Notifications of unrecognized fraudulent ads by UOKiK influencers

Since September last year, the president of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection has been conducting an investigation into the advertising activities of those who influence social media. As a result of the market research, the Office found a large number of advertisements on the profiles of those affected by Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or other social media that are not listed as ads at all. Others are not mentioned enough.

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The second investigation is related to fraud.

– Both of [postępowania] they are “at work”, which in practice means that we study many different aspects of the market and the experiences that take place there. As part of these processes, we asked both the authors themselves and advertising agencies or advertisers to provide information about the contracts. We are also interested in the principles of cooperation and the labeling of published content, explains Tomasz Khrostni, President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, to

Proceedings against those affected by UOKiK

Due to the non-cooperation of some authors, the Board initiated a separate case against them As reported on, the trial, including Pavel Malinowski, Marcin Malczyński and Weronika Bielik.

In December, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection launched proceedings against Marek Kruszel “Kruszwil”, MD Marcin Dubiel, Julia “Maffashion” Kuczyńska, Marlena Sojka “Marley”.

– We are in the final stages of our activities against those affected – the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection informs us. The office shall notify the parties of the completion of the collection of evidence and they may review the documents collected during the proceedings.

– We are currently reviewing what is happening in SoMe and preparing recommendations on the one hand, and on the other hand, I sincerely promise you that despite many signals, we will eliminate the experience that has not changed so far. . An online consumer should be aware of when a message is an advertisement and when it is an independent opinion of the creator. I can assure you that we will consistently eliminate unfair practices from the market, ”Tomaz Chróstny told

The president of UOKiK explains that since the beginning of the explanatory work, the influencers are more and more accurately recording commercial cooperation on social media accounts.

The very positive response that followed our first signals was corrective action by many social media users. We follow these changes and apply best practices in various profiles and channels. We always follow the market closely. Every day we receive new signals not only about violations, but also about positive examples – says Tomasz Xróstny.

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Less scam report on the internet

A similar trend can be observed when it comes to fraudulent practices.

First of all, we can see that our information activities since the end of last year, when the Internet began to stigmatize fraud, have led to positive changes. The launch of a special website,, where anyone can report unspecified collaborations or fraudulent content, has made it much easier for us to gather information from the market. We receive several dozen different types of signals every month, UOKiK President told

Most of the signals refer to non-cooperation. – We also observe an interesting trend – a decrease in the number of scams that were on the agenda a year ago. We are always waiting for complaints. The measures taken have already increased the caution of people who promote their products or services in the selection of contractors. We receive signals that some developers have changed their behavior, realizing that it is not worth losing the trust of users, established for many years at the expense of a risky partnership. The price for a misrepresentation can be not only a sanction in the form of a financial penalty imposed by us, but also a loss of the good name of the influencer and the trust of the people who follow him. This, in turn, can result in loss of income of the affected – reports Tomasz Chróstny.

UOKiK NFT is investigating the “bears” case

The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection continues to analyze the so-called “toy bears” of NFT. This is a presentation campaign for the NFT collection Fancy Bears Metaverse created by Fanadise.

We have collected a wide range of material, which we are currently analyzing. We are currently examining, among others, the relationship between the creators of “NFT teddy bears” and the influencers who changed the profile pictures using the obtained graphics. This is one of the many topics analyzed during the study. We are still waiting for signals from consumers who are suffering from the acquisition of NFT, says Tomasz Xróstny.

Alarms can be sent anonymously to

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