 and 2021, Articles 784 and 847);

in free zones;

in vehicles, ships, as well as commercial seagoing vessels, aircraft, oil rigs and other marine hydraulic structures;

on the territory of penitentiary institutions;

in trade enterprises on the territory of military units;

in online stores and online platforms;

when trading goods from vending machines;

In connection with the retail trade in agriculture in accordance with the Law on Food and Food Safety of August 25, 2006 (Journal of Laws 2020, paragraph 2021);

in pharmaceutical wholesalers;

from June 1 to September 30 of each calendar year – trade only in agricultural machinery, spare parts for these machines, materials used in agricultural machinery, materials or tools used to replace spare parts used in the current operation of agricultural machinery in commercial enterprises; agricultural machinery;

during the sale of flowers, bouquets, wreaths and candles in cemeteries;

in burial houses;

in trade enterprises where trade is carried out by an individual entrepreneur only in person, on his own behalf and at his own expense;

in bakeries, confectionery and ice cream parlors, the main activity of which is the trade of bread and confectionery;

in trade enterprises where the main activity is public catering;

in agricultural and food wholesale markets operated by commercial law firms whose main activity is the lease and management of real estate for the purpose of wholesale sale of agricultural products;

To entrust an employee or a hired worker with the scope of trade-related activities in trade enterprises managed by entities purchasing goods in the wholesale markets of agro-food products provided for in paragraph 30 and the implementation of these activities;

only in commercial establishments where agricultural products, especially grain, rapeseed, turnip rapeseed, sugar beet, protein crops, other field crops, fruits, vegetables, raw milk or grasses are purchased.

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