GameStop intends to launch NFT at the end of the first half of the year

GameStop also became famous for the controversial actions of Internet users who began to “play” on the stock exchange, as a result of which shares rose from $ 20 to $ 350 each. The company, which is facing the threat of bankruptcy, appeared in most news agencies around the world, which gave it a new start. GameStop is now moving to the Internet, where it is dynamically developing its operations and implementing new solutions, so that it will be able to compete with competitors that operate online for a longer period of time.

The world recently announced that GameStop intends to launch NFT by the end of the first half of 2022. What could this mean? Can the controversial solution provide some new solutions for the sale of video games, or maybe this is the next leap in the money of users who have had a lot of NFT lately?

Blockchain technology is increasingly being used for entertainment on the Internet

Solutions related to cryptocurrencies, NFT and other blockchain are always controversial. Bitcoin has consistently proven itself in online casinos such as Ice Casino, and NFT is an interesting idea to develop the monetization of specific business forms on the Internet. The development of this technology contributes to many interesting solutions that can be used in many different and definitely bad ways. It is always worth looking at new solutions from a broader perspective. Currently, there is a very negative tone about NFT in Poland, but this was the case with all inventions in history.

What exactly is NFT?

In 2022, we will hear more and more about NFT, and these are the most negative comments, which is primarily related to the concept of fraud. So why did a powerful gaming store, which until recently was on the brink of financial failure, decide to find a solution? It’s hard to say, but to understand such an action, it is worth looking at what you are actually doing.

NFT is an abbreviation of the English term non-fungible token and means a constant sign in free translation, ie one of a kind. The principles of its creation and operation can be entrusted to IT specialists and fans of blockchain technology. It should be noted that it is impossible to falsify NFT, and if someone has such a sign, if he does not give it to someone, he is irrevocably the sole owner.

This solution is the result of copyright issues on the Internet. Everything in digital form can be copied. After all, every picture, movie or text can simply be copied to your device. However, if something like this is inextricably linked to NFT, then the person can prove that the image file in question is the sole legal owner and that everyone has illegal versions.

Although the idea itself looks very interesting, in recent years it has been used mainly to extort money from naive people who decide to take virtually worthless NFT pictures. Therefore, until someone uses this technology wisely, it will be considered a source of so-called fraud.

NFT in video games – what to expect?

At the moment, it’s hard to say how GameStop intends to use NFT technology, but you can guess that it could be exclusive content that could lead to a price increase. Everyone who has fun with MMOs knows how valuable limited or very rare items can be. What if the publisher creates a very rare element related to the NFT incident? The price of such a thing can be amazing. After all, fans of certain games can spend a lot of money on their favorite titles.

Will GameStop go in that direction and place game items marked with NFT signs in the store? It’s hard to say. However, what is certain is that such a solution will face very extreme views from buyers. Some players will be happy to use such a solution, while others will give a negative judgment that the creators and the store are trying to extort money from their customers for worthless “original” things. But just because something is of no value to us does not mean that it is the same for everyone. Therefore, if players are willing to do it and use NFT in the world of video games, it is only a personal matter for them and no one should forbid them to do so.
The NFT phenomenon is slowly gaining ground in various sectors of the Internet and could play a very important role in the near future. Therefore, it is worth watching how this situation develops, as it may soon appear in Polish stores.

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