“She is still recovering from her husband’s death. For 17 years he has lived a clean life and his eyes are empty. He needs a woman’s hand. ”- Taken from real life

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-Why are you so confused? What’s going on? – I greeted my son-in-law at the door. He didn’t sleep for two nights and forgot that he had an iron.

– Well, what …

– Anniversary … I know, I know, my son, he always reminds me. But so many years have passed that there is no point in ignoring it. Very sad – I smiled and took his jacket from him to hang on the hook in the hall.

“What can I advise, when it gets worse and worse …” he sighed.

– Because if you were, Bear, it would be easier for you if you found one. It would be happier for you.

– And the mother again …

I have been persuading him to look for a woman for many years. The son-in-law is now fifty years old, and although my daughter died seventeen years ago, she still lives alone. He met several girls, but none of them remained. Why? I do not know exactly, because he is a fantastic man – perhaps not the most beautiful in the world, masculine, wise and above all good.

Extremely good!

Until I met my daughter Michal, she was unlucky in love. She was a beautiful woman and there were always many boys around, but she chose a violent one like her husband.

He had no arguments – he travels a lot with his poor friends, did not finish any decent school, did not work and does not know where his money came from. And he takes a sip. Blind love caused it Aśka married this bęcała.

They did not reconcile from the beginning – quarrels, quarrels, separation and return, mutual resentment and resentment. It was in this atmosphere that she gave birth to twins, Joanna Milena and Agnieszka. My beautiful and wise grandchildren.

I have been watching with despair for many years How Aśka’s marriage fell apart. How they shout at each other, when he leaves the house nervously, he shouts in the corners so that the children do not see. Finally, he went bastard. At that time, the grandchildren were six and the daughter was twenty-seven. A year later he divorced and looked after the girls, and the drunk soon had a stroke and died …

The girl was alone for about 2 years

She lived with us, so I helped her raise her children and sadly watched Joanna dry up. I could not understand why this happened. He should have been happy …

After all, there was violence and sluggishness in his head. But he looked sad, tired, anxious, and nervous. There are women who can’t live without men, and my Aka was one of them. His father probably died when he was a child. He needed someone to replace him.

Almost two years later, he met the driver Michal – he defended Asia when the guards tried to impose a ticket on him. He was going home with the girls and forgot to check the tickets, and since we weren’t at home, she cried when she caught him. Michał’s heart exploded and he persuaded the guards to let him go. The reward for his help was to be a palm.

Michał and Aśka got along perfectly and the girls fell in love with him a month later, as if they were their biological father. All three of them desperately needed a man, and Michal had everything a real boy could do need to offer.

Wedding a few days before his death

After three months of acquaintance, they were already living together, and six months later Aśka moved into a rented apartment with him and the children. They were very happy there. From week to week, girls return to the joys of childhood, forgetting what happened. And her daughter … well …

If she had no health problems, her daughter would be just as happy. When he lived with me, he had no appetite, often felt tired, tired, sleepy. I thought it was the nerves of abandonment, but it got worse when he moved in with Michael.

After a while, vomiting, stomach pain and a number of worsening diseases began. They lived together for four months when we heard the worst news – Aka was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

The diagnosis came quickly and the treatment started very quickly, but the doctors did not leave us under any illusion. In this case of cancer, the chances of survival are minimal, and the worst should be expected, they said. Six months later, they said there was no hope. It was not possible to save my daughters. FROMhe had only a few weeks of life.

I don’t want this to be the story of his death. Each of us hears enough such stories every day, and many have had the nightmare of saying goodbye to their loved ones who are already suffering. These days I talk about how my son-in-law reacted – How he coped with the task.

Question: “What about the children?” in those moments it was in almost every conversation. Her daughter talked about it the most. I thought he was just talking to me, but he also discussed the topic with Michal. And together they found a solution.

“Mother, we’re getting married to Asia,” I heard him one evening.

The girls were already asleepMy daughter stayed in the hospital and we sat together.

Is there no secret intention in this?

“Did you ask him to marry you?” – I asked.

– I don’t know, can you say that? On the contrary, we agreed with Aśka …

– Do you agree?

– Yes. We are talking about children …

– I mean?

– That’s why I want them to stay with me. Of course, with me and you. We will deal with them.

– But I thought the girls would come to me …

– They will be with you often because I work. But Aśka agreed that I should try to get parental rights for them. I am adopting them. It will be easier when you get married. I want to raise them. They are attached to me, they act like a father … Besides, you will not be able to do it yourself, it will be very difficult for you.

– Do you live with them for six months?

– What’s wrong with you?

– No, I do not object. I just thought you wouldn’t want to. I thought … I don’t know what I’m thinking …

– So, it will be good.

– Are you sure?

– Yes. I decided.

I had my doubts then. I couldn’t believe that she wanted to be with the children she had just met for the rest of her life. A boy can get these feelings. I will not hide my fears – is it true or strange, is there no secret intention?

Will he not take my grandchildren away from me?

They got married in the hospital, and then the adoption process began. She was very nervous because we wanted to do it before our daughter died. It worked, so he died confident that he had left his daughters in safe hands. Under the care of a man who decided to dedicate his life to raising two eight-year-old children. The girls he has known for only a year.

Seventeen consecutive years passed very quickly. The girls grew up, finished school and Michał has always been a great father to them. Although not perfect, they lived well – I will not paint them.

They argued with him, rebelled, demanded freedom, more serious treatment, did not agree with the punishments, and even reprimanded him several times. that he is not their real father. There were also financial problems. As a driver, Michał earned so much that he had enough money for the former.

Fortunately, I helped them. Fortunately, Mikhala also repaired the apartment inherited from her grandmother to live there with the girls. All these years Michal was alone.

One of the things that prevented him from regulating his life was my grandchildren. After all, it is known that it is more difficult for a single parent to communicate with someone, to build a proper life. But that’s why I love him I am grateful to her for that, because she is completely devoted to girls. He did not follow a casual one, but focused on his daughters in the first place.

“Eat the soup …” I asked again that evening, sitting at the table unshaven.

– I eat, I eat …

– Not right. You just hold a spoon, I said, and he smiled at me again.

There must be a woman who knows her worth

I sat across from him and waited for him to crush the second course. He was always thin, but as he got older he became thinner.

– Where are the girls? – I asked.

– Malvina sleeps in the cinema, then with her fiancé. However, Agneska goes on a business trip after work. To Warsaw.

– Poor thing and you were left alone …

– With you.

– With an old woman. I told you a long time ago that you need to find someone!

– Oh, mother …

If I had the chance, I would write an ad on the Internet for the shooting of such a fantastic guy. Because there must be a woman who knows her worth. Who will understand the value of such a person. I stand on my toes that she will still find a good and wise grandmother. You will still live.

I pray for it every day, and in the meantime I watch him eat his soup and sob reluctantly. I watch him take his text phone out of his pocket, look at the screen, and then his face lights up. Then he shows me what is shown. This is Agneska’s message from the train:

“I am already in the compartment. I’ll call you when I get there. Father I love you! Say hello to Grandma. I kiss!”…

Such moments are worth living.

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