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We have another medal we won in the Polish championship. The Polish youth team and individual table tennis championship among youth was held on May 26-27, 22 in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. All the players of Jastrzebie played very well in them: Julia Bartoszek, Angelika Canik and Agata Paszek. One can only envy the girls who play so well and the brave ones who are the main ones.

The team games started with a match against KTSK GOSriT Luzino. Smooth 3: 0 (Julia Bartoszek, Angelika Canik, doubles Julia Bartoszek – Agata Paszek after 1 point). This is a short report from this match prepared by head coach Roman Faykus.

In the second match, two players of the rival league team, MKS Skarbek Tarnowskie Góry team, which included a very anxious, brave, really difficult opponent Julia Tomecka and Claudia Franaszczuk. We started the match very well, because Angelica Janik probably beat Claudia Franaszcuk 3-0, so we are 1-0 ahead in this match. Negotiations between Julia Bartoszek and Julia Tomecka before the next game could only be successful, because our Julia always defeated her nickname from Tarnowskie Góry several times. Unfortunately, each series ends at some point, so this time it was because Julia Tomecka played very well and our player could not find a recipe for his game and lost both 1: 3 in the match with Julia and 1: 1 in the match. to draw.

The doubles match is a struggle for every point. Our pair of Julia Bartoszek – Agata Paszek is even 2-1 ahead in sets, but our opponents break the pair, losing the next two sets and eventually the doubles game, and Skarbeck’s players take a 2: 1 lead in the match. .

Julia Bartoszek must win with Claudia Franaszczuk to give our team a chance. Julia wins 3: 1 in sets, we have another draw in this match and Angelika Janik and Julia Tomecka are the last match they will play for everything. Julia Tomecka had more chances, because she was the one who won several times in a row with Angelika. Angelica’s fantastic performance means that she wins the first set 12:10, the second set ends with a devastating victory of Angelica 11: 4, and in the third our player is already 10: 7 ahead, so only one point is missing. may heaven be. It’s easy to say, and just like in table tennis, Julia Tomecka starts to score, she wins this set 12:10, she wins terribly 11: 7 in the fourth set and 5: 4 in the fifth set. After changing the sides of the table, Angelika breaks the service, 6: 4, 7; 4, 8: 5. In the end, Julia Tomecka took the lead 10: 8, now losing only one point to MKS Skarbek Tarnowskie Góry to win this dramatic match. It’s easy to say, but harder to do. Julia Tomecka doesn’t score this point anymore and our Angelica wins this decisive set with a draw of 10:10. Jastrzębski Club reached the semifinals, defeating Tenisa Stołowego MKS Skarbek Tarnowskie Góry 3: 2. Then what happened. Roman Faykus went mad, shouted for joy all over the hall, and even danced for happiness. The whole team deserved praise for their fighting, perseverance, determination and being like the Musketeers: yen for everyone, everyone for one person. Only JKTS can fight such.

Although KTS “Siarka” Tarnobrzeg was a better team in the semifinals, our girls struggled with a draw.

Third place in the Polish championship, the bronze medal is another great achievement of the club Yastrjebye, so great that our players won a silver medal in the previous two seasons after the Hungarian sisters KU AZS UE Wroclaw. Anna and Katarzyna. Thus, the consistency of the medal was maintained, and the drama of the situation further emphasizes the importance of success.

In the individual games, our girls once again showed an excellent class, because they were all in the top six, and Julia Bartoszek and Angelika Canik were even eight, but in turn.

Julia Bartoszek won the first duel smoothly, then lost after Dominika Gilewska / KTS Gliwice / 4: 1, then Kamila Gryko / UKS Dojlidy Białystok / 4: 2 and Agata Zakrzewska / KTS “Siarka” Tarnobrzeg / 0. very fierce battle. Our opponent had a very nice, even heroic fight with Kamila Gryko, who rose to the top, and it seems that she will tire Julia in short. None of this, Julia could not stand this deadly game. In the duel with Tarnobrzeg, Yulia was ahead 10: 8 in the first and second sets, but could not change the balance in her favor. It definitely broke him. As a result, although Julia Bartoszek is aiming for a medal, she is in the 5th-8th place.

Angelika Janik won the first duel smoothly, then Estera Razakowska / MKS Skarbek Tarnowskie Góry / 4: 0, then Julia Szymczak / KU AZS UE Wrocław / won 4: 1, Katarzyna Węgrzyn / lost in the fight for KU. semifinal UE Wroclaw / 1: 4. As a result, Angelica Canik was placed in the 5-8 range.

Returning to the duel between Angelica and Yulia Simchak, I must say that our player played a great game. After losing the first set 6:11, she was 11: 5 in the second set, 9: 2 in the third set, then 9: 9, but the final vote went to Angelica, who won the set 13:11. . Our footballer won the last two sets with the score of 11: 9 and 11: 9. The victory over Wroclaw was our opponent’s first victory over this opponent.

Returning to the game with Katarzyna Wegrzyn, the current champion of Poland among adults, I must say that I have never seen such a beet. Angelika lost the first set 8:11, but won the second set 11: 9 and took the lead 6: 2 in the third set. facilitated the work of a Wroclaw woman. The match was held on a so-called TV table and the referee wanted the beet to exist at any cost, and he succeeded, but should it play the role of referee?

Agata Paszek overcame herself. He won the first game 4: 0. In the second duel, she met Karolina Rakowska (KTS Gliwice), whom she has often lost recently. But what he played in this championship surprised everyone, but probably the most important. The Gliwice player simply did not exist and lost 4: 1 (10, -9,5,7,7) and Agata crushed his opponent in an aggressive, spinning game.

In the third duel, Agata’s opponent was Zuzanna Błażejewicz (KS Gotyk Toruń), a player of the Women’s Extract. After the big fight, Agata lost 2: 4 (-7.9, -4.5, -9, -5) in six sets. Then Zuzanna Błażejewicz won the next duel and won a bronze medal. Agatha Paszek finished 9th-16th.

In the youth doubles, our pairs Agata Paszek / JKTS / – Estera Razakowska / MKS Skarbek Tarnowskie Góry / and Julia Bartoszek – Angelika Canik took part from 9 to 16. In mixed games, Julia Bartoszek played very well as a partner of Jakub Kuźmicz / Ostródzianka Ostróda / and as a result took 5th place.

The whole team from Jastrzebi played very well in the Polish championship and our girls were effectively led by coaches Roman Faykus and Jacek Paszek.

Roman Faykus.

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