Sweet “Angels” is preparing a trick for the hosts of the World Cup? “We have strength as a team”

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Natalia Kaczmarek, Justyna Święty-Ersetic, Małgorzata Hołub-Kowalik

For several years, Polish athletes have been giving great joy to Polish fans. It was they who “saved” the “white-reds” with a medal from the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Fans are looking forward to this summer, which brings two championship events: the Globe Championship (July 15-24 in Oregon) and Europe (Munich 15-21 August). The eyes of the audience in the stands and in front of the screens will turn not only in Poland, but also into the famous “Angels of Matusinsky”. At the beginning of the season, Polish runners present a uniform that allows them to be optimistic about international competitions.

During the 68th ORLEN Kusociński Memorial, a women’s 400m race from Chorzow was the most emotional among the spectators. Not only thanks to the Olympic multimedia player Allyson Felix, but also for the beginning of the “angels” who always look good, not only with sports classes. An American woman has found a killer – she was defeated by Natalia Kaczmarek, who is faster than ever in her career! Justyna finished behind Święty-Ersetic Felix.

I’m glad I’m back on track and, as I did a year ago, I’m not worried about whether I’ll be able to take off or if I’m on track again. I’m calm that you can see from the beginning that it’s going faster and faster – The ambassador of Silesian Stadium was happy to touch on the fight against health during the Olympic season. He finished second in his career in Chorzow, so this third place did not disappoint him at all. – Maybe I would like to run faster now and I feel I can do it. But I’m the kind of opponent who needs to get used to the start, the start and the rest, the friction, the running. The coach says that I look good in training and competitions and now I need to relax a bit. However, there will be time for that. Now I still have to “catch” the Polish championship – Reminiscent of St. Erseti. Then – to confirm the belief of his fans that it is good, he added a post on social media: “Another start is behind, well, it is still progressing slowly. Still experience in the game.

What Malvina Smarzek looks like now is incredible! A giant transformation of a volleyball player. It’s hard to believe that he really is

The 400 m race at the national championship in Suvalki (June 9-11) promises to be fantastic. In Chorzów, Iga Baumgart-Witan ran this distance quickly, and Anna Kiełbasińska amazed the audience with her excellent position in the 100 m, where she, for example, won openly with Krysciną Cimanouska. Tokyo Olympics. The crown distance of Kiełbasińska is a lap, as evidenced by the fantastic early start in Ostrava. 50.38 raids put him in the top ten of the world tables!

The level represented by the girls is space! – Małgorzata Hołub-Kowalik, another participant of the women’s 4×400 m silver relay in Tokyo (and a gold-mixed race at the same distance – she started from the semifinals). – J.and I’m far from them right now – he admitted (52.06 in Chorzow). However, to clarify, it should be added that he returned to regular intense exercise only a few weeks ago after dealing with a chronic leg injury. – I need another month of hard work, but I still believe that the power will come to the World Cup. I think they will be a great reserve for girls – Hołub-Kowalik added, hoping to get into the top five in the 400 m race during the above-mentioned Polish championships.

“We will defeat another empire” – Anita Włodarczyk is still striving for success. And there are only two years left until the Olympics in Paris!

The absolute favorite of this race will undoubtedly be Natalia Kaczmarek, who confidently defeated the American idol in Chorzow. At the same time, he is approaching the magic limit of 50 seconds, which almost half a century ago only Irena Szewińska could break. Today, 40 days before the start of the struggle abroad, Kachmarek is very militant in his confrontation with the Americans. – I will try to join the fight for an individual medal – He said at the Silesian Stadium that you probably have to run for less than 50 seconds. What if it fails? – I also have the impression that we are getting stronger in the relay, so we will compete with the Americans in their land. We must have such goals. The girls – Justina, Iga, formerly Anka – have achieved great results in recent days. We are strong as a team, I am sure – The current leader of the European tables summed up himself and his friends. This is a good sign for fans of native light!

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