“After 5 years of relationship, I proposed to my girlfriend. He quickly said no.

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I planned everything carefully. I started with a beautiful diamond ring. I chose the time carefully: Exactly 5 years have passed since we met Magda first time. The place is one hundred percent romantic, an elegant restaurant by the sea, or rather a terrace where you can watch the sunset.

There were several acquaintances around us who accompanied the ups and downs of our relationship. And a string quartet playing our favorite melody. I brought him to this restaurant and paid for it. But it is good that a person has an imaginary proposal only once in his life. When the last bars of the music played by the quartet were extinguished, no one doubted what would happen next. I knelt in front of Magda, took the box with the ring out of my pocket, opened it and handed it to her.
Will you marry me? – I asked.

It had to be a formality

At the same time, my voice did not tremble, and the answer was purely formal. After all, we have talked about marriage many times in the last few months, and although no specific statements have been made, the meaning of these conversations was clear: we are getting married. So when Magda said “no” right away, I thought that either I had heard something wrong or she decided to joke with me and say “yes”.

Instead, My girlfriend got up and left the terrace of the restaurantleft me completely confused. My friends, the musicians I ordered and other guests of the venue were equally surprised. Only the waiter looked at this scene with courage, as if he had seen more than one similar scene in his life …

The girls said that they would follow Magda to our hotel and try to learn something. The children began to comfort me with alcohol.
“Come on, Paul, you know what it is,” Marek tapped me on the shoulder. – He has already thrown you three times … you parted ways.
“Exactly, there is nothing to worry about,” Jerzyk repeated. “He will definitely come back and agree …” He poured a glass of vodka for me and quickly gave me a drink.
– Why is that? After all, every woman dreams of such an offer …

I could not understand

To be honest, at that time I did not take his complaints seriously. I thought that, like my colleagues, it will pass him.
“Magda has always been cruel,” said Marek, then he rang his glass with me and we drank. – Maybe a worse day or what? I tell you, there is nothing to worry about. What’s up, Jolka? She turned to her lover, who had just returned to the terrace.
– Magda … is leaving He murmured.
– How is it? – I got up quickly.
“Well …” He said he didn’t want to know you, and so much to you – Jola was confused.

I ran from the restaurant to the hotel room. Magda was no longer there. When he reached the parking lot, he had just started the car. He saw me waving helplessly, but he didn’t stop. I could only desperately watch him disappear in the nearest cornerI would also like to go home immediately. At the moment, I lost my vehicle and had to wait for the train until tomorrow.

I must admit that my friends invited me to stay with them for a few more days. They even offered to comfort my friend, who was probably the only one I had ever met. But I had no “comfort” or the mood to stay on the beach longer.

It seemed so I need to reconsider my life plans, What should we do with the apartment, which is still closely connected with Magda … At least, inherited from my grandparents, the repair of which will be completed soon. Sell ​​or rent them? I made them as our common nest, and I do not believe that if I sell them, they will return.

But will this ever happen? Yes, Magda has been separated from me several times. As a rule, this was accompanied by a crisis in our relations, which could be expected. He never moved with impulse. If he decides to do so now, it could mean that the decision has been with him for some time and is probably over. Because if he was interested in me, he could ask me for time to think about my answer, rather than immediately reject my offer. However, after returning home I tried to keep in touch with my girlfriend. He didn’t answer the phone, so I checked the mail and when that didn’t help, I waited for him outside of work or home.
“I don’t want to talk to you – that’s all I’ve heard, so I finally decided to stop for a moment.”
Not because I gave up. I just thought that Magda needed a break from me. Maybe he’ll change his mind after a while, and then I’ll take him back. You had to be careful and keep the look.

I focused on work. I sat there for twelve hours, although in the past I tried not to work much because I was in a hurry to meet Magda. Now I came home tired, I had no choice but to have dinner and a shower. I didn’t have the strength to think about him either …

In this way, about two months passed

Then I gave up my social life. I didn’t have time for them and I didn’t want to deal with them. The sympathetic looks of my friends drove me crazy. And then my boss, seeing my tiredness, gave me a mandatory week off … I wanted to use this time to get things right. One of them was to give an engagement ring to a jeweler. But I could not find him. After thinking about it in more detail, I realized that I had not actually seen it after these failed proposals.

So I called the hotel where Magda and I were staying. The beautiful lady at the reception politely told me that, yes, two weeks after we left, the ring was found in the room and sent back. But because it was a woman’s ring, it was sent to the address of the lady who was registered in the room again …

I began to wonder why Magda didn’t give it to me. He certainly did not eat the ring. Maybe he didn’t want to do another show because he thought one show would be enough? Or maybe … He’s done and now he’s waiting for me to do something else? Yes, it’s time to try again.

Next day I went to my ex-boyfriend’s apartment. As I rang the bell, I felt my heart pound in my throat. In an instant I realized that I was not ready to meet him yet. I was scared … But the door opened that I couldn’t escape, and Magda stopped there. She was probably more beautiful than ever. I was silent when I saw him. It was as if I was surprised to meet him, not vice versa. I made a quick action plan in my mind.

“Officially, I’m going to pretend I’m here to pick up the ring and try to say something else in between words. I hope he will want to talk to me … ”
“Will you stand there and be silent, or will you say something,” she said, breaking the silence.
– I came for the ring …
“They sent it to me more than a month ago,” he replied coldly.
“Oh, yes,” I said, and took it easier.
– I just understood now because I wanted to sell.
He looked at me intently, and I could swear I saw disappointment and … sadness in his eyes?
“Come in,” he said, letting me in.
“You’d better sit down.” I have to look for him.

I sat down in my chair and watched for a moment as Magda spun around the shelf. I approached him and avoided hugging him. It was as if he had never been there in two months. But I knew I had no chance to meet. I could hurt him and then he lost everything. It was necessary to move carefully and keep all the views.

I decided to put everything on one card …
– Do you want to ask me something? – Magda told me without turning to me.
– Why not? – I surprised myself.
“You look like that,” he said nervously.
“You don’t look at me at all,” I replied, smiling quietly.
“But.” I feel your questioning looks. More precisely, in the hip area.
– Magda, stop – this time I was angry. – A year ago you had the right to reject me, although everything showed that you also wanted to get married. But now you have no right to make fun of me.

Magda turned to me

There was a very serious expression on his face.
– What do you want to ask?
I said, “Of course I do,” and I preferred him in this game. – Why?
He took a deep breath and began to speak, or rather to read, as if he had been preparing for this speech for a long time:
– Because it should not have been so. I have told you many times what my dream proposal should be. Alone. But you did it your way, as always. I felt like a hunting trophyyou decided to hunt in the glare of the lights to show your friends.

I was dumbfounded. And that was all ?! Meanwhile, Magda put her hand in her pocket and took out a box.
He threw the ring at me and shouted. I saw that it was time to put everything on a card. Now or never.
I opened the box and took out the ring.
– Magda, will you marry me? I asked and she suddenly stopped crying.
“Yes, I will marry you,” he smiled.

Let me tell you something. Women are strange creatures. Sometimes it is impossible to understand them. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to live without them …

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