They put a cell phone pole. 40 cows died

A mobile phone pole has been installed near the pasture overlooking the Alps. Unfortunately, while there is no evidence that 40 cows perished and that this was the fault of a nearby building, the anti-cell community has already announced its verdict.

Institute of Communication prepared another corner of the series #Say Say, refutes various types of fake news related to electromagnetic radiation generated by 5G networks, including telecommunications infrastructure. In the last episode, experts describe a certain grazing datebuilt in whose neighborhood the unfortunate cell mast. And it all started here.

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As everyone knows, milk production is based on grazing cattle. Cattle grazing is called milk production. The circle is closed. One of such producers is French Frederick Sageres. In July 2021, Mr. Frédéric’s hitherto happy cows gained a new, undesirable neighbor. It is about 250 meters from their buffet cell phone pole. According to Sageres, it was so the beginning of disaster. Over the next few months, the health of their pets deteriorated significantly. According to breeders, the amount of milk obtained from animals should be sharply reduced.

However, the decline in milk production is not all the misfortunes that cows face. Some of the cows lost his ability to seea 40 of them died. The Sageres family was convinced of this the culprit is a metal structure. After all, it was good, and as the mast grew, it was good to stop. Farmers contributed to the support of the Gaec de Coupet dairy cooperative lawsuit against the operator and installation contractor. April 23, 2022, Clermont-Ferrand Administrative Court decided to suspend the base station. He had to make a decision expert report Jean-Dominque Puyt.

According to a local biophysicist and his loyal fans, this is it unequivocal evidence that electromagnetic radiation harms all living organismscows are perfect proof of this. If only a mast built on 4G technology, which has been operating for 10 years, can finish an 800-kilogram representative of the genus Selers, what can 5G poles lead to? That’s the problem The court’s decision did not identify the mobile phone base station as the cause of the incidentsSageres affected the family and their pets. A specialist in the field of veterinary medicine has been appointed could not determine the cause of death of the animal. Due to the mysterious death of the cows, the judges decided to temporarily close the pole for two months. This is to provide a broader perspective and provide more information on existing work.

Contrary to the publisher’s obvious suggestion, the material is not the final decision on the case. Moreover, the resolution does not mean that PEM, saturated with homo sapiens, has changed the subject of interest. This rather important detail escaped the brilliant mind of Mr. Z. Philosophy, where “some see the crisis, you see the opportunity” once again dominates the warrior environment for a world without 5G.

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A lawsuit against the expansion of the 5G network

To complete the destruction, the nest of mobile demagogues from the country in Vistula celebrated another victory of the intellectual monolith, gathered under the anti-5G flag. Using Demosthenes’ eloquent technique, he added Happening to the headline of the British publishing house Mobile News. In the world of so-called outstanding speakers, the microphone drops. What was this truth about? On May 26, 2022, the British Court of Appeal ruled Action against 5G’s lawsuit against Boris Johnson’s government in the context of 5G infrastructure expansion. However, the allegations in the lawsuit itself do not relate to the suspension of the network’s own development. Action Against 5G activists accuse the rulers lack of an appropriate campaign to inform about the potential risk posed by fifth-generation mobile technology and how the British can minimize this potential threat.

The second reason to go to court Lack of government initiative in the context of research on the negative impacts of 5G on people and the environment, and disregard for existing practices that suggest the existence of such potential impacts. The basis of action against the new technology is to increase the permissible limits of electromagnetic radiation in the environment. There is such an assumption on the website of Action Against 5G

5G radiation will be sent from advanced antennas in a phased manner. These antennas send microwaves in narrow beams – this technology was originally developed for military purposes. This will significantly increase the exposure to radiation from these rays. These packages will be almost everywhere. ” Scientific graphomania is a kind of humiliation of the above argument. In addition, according to the organization’s experts, “5G network will increase the level of microwave radiation and millimeter waves in our environment. 5G will use new frequencies that have not yet been evaluated in terms of security.

Not verified, but probably someone here is following the Facebook page of the “biophysics” we mentioned above.

You can find the whole column of the Institute of Telecommunications in this PDF document.

The project “Effective mobile telecommunications as a key to development and security” implemented by the Chancellor of the Prime Minister in cooperation with the Institute of Telecommunications – National Research Institute under the Digital Poland Action 3.4 Operational Program. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of Poles. operation, use, security and importance of mobile telecommunication networks, thus providing services based on these networks (including public services).

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Text source: Institute of Communication

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