Kaufland with the first store in Skawina. What time is the opening?

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  • Date: June 7, 2022, 15:18

On Thursday, June 9, Kaufland will open a store in Skavina – the chain’s first store in the city and the 236th point of sale in Poland.

Kaufland opens its first store in Skawina. picture: mat. presses.

Kaufland opens its first store in Skawina

In the new store, Kaufland has developed special attractions for shoppers. One of them is the Circle of Happiness contest, which you can participate in on Thursday, June 9, from 10:00 to 18:00 by presenting a receipt for purchases worth at least 100 PLN. The prize pool includes products from Kaufland’s own brands, such as K-Favorites (food products made from selected ingredients), K-Bio (organic food), Liv & Bo (Scandinavian-inspired decorative products) and bevola (care and hygiene products). for the whole family).

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In addition, customers will receive small gifts in the form of tokens for soft drinks and shopping carts, roses or balloons. Including chain promotions on the occasion of the opening. for bananas or butter. It will be possible to buy all yellow cheeses at the service counter with a 25% discount, and the prices of all washable capsules will be reduced by up to 30%.

Kaufland in the sink

Customers who visit the Kaufland store in Skavina will have a choice of several thousand products. At the fresh food counter, you will be able to buy a variety of meat, cheese and snacks, as well as benefit from the professional advice of employees. The market also has its own smoking area. The company has a specially designated Conscious Nutrition Zone, where customers can find products for people with special needs, including low-sugar, gluten-free, as well as vegan and vegetarian products.

Customers shopping in the new store will find a wide selection of Kaufland brand products, including K-Classic products, K-Favorites, organic K-Bio, K-take it veggie’s vegetarian vegetarian dishes and Polish cuisine brand products. K- So Very Good. The supply of Kaufland stores is not limited to food. At the Skavina facility, consumers will receive hygiene products and cosmetics, as well as household items and textiles.

What will happen at the Kaufland store in Skavina?

In the Skawina market, customers will be able to use modern, digital solutions. These include, among others, touch panels that allow you to register a payment card, check the status of points and activate special coupons. For the convenience of people who prefer cashless payments, self-service cash registers have been installed, and customers who value direct contact with staff will be able to use traditional cash registers for parents with children, including wider cash registers. for strollers or the disabled. The store will also have safes, toilets and a room for mothers with children. In addition to bread, customers can find a newspaper shop, a pet store and a local bakery where they can buy coffee, tea and ready-made snacks.

The Kaufland store has implemented a number of modern solutions, including electronic price tags in the fruit and vegetable department, and a waste heat recovery system from energy-saving LED lighting and cooling devices. Customers will also be able to return their deposit bottles to a special machine, which will create a check for use in online stores after returning the bottles.

How many stores does Kaufland have in Poland?

Kaufland is an international chain of stores offering groceries and daily necessities. Kaufland has more than 1,350 stores across Europe and employs about 139,000 people. In Poland, the chain currently has 236 stores and about 14,000 employees.

The range of Kaufland stores includes several thousand products. The network focuses primarily on the supply of fresh products – fruits and vegetables, dairy products, as well as meat, food, cheese and fish.

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