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The mobilization of party activists and their visit to Poland – you can summarize the most important decisions after the Convention on Law and Justice on Saturday. Only President Kaczynski took the floor, although Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, among others. – I no longer believe in Jarosław Kaczyński, said Jan Maria Jackowski, a former member of the PiS parliamentary club and now an independent senator, on Express Biedrzycka today. – We have already held a number of congresses, speeches, conferences, congresses and meetings, and this is a series of episodes. “We will build a strong, great Poland in line with the wishes of the Poles – well, we have temporary difficulties, but in general the ship is sailing in an excellent direction,” – said the politician, adding that PiS activists are now “fat cats” far from reality.

Jan Maria Jackowski also criticized the idea of ​​implementing the so-called pregnancy register.

Kamila Biedrzycka: Do you still believe what you heard after the PiS chairman said at the party congress on Saturday?

Jan Maria Jackowski: No, no. We have already held a number of congresses, speeches, conferences, conventions and meetings, and this is mainly a series of episodes. “We will build a strong, great Poland in accordance with the wishes of the Poles – well, we have temporary difficulties, but in general, the ship is sailing in an excellent direction.” This is a guiding example of such speeches. Note that no one but the president spoke at the congress, so it was more about reporting, mobilizing activists from the area.

– Should they be mobilized? What happens in the “field”?

– From what we have heard and what the leaders of PiS say, “fat cats”, that is, people who are saturated, self-satisfied, have good work in management, in various companies, institutions, foundations. They held lucrative positions there, but when it comes to working with the electorate and contacting people, it looks bad. In addition, the level of confrontation in the regions, districts, between individual positions is high, which is due to the organizational reforms of the PiS, the adaptation of party districts to the senate districts. Everything is designed to revive these structures, but I think it is almost impossible.

Express Biedrzycka – Jan Maria Jackowski: I no longer believe in Kaczynski

– You mentioned that the general message is that everything is going in the right direction. It is as if the president of PiS lived in an alternative reality to the citizens.

– Yes, this is the reality. For example, I receive a whole series of objections from the newly built people about the Central Communications Port, and high-speed lines are being laid to the STH in such a way that their lives will be ruined. In addition, the possible losses will not fully cover their costs. And materially and spiritually. It is similar in other respects, so the PiS party apparatus has a certain detachment from reality. If you meet someone who drives a limousine, does not shop, does not live among people every day, there are usually polite conversations, often arranged in such a way as not to ask anxious questions. They do not answer journalists’ questions, do not kneel and go to the media where questions are not asked. This, together with all the consequences, leads to the typical negative case of being a ruling party. (…) We have a screaming reality, but the rulers are trying to imagine it.

– And they are still leaders in the elections.

– If it were not for this tragic war in Ukraine and the previous pandemic and the crisis over energy resources, the level of support for the ruling camp would probably be much lower. The events I have mentioned freeze the effect of the decline in support. At indefinite times we are always called the flag effect.

– What will be the effect of the said pregnancy registration? The Minister of Health has signed an order in this regard, how do you assess this decision? Constitutionalists talk about violations of civil rights, even human rights.

– I disapprove of it, because it is a very intimate matter. It is up to the mother to decide how she will look after the pregnant child, whether she will go to the doctor or what tests she will use. The introduction of an administrative registry – and this was the case in February with a leak of information about who was vaccinated – means that there is never a 100% guarantee. density. And it may suddenly appear that such a database will be used by an unauthorized person. Kamila gave an interview to Biedrzyck

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