9th Anniversary: ​​Amazing View of the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

photo: began with the development of a trading platform that provides users with secure trading. Currently, the exchange offers more than 1,400 cryptocurrencies. The number of users in the world has exceeded 10 million. Daily trade exceeds $ 10 billion. The door. io also offers rich commercial products and services.

With the development of GateChain, the map of the ecosystem is getting richer and richer. The stock market focuses on GateChain-based products such as GT, HipoDeFi, Ventures, Labs, Grants, NFT Magic Box and more.

Door Token

GT is the main network brand of the local Gatechain. March 2, 2020 became the official token of the exchange under the new name “GateToken”. Since then, GT has grown with At the initial stage, GT was given to users as a free gift. The initial token supply was set at 1 billion. billion. When 0.7 billion tokens were “burned”, 0.3 billion remained in circulation. After the withdrawal of tokens and the implementation of combustion plans, GT became a complete deflationary asset. The GT Gate is an important part of the io Ecosystem. It covers subsequent VIP membership levels, transaction fees, participation in selected activities, and more. can be used. In the future, plans to continue to support the development of new GT applications that increase its intrinsic value.


HipoDeFi allows you to gather together and sort different DeFi projects and programs according to the selected parameters. It provides users with features such as exchange rates, asset management income, and a comparison of deposit and loan interest rates between different DeFi projects. Advanced real-time data helps users explore investment opportunities and manage DeFi assets.

Automatic Price

HipoDeFi combines data from many popular decentralized exchanges DEX and CFMM and helps users automatically find the best cryptocurrency rates.

Wealth Management Analysis

Allows real-time calculation of data such as profit and TVL for different platforms and protocols. The user-friendly control panel allows everyone to look at, compare and implement different strategies.

Asset management

This feature allows users to track and manage investments in various DeFi projects for free through the innovative HipoDeFi user interface.

Deposits and loans

HipoDeFi supports popular deposit and loan projects such as Compound and Aave by showing the most favorable interest rates for each asset and allowing users to easily deposit and borrow funds.

Project calendar

It is a comprehensive calendar project that allows users to track the latest market news and upcoming projects in real time and simplifies investment planning.

Gate Ventures

Gate Ventures focuses on investing in decentralized infrastructure, ecosystems and applications that will shape the world in the digital age. works with entrepreneurs around the world to help promising startups and teams with innovative ideas. As a long-term investor, offers support for project development, scaling and global portfolio growth.

Laboratories Labs will fund $ 50 million (in cryptocurrency) and host a series of funding rounds ranging from tens of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars to promote and support the development of high-quality projects. Society plays an important role. Projects supported by

– Exposure to DeFi exchange and credit platform,

– Ability to get more user support through Startup,

– List on,

– Ability to provide the next stages of funding through Labs,

– ensuring liquidity for projects that have passed security audits.

Grants provides R&D funding of $ 10,000-100,000 to support innovative ideas and projects, whether based on Gatechain or not. Thanks to cooperation with, innovators can get: capital support, financing in later stages, marketing and HR resources, price proposals, technical support, strategic partnerships with other projects.

NFT magic box

NFT Magic Box is a platform based on the popularity of NFT tokens. It consists of two components: the avant-garde NFT platform and the auction and trading platform. The platform brings together NFT creators and collectors. Developers have the opportunity to enter the market at a low price. They can share works of art, music, games and sports. Collectors, on the other hand, can obtain unique NFT tokens. success

As can be seen from the achievements of, presented above, the exchange has succeeded due to its deep knowledge of the cryptocurrency market. Knowing the latest industry trends and technology solutions, was one of the first platforms to build a comprehensive digital asset ecosystem that offered users more options and opportunities than any other platform. 9th anniversary

The 9th anniversary of the exchange will last until the end of June. The attractive side of the event will be competitions aimed at users, where you can win numerous prizes. The total prize fund is $ 9 million. At the same time, the brand was rebranded. Along with the new brand identity, has introduced an important update for the mobile application. Users will be able to use the Lite APP version, which offers more efficient and easy cryptocurrency trading. A mini APP version will also be available. In addition, users will be able to enjoy GameFi while enjoying games and earning coins.

The future of cryptocurrencies

In recent years, there has been a dynamic development in blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency industry. The exchange follows the latest trends in this field and introduces new solutions. He has built an ecosystem of stable and safe products. is well versed in the digital asset market and expects the industry to continue to grow.

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