What is Polkastarter? The most important functions of POLS. IDO or NFT in Polkastarter. How is POLS obtained?

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Polkastarter is a decentralized fundraising platform that allows teams and blockchain companies to finance and implement projects. This allows teams to raise funds and grow the community, as well as create multi-chain token pools. POLS is a useful software icon that allows you to manage the platform. To participate in the IDO in Polkastarter, users must own or dial POLS to increase their POLS Powers.

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IDO (Initial DEX Proposal) is a popular crowdfunding method in blockchain spaces. Among the various IDO platforms, Polkastarter is gaining popularity due to its scalability and interoperability. By choosing Polkastarter, blockchain projects can increase their impact by developing communities and using pools of consultants and partners.

Polkastarter is an IDO launcher platform for decentralized and multi-chain token pools. This allows cryptocurrency startups to raise capital in a stable exchange pool and distribute new tokens to early investors. Polkastarter was founded in 2020 by Daniel Stockhaus, Tiago Martins and Miguel Leite.

By the first quarter of 2022, Polkastarter has already helped raise more than 100 projects through $ 45 million in public and private sales. In addition to the IDO, the platform also supports GameFi launch platforms, metaversion land sales and other NFT transactions.

Polkastarter is a multi-chain, decentralized fundraising platform that offers low operating fees. Thanks to Polkastarter, new projects can be launched on various blockchains, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Celo and Avalanche. They can also accept any tokens that are compatible with these networks when selling an IDO. Let’s take a closer look at the key features offered by Polkastarter.

Typically, token prices for AMM DeFi Pool will be adjusted dynamically based on supply and demand, and this will often lead to fluctuating price fluctuations. To stabilize prices, Polkastarter allows projects to issue new tokens at predetermined prices. The price will remain stable as long as the tokens remain in the original supply.

Projects can also be combined with additional parameters to exercise greater control over fundraising. For example, they can control the maximum investment per user or the number of investors allowed in the pool. The entire pool process is governed by smart contracts that ensure fair and transparent token distribution.

Typically, IDO participants tend to withdraw their tokens immediately after the initial distribution to sell in the market, leading to price volatility. To address this issue, the Polkastarter V3 update will introduce the Agricultural IDO, a feature that encourages IDO participants to collect their newly acquired tokens to win additional prizes.

Farming IDO aims to reduce sales pressure and works similarly to other stack farms. The more they collect, the higher the rewards. And with each user who pays their share, the pot’s APY will increase and the remaining players will earn even more.

Polkastarter also includes an acceptance list model for additional security benefits. This is a KYC feature that only allows authenticated users to participate in the IDO. Projects can develop KYC requirements that users must comply with before meeting the IDO. They can also organize participants from certain geographical locations, give the team more flexibility and oversee the process of creating an admissions list.

Polkastarter launched the Polkastarter Game Guild to cope with the growing popularity of Play-to-earn (P2E) games. It aims to bring together GameFi projects and game enthusiasts around the world. Polkastarter Gaming has set up a $ 2 million fund to support upcoming metaverse projects. In addition, Polkastarter Gaming Guild (PGG) was created to provide scholarships to help new game-winning users navigate the metaversion. Users can expect more IDO players and the launch of the NFT market in the future.

POLS is a useful token of the Polkastarter ecosystem. The maximum supply of this ERC-20 token is 100 million. POLS works mainly on the Ethereum blockchain, but BNB Smart Chain also has a BEP-20 version.

It is used as a governing badge giving POLS owners the right to vote and make proposals for the development of Polkastarter. These include offers for new features, use of tokens, tokens marked on the platform, etc. includes. Polkastarter plans to move to a fully automated DAO management structure in the future.

POLS Power determines your chances of participating in IDO and NFT sales. It is an aggregator that calculates the appropriate POLS balances held by platform users, including the POLS in their portfolios and the POLS in the stack. To access IDOs, users must enter their wallet addresses in the “acceptance list”. This is a lottery system that rewards users with 1 ticket for every 250 POLS. Addresses are selected randomly during IDO.

The more tickets there are, the better their chances of being selected. The cost of tickets will increase as the number of POLSKA increases. There are 5 POLS Power Levels that can increase the value of each ticket by up to 25%. The highest level (30,000+ POL) will give users the status “No waiting period”, ie they can participate in as many IDOs as they want during the KYC.

1. Keep POLS in your wallet. This is the easiest way to get POLS Power. You can buy POLS on cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance or DEX like Uniswap and transfer it to MetaMask. If the user does not transfer or sell them, the POLS power will change to POLS Power after 7 days.

2. Stakuj POLS. Instead of storing POLS in your crypto wallet, you can store them in Ethereum or BNB Chain to increase their POLS power. Staking POLS will provide immediate access to all open and future IDOs, and stacked tokens will be locked in the chain for the next 7 days before being withdrawn.

1. Go to the page [Projekty] In Polkastarter to check pending NFT and token sales. Select the project you want to participate in.

2. Click [Zastosuj Teraz] and provide basic information to be included in the admission list.

3. The project team will review all applications and an admission list will be created in the lottery based on the POLS Power of all applicants. It depends on how many users are on the admissions list, so your chances of successful sales will change.

4. If you have a chance to be on the admission list, you must pass the KYC check. Also, make sure you have enough funds in your network wallet before selling.

5. Go to the project page on the start day and click [Dołącz]Enter the amount you want to save and click on it [Dołącz do Puli]. After confirming the transaction, you will see a confirmation on the page [Alokacje]. Then, after the IDO is completed, you can withdraw your tokens according to your earning schedule.

You can buy POLS on cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance.

1. Log in to your Binance account and log in [Handel]. Choose a classic or advanced trading interface.

2. Click [BTC/USDT] in the upper left corner and look for “POLS”. It will show all available trading pairs such as POLS / BUSD.
3. Go to the field [Spot] on the right and enter the amount of POLS you want to receive. You can use different types of orders such as Market Order. Click here [Kup POLS]and tokens will be transferred to Spot Wallet.

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Polkastarter is an excellent platform for new companies and startups to raise capital and start crypto projects. It can also provide investors with easy access to the latest blockchain projects. In addition to fixed Swap Pools, POLS staking, NFT sales, multi-chain support, and all available features, Polkastarter also plans to update its management model to allow users to be more involved in decision-making and overall development.

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