Online shopping on social media – how to do it wisely?

Many factors influence the decisions of e-consumers and which store to choose. The most important ones include the product’s attractive price, low delivery cost, positive experiences from previous online purchases, as well as promotions and special offers1. However, many people also make decisions based on feedback on social media1. It is worth checking them and choosing offers wisely. Let’s check out risk-free online shopping on social media!

Opinions on social networks – do they influence our decisions?

According to opinion polls on social networks, 11% of Poles choose websites.1. They have the greatest impact on young people aged 15-24 – after reading the reviews, 15% of people decide to choose a particular store. More, that is, 17% of e-consumers based on opinions on social media are people who have not made online purchases in the last 2 years.2.

It should be added that the vast majority of Polish Internet users use social media, where you can not only get acquainted with the reviews or products, but also order special goods.3. It is worth shopping wisely on social media to avoid making wrong decisions.

Do you shop on social media? Take advantage of 4 tips!

If we are shopping online regularly and want to choose the right offers, it is worth using the 4 proven tips.

  1. Comparison of proposals. The speed of shopping on social media and a lot of positive feedback can make you decide without comparing the offer with others, as well as those outside of social media. This, in turn, can force us to pay a higher price or make the wrong choice. Therefore, we should always compare the offers in online stores and elsewhere4.
  2. Think about the decision. Making a spontaneous decision is not a bad thing, but it does not always turn into the right purchase. Research in the UK has shown that every second person is dissatisfied with their choice. Therefore, it is worthwhile to refrain from making decisions and carefully consider whether a particular product or service really meets your expectations.4.
  3. Thorough review of the proposal. When shopping online, you can come across low quality products and services. Therefore, it is necessary to get acquainted with the parameters of the proposed solution, as well as read the comments of other consumers. Additionally, provide your information only on encrypted pages (“https: //”)4.
  4. Use secure payment methods. It is worth making a secure payment for online shopping to prevent fraud. For example, with Visa Mobile applicationused to confirm online payments, so we don’t have to provide personal information or a payment card at every store4. The application can be checked by phone users with different systems at any time, so it is worth downloading Visa Mobile and using secure online payments.

Secure social media shopping with Visa Mobile

Shopping on social media can be enjoyable, efficient and secure, and in addition, thanks to Visa Mobile, payments will be convenient and secure, and we will save more time for ourselves. Card details are included in the application only once – after registration, they are stored in secure Visa systems. The current list of banks whose customers will already use Visa Mobile is available at Once we have the application, we can use it without restrictions, just select the appropriate option in the store when entering online, enter the phone number and confirm the operation on the smartphone5.

The article was prepared in collaboration with Visa.


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