The sale of coal on the Internet is full of pathologies. Onet reached the broker. “PGG store has a bot that will buy everything”

  • When coal prices in warehouses skyrocket, Poles can buy cheap fuel for their homes.
  • In both cases, the coal is sold within 10 seconds after it is put on sale. Great demand is responsible for this situation, but also unscrupulous brokers
  • They buy coal using bots and demand 600 PLN per ton to sell it to those who have less chance to buy it.
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In the Polish coal market, prices are skyrocketing. In many parts of the country today, a ton of coal “cube” or “nut” costs about 2.6 thousand PLN. zloty. More expensive, because 3 min. you have to pay for eco-pea charcoal. In addition, if we want to pack in bags of 20 kg, the price of such goods in warehouses reaches 3.3 thousand. PLN per ton.

– In addition, each of these types of coal can be obtained only after a special listing and waiting at least 10 days, – says an employee of the Rutkowski fuel depot, which operates in Gronda, Podhale. – It is different from eco-pea coal, because in the mines we buy it in such small quantities that we sell it to customers for a maximum of 20 bags. We are doing this so that now everyone has access to this fuel and heats the washing water with it. Will there be coal in autumn, which community will heat it in winter? Now no one knows – he adds.

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This situation keeps many Poles awake at night. They think that today they can buy coal and spend up to 20,000 PLN for 5-6 tons (this is necessary to heat a family house in winter). PLN, or can wait for the situation to develop. “Only in the coming months can prices fall and rise,” said Kinga Mordarska, a coal miner in Sosnowiec. – After our government banned the import of coal from Russia, this raw material is simply not available on the market. It is said that some ships loaded with coal are already heading to Poland, but no one says how much it will cost.

In this situation, one of the places where Poles can theoretically buy cheap coal is the online stores Polska Grupa Górnicza and Tauron Wydobycie. PGG sells charcoal, cubes and eco-pea charcoal (packaged and loose), as well as refined charcoal (packaged). Pallet bags will be delivered by courier for an additional fee. To get another coal granulation, you have to manage yourself, ie hire a shipping company. Coal here is from 800 to 1.1 thousand. The price per ton of PLN, including transportation, is twice as low as in the warehouse.

On the other hand, the Tauron store only has eco-pea coals, which can be a whole ton, packed in bags of 20 kg or in large bags. Prices start from 960 PLN per ton.

    Such a message is nothing new for all those who want to buy coal on the PGG site unsuccessfully Such a message is nothing new for all those who want to buy coal unsuccessfully at PGG – on Facebook

– The problem is that about 99 percent. customers, all this is just a theory – irritated Marek Piekarz, a resident of the village near Częstochowa. – He buys coal at these sites only after a few weeks of hunting. I have been visiting both stores for two months and I have never been able to complete the operation. The e-shop often freezes. I see less coal there, but after putting it in the basket, the site refuses to cooperate.

Thousands of Poles have similar experiences to ours. There are at least 10 support groups on social media (each with several thousand users) where people share their tips on buying coal. Although there are descriptions of the purchases of a few lucky people who managed to buy coal, the group is dominated by disappointed people.

    News in one of the Facebook groups Messages in one of the Facebook groups – Facebook

The anger of people who fail to hunt coal from the online stores of state-owned companies combines two facts. One of them is advertising portals. Here you can easily find eco-pea charcoal from PGG or Tauron. Its price is not less than 1000 PLN. PLN, only twice as much.

        Ads for buying coal Ads for coal purchase – OLX

There are also offers from “helpers” who offer to buy coal from PGG, which requires a lot of money for their services on the Internet. We were able to reach one of them. This man works in Małopolska and, as we have found, he is involved in the catering industry on a daily basis. When talking to the journalist, he thought he was dealing with an ordinary client.

“I can help you buy coal on the Polska Grupa Górnicza site,” he says. – I have a special bot, which is a priority in accessing this online store, and through it I can buy such coal several times a day. The way it works is that I buy coal for every customer. He gives me his information and I use his bot to access such person’s information. In this way, I understand the fact that PGG imposes a sales limit of five tons for each house – explains the man.

    One of the intermediaries who advertises on the network One of the intermediaries advertising on the network is Facebook

At his suggestion, as soon as a man has coal in his basket for a certain person, he sends a BLIK payment code to the “customer”. The person bought by the broker pays a commission with BLIK. During the conversation, the men demanded 600 PLN per ton.

– When I see that there is money, I make a transaction in the PGG store, and then a link appears to pay for the coal itself. The LORD will pay me, and I will be covered. I can’t do this for you, because then they would come to me and you need a special permit to trade coal in Poland. However, I only help people. It is practically impossible to buy coal in a PGG store without my boot. I have already helped a lot of people and ordered more than 150 tons in this way – he adds, presenting the whole issue.

– And, of course, many people use such immoral services, because as a result, they will receive 1.5 – 1.6 thousand tons of coal. PLN (price on the PGG website plus “commission”), not 3 -3,3 thousand. PLN – Dariusz Marciniak, one of the administrators of support groups to buy coal on Facebook. – And these people should understand that they are harming themselves by using the suggestions of such people. If a wise man buys a large amount of coal, he will be stopped in this shop by ordinary people who want to own a house. That way, they will be cheaper and will not make thousands of scams. Another thing is that PGG and Tauro are to blame for this situation. If their stores were better protected, no bot would have better access. Of course, as long as such bots exist. Because the question arises, where will any waiter or cook suddenly get an internet bot? It is created by the best IT professionals, not some laymen.

We decided to ask PGG and Tauron about the issue. A spokesman for the first company told Onet a few weeks ago that the company was not here for fraud.

– Just as we have no influence on prices in trade warehouses, we have no influence on it. How do we check buyers? You must file a return. We collect declarations confirming that the buyer will use the coal for his own needs. We don’t have full control, says PGG spokesman Tomasz Glogowski.

On the other hand, Tauron Wydobycie Onet did not answer our questions despite sending them to this company on May 16, and then we repeated our requests for contact.

However, it seems that both companies can see what happened on their website, because a few days ago they changed the rules of sales in online stores. Tauron no longer sells five tons at a time, but a maximum of two tons. In addition, coal is put on the shelves only on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 to 12. Previously, it was sold five times a week at two different times.

The PGG store has undergone a similar change. Here, from June 1, the goods are placed on the shelf only on Tuesdays and Thursdays 16. Previously, customers hunted it every day from Monday to Friday 11, 15 and 18.

Both companies explain on social media profiles that more coal is sold at a time and more people can buy it. Previously, all the fuel was bought in 10 seconds!

In addition, as Onet has learned, both PGG and Tauron want to open authorized sales warehouses throughout Poland in August. There are no details yet. “We recently had a brainstorming session at the ministry, we calculated everything and it turned out that there should be enough coal for households,” Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Edward Siarka told Onet. – I think the situation in the coal market will calm down in August, he added.

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