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Bełchatów fonduna Kocia Klitka, hit with severe injuries young cat. The animal was brought to the animal shelter in Belchatov and found in the village Kielchinów (Bełchatów commune). At first, they suspected that he had been shot. However, the truth was completely different. It turned out that he does not walk for the sake of the cat bullet in the spine, which clearly shows that it is an animal shot by someone.

– Be careful, an animal killer is chasing you. Yes, the killer, because he knows he can kill because he opened fire – he writes in an emotional message on Facebook. Marta Matushevska, From the Kocia Klitka Foundation.

Thanks to the Foundation’s experience caring for animals suffering from bullet wounds, the kitten was under the care of Kota Klitka. Now he is waiting for diagnosis and appropriate treatment. However, his injuries are very serious. Only research and time will show that he can return to full fitness.

– The child was shot in the spine, which causes total paresis of the pelvic organs, bladder atony. Computed tomography showed that the kitten is more likely to walk after surgery and rehabilitation. Unfortunately, it will not restore its effectiveness in terms of self-care, it will be diaper-type, says Martha Matuszewska.

According to the woman, the operation itself will cost 4,500. PLN, tomographic examination is 950 PLN. In addition, there are the costs of rehabilitation and travel to and from Lodz. Thus, the amount can reach 8,000. zloty.

This is not the first animal taken under the protection of Kota Klitka in connection with the shooting. Stock reviews A dog named Śrutek, Learning to live again after air rifle pellets are stuck in his spine. There have been more such cases in the history of the foundation.

– We had a cat from the commune of Kleszczów, which contained seven pellets. I decided to help people who are reported that the animal stumbled on its front paw. We caught this cat to check what happened, and if it was broken, then it turned out that it was the target of fire – says Martha Matuszewska.

“Even such a thing happens very often”

It also goes to cats and dogs with bullet wounds Bełchatów shelter for homeless animals. As he passed Mariusz Półbrat, The director of the shelter said that it is difficult to determine exactly how many such cases there are. Usually there are several of them during the year.

– There are many such cases. Sometimes this date is repeated. Sometimes we have pets that don’t show signs of being shot, but some surgeries or examinations show that the animal has bullets in it, says Mariusz Półbrat.

According to him, it is difficult to catch all the shot animals. Often not visible under the fur bullet wounds, so that if an X-ray is not performed, workers may not feel the animal injured.

Animal shootings occur in both rural and urban communities. It turns out that this is not the only case recently. One Internet user says a similar situation exists in Kluki. Someone there shoots dead birds.

Unable to identify the culprit?

The director of the shelter points to another big problem identification of the perpetrator. Neighbors often see this, but do not report it to the police, thus reducing the chances of finding the culprit.

“If we have an animal with bullets found on the road, there is almost no chance of finding the culprit,” says Mariusz Półbrat.

An important obstacle to the detection of a criminal is the formalities of informing the relevant services about the dispute that the shelter staff is facing and the rules in force in our country that do not include pneumatic weapons in the register.

“Unfortunately, there are air guns in Poland and the cartridges are not registered, so we can’t really identify the owner,” said Martha Matuszewska.

As for a female cat from Kielchinow, the owner of Kocia Klitka said that she was already receiving information from city residents who may have caused the incident. He says he will try to find the person who shot the pet.

– I have not informed the police about the issue yet. First, I wanted to have a complete picture of this cat’s injuries and the expenses I had to pay. It will definitely be announced – says the owner of the foundation.

Belchatow police spokesman Ivona Kaszewska Officials have not yet been notified. He added that the police had not been notified of similar cases recently. The last such incident took place in 2019, when a man was arrested for killing three cats with a knife and injuring one.

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