Something ends, something begins

FOOTBALL \\\ Stomil Olstin won a bronze medal in the U-17 Central Youth League. Marek Maleszewski’s players failed to reach the final, as the overall result was that they were definitely weaker than the UKS SMS Lodź team.

Before reaching the top four in their age category, the Austrians played 18 games in the northern group, where they took first place with 42 points. Warta Poznań, Medyka Konin and Lotus Gdansk.
Unfortunately, in Lodz, Stomilli’s players lost the first semifinal match with a score of 0: 2, which significantly extended their way to the final, as they had to win the return match by three goals.

Coach Marek Maleszewski tried to organize the return match in the best way, considering that it should be the last match in youth football for his players. As a result of these efforts, it was possible to play on the main field of the Municipal Stadium in Olsztyn. Piłsudskiego 69a. A big screen was set up, there was a announcer who conveyed the most important information to the fans, and those who could not go to the stadium could watch the match live via the Internet.

Therefore, the game was excellent, but not so good on the field, because Olstin’s players lost 1: 3 before the break. Already in the 13th minute, the Lodz players took advantage of Stomil’s defense, but only four minutes later, the Olstins were able to draw after a corner kick by Olivia Korzek. Unfortunately, their joy did not last long, because the Lodz team needed only two minutes to regain the lead. And in the 35th minute it was already 1: 3, so it became clear that Stomil did not intend to reach the final. Despite driving safely, the Lodz players continued to attack, but the result did not change until the break.

In the second half, Stomil’s players, who had nothing to lose, quickly attacked and bet on an attack that wanted to change the unpleasant result, which was ruthlessly used by their opponents. The effect was that the home side did not change the result on the side of the team, and on the side of Lodz the trio was eventually replaced by seven.
After the match in Olsztyn, medals and trophies were presented to the players and coaching staff for the third place in Poland.
– The score was 1: 7, but I must admit that we made a lot of mistakes in defense, – said Stomil’s head coach Marek Maleszewski. – Our plan was broken when we conceded very stupid goals at the very beginning of the match. It was just the effect of us starting to play seven, because the other girls only started to “walk the road” later. They were probably paralyzed from the duel and probably already felt very good because we won our group in the Central Youth League. Or, after reaching the semifinals, when we already have a certain third place, they just “got out of the air.” Thus, the end was unsuccessful, but the whole season was successful, because these girls first won the Polish Futsal Championship, and now added a third place in Poland in the Central Youth League. I think everyone would like to spend such a season. I am glad that I was able to lead this team. It was our last meeting in this group, because 11 girls go to adult football and only little girls remain. I thank them for their six or seven years at the club, for all the medals they have won, as they previously placed third in Poland under the age of 15 as a voivode team and second in the Polish U-15 Championship. , however, something ends and something begins, so now the big football stage is ahead of them. I hope we will see them soon on additional league pitches, I will start working with other young people, – concluded Marek Maleszewski.

* Goal: Maya Bogachka (born in 2005), Cornelia Czasnojć (2006), Kinga Ziółkowska (2007)
* Defense: Alexandra Chaber (2004), Zuzanna Bielasta (2005), Martyna Żukowska (2005), Karolina Taranowska (2005), Blanka Żukowska (2006), Justyna Dukat (2006), Alexandra Mroczkowska (2006), Agataz (2006), Aqataz (2006), Alicja Wawrzeniak (2007), Oliwia Prusik (2007)
* Support: Oliwia Kowalewska (2004), Oliwia Korzec (2005), Weronika Gadomska (2005), Oliwia Czarnecka (2005), Maja Wilczewska (2006), Małgorzata Milewska (2006), Julia Wółicwska (2006), Julia Wółł ,, Zuzanna Kowalczyk (2007)
* Attack: Klaudia Ludkiewicz (2004), Pola Olender (2005), Zuzanna Markowska (2005), Oliwia Kamińska (2006), Wiktoria Kowalczyk (2006), Paulina Wolak (2007), Lena Szczepkowska (207)
* Training staff: Marek Maleszewski (coach), Stanisław Maleszewski (goalkeeping coach), Michał Alancewicz (second coach), Szymon Dujko-Domanski (motor coach), Andrzej Gadomski (manager), Sławomir Błocki (manager)

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