Silent film actress Virginia Rappe went to the night. He died four days later

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On September 5, 1921, 26-year-old Virginia attended a party where alcohol was rampant. Everything was done behind closed doors in rooms 1219, 1220 and 1221 in St. Petersburg. San Francisco Francis. Roscoe Arbuckle was among the guests. To this day, her name appears in the media next to Virginia Rappen. Meeting him that night turned his life upside down.

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As a child, he dreamed of Hollywood

Virginia Rappe wanted a fame that would make her forget her unhappy childhood. He was an illegitimate child and his mother died when the girl was 11 years old. She moved in with her grandmother and slowly began to think about becoming independent and breaking away from life. Three years later, at the age of 14, she began posing for small fashion houses. He then moved from Illinois to California because he felt he would find what he was looking for. She fell in love with fashion designer Robert Moscovitzu, but before the wedding the man was hit by a bus and died. Virginia was still not in the best financial condition, and she knew she could not focus on mourning and had to work to avoid having to return home to her family. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career on the big screen. He played, but these were not very important roles. Although producer William Fox signed it, he did not engage it in any production. Dreams of a great career were cut short by an unexpected death.

What happened behind closed doors?

The accounts of what happened in the hotel rooms in September 1921 were very contradictory. The guests almost unanimously testified that the actor Roscoe Arbuckle took drunken Virginia in his arms and took her to one of the rooms, where he tied himself with her. Some said that he whispered that he had been waiting for the moment to meet the girl for a long time and that he intended to rape her. Others said that she wanted to help him because he felt bad and the pain was almost unbearable.

Soon Virginia’s anxious moans began to come from the closed room. A group of guests tried to enter, but at first to no avail. Finally, the door opened and Arbakl stopped in fear. She was pale and nervous, and Virginia was curled up in bed. The woman died in hospital four days later. The cause of death was peritonitis caused by a puncture of the bladder. The trauma was to be caused by a “great external force.”

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Comedy icon Roscoe Arbuckle has been accused of killing Virginia Rappen. At the age of 34, he had more than a hundred films on his credit, including one million dollars. He was compared to Charlie Chaplin or Baster Keaton. However, his achievements were immediately overshadowed by the fact that he was accused of rape and contributing to the death of the girl. There were rumors in the media that he was famous for working as a plumber only 7 years ago, and he was offered the first role while repairing a faucet in the house of producer McCannet. He didn’t expect it, he even wanted it, the director just wanted to give him two extra dollars. Soon, the round face with a characteristic smile entertained the audience, who watched it in dozens of productions every year. After the death of the accused Virginia, she was excluded from society for many years.

The media destroyed it

There were hints that Roscoe Arbuckle had sexually abused Virginia but had previously poisoned her. But there was not enough evidence to prove it. On April 12, 1922, the court acquitted him, but he was expelled by the public, and the Hollywood public became hostile to him. As a result, Arbuckle did not perform anywhere for ten years. It was only after the 1932 article that his situation had a chance to change. “Doesn’t Fatty Arbuckle deserve a break?” in the title text. There are arguments that Arbuckle deserves to return to the set. Finally, he signed a contract with Warner Bros. However, he did not take advantage of this opportunity, because a day later he died of a heart defect.

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