“I was proud not to be attached to anyone, but the truth was different. Loneliness bothered me at every step. ”- Real life

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Our package was introduced at a technical college. We did everything with the boys. After graduation, we could not meet as much as we wanted. At first we tried to see every weekend.

Later, when my friends started getting married – we agreed to meet on the first Friday of the month, even if it was hot and humid. The tradition has been preserved to this day. What are we doing in these meetings? Nothing very obvious. We eat, talk and, of course, drink.

I’m not the only one from our package

I am very pleased with this over the years. I bragged in front of my friends that I could do whatever I wanted with anyone, and they stabbed me in the arm.

Fifteen years ago, I was a really lucky old bachelor. Married to Jurek The last of our package, we spent many years on vacation together. At the time, I still looked good, and I could pick up almost any girl I could think of. At that time, I still wanted to keep fit – I ran, cycled, went to the gym.

When Jurek allowed Bozena to call four years ago, I was alone. I started sitting in front of the TV with a beer in my hand. Holidays? One day Romek, his wife, and their children went to the beach. I felt like the fifth wheel of a car. I went alone for my next vacation.

– Guys, I tell you, a lonely mushroom like me is on vacation as in heaven – I convinced my colleagues, I tried to face a bad game. But the truth was a little different. Lonely walks on the beach, lonely beer at the bar.

Three years ago, my boss suggested that I go on vacation because I didn’t have a family.

– You know, Rafał, there are cheaper off-season trips. Instead of going to the Baltic Sea, you can go somewhere under the palm trees. Well, only advantages – encouraged the manager.

I agreed. Photographs from travel agency brochures can be confusing. Blue sky, sun and girls in bikinis. And the prices are really very reasonable. I was even a little angry with myself for not understanding it before.

A week in a beautiful hotel with a sea view did not cost more than a hotel in Jastarnia!

I chose Egypt first

It turned out on the site that the hotel was renovated only from the front (as shown in the pictures). Construction was going on on one side of my room. At 6 o’clock in the morning, the roar of hammers woke me up.

The sea – yes, you could see it through the windows (though not mine), but to get to the beach you had to cross a four-lane road fenced with a high concrete fence. The nearest pedestrian bridge was one kilometer away.

Yes, there were many beautiful girls in bikinis on the beach. Unfortunately, none of them were interested in a 40-year-old young father from Poland … Fortunately, I met a beautiful German girl who was older than me.

His name was Anke and we couldn’t really communicate. But after a few drinks (he put it), it turned out that there was something we could do together. We spent the rest of our time together every night.

A year later I bet on Greece

The trip was a little more expensive – this time I really hoped to end up in paradise. Nothing more. My hotel was stuck between two luxury resorts. I could only admire the beautiful girls over the fence.

Our beach was full of British women, their noisy children, and old hygologists from Eastern Europe. As me. I was very bored. And I thought I would prefer another vacation spend time with parents in the plot.

Jurek offered to hold another meeting of our party on the spot, on the grill. He lives in a row house with a spacious backyard. We spread the sausages on the grill and opened the beer. The children took off their shirts and exposed their white bellies to the sun.

“Hello, neighbor, nice rest,” said a short old man over the fence. Jurek came to greet. I was lying down recently, so I overheard them talking.

– We invite you, everyone will have enough sausages – suggested Jurek.

– Thank you, but another time. Halina and I go cycling to the Bieszczady Mountains. For the whole weekend.

– A romantic run for two? Ho ho – Jurek laughed.

– No no. It is such a rally, there will be twelve of us. On the weekends after the kids moved in, Halina and I started to get a little bored. Once in the store I found a flyer. Szwendaczek club is invited to visit. Walking, cycling, rafting. We went once and it was great. Beautiful people, beautiful places. Now we ride with them whenever possible.

I remembered the conversation I had heard when I came home from hunger on Saturday. Walker. I wrote to the search engine. “Don’t stay home. Come with us! “Was the motto of the club.

I started looking at the pictures … People of all ages smiling. At the top of Śnieżnik. Skiing on the river Czarna Hańcza. In the ruins of Chęciny Fortress …

I clicked on the icon: “Weekly trips”. On the day I was planning a vacation, the club invited me to travel with the slogan “Discover the beautiful Istria from a bicycle seat.” The organizer provided transportation, accommodation in camps, meals and bicycles on site. And not all for more than a week In a hotel in Egypt.

I thought about Walker and Istria for a few days

I was skeptical when I decided it might be worth trying. I can’t do that, the last time I rode a bike was five years ago. And all physical activity is limited to visiting the corner store. I finally decided.

– Just yesterday we had two vacancies. we invite you! The girl who answered the phone exploded with enthusiasm.

On the weekend I went down to the basement and found my bike. Decent mountain, just a little neglected. I cleaned, lubricated and inflated the tires. I went to the park on Sunday. Fortunately, cycling is never forgotten. But the form clearly forgot about me. After a quarter of an hour, I already felt shortness of breath and pain.

I promised myself that I would train every day until I left. It was only partially successful. I’ve cycled maybe six times, and it’s time to get ready for the trip. I was sick. What if I’m the weakest? And will everyone have to wait for me? What if I don’t travel with people?

Probably everyone knows each other. Now I want to laugh when I remember all these fears. I have never met more kind and cold-blooded people in my life than this trip! Older, younger, single and couple than me. True, most of them knew each other from other trips – but because they accepted me as their own.

I heard a woman’s voice above me

– Mechanic! Finally. Finally, we have our own servants – the old man was happy and asked what I did. I must admit that everyone called him a “professor.” It was later revealed that he was a retired high school teacher. And a nice guy. We drank a lot of Croatian wine together.

From the beginning, I had problems with form. On the first day, I set aside half an hour for my first stop. I was lying on the grass, panting, when I heard a woman’s voice above me.

– Well, at our age, a person has the right to suffocate. There is nothing to worry about!

I tried to see who the voice belonged to, but the sun was shining directly in my eyes. As far as I can remember, there were only two students in the group and several retirees. Which of them said that I was his age?

I was able to sit slowly.

“Irena,” she held out her hand to me.

I looked at him carefully. It’s “from the students!” In fact. There were small scratches on the corners of his eyes. He was probably over forty. I was seduced by her flawless physique and youthful attire.

I was a little embarrassed and started pulling my shirt down to cover my belly.

– Rafael. I dared a little. In fact, I was in better shape. I’m sorry, I explain myself stupidly.

Irena smiled.

– Do not worry. You know, two years ago I also weighed more than twenty pounds. I fell so much. But thanks to my friends at the club, I regained my form. So, everything is in front of you.

Irena shook my back and jumped on the bike.

– No more laziness! Let’s go! He shouted.

I ate only cheese and vegetables for dinner. Every moment is good to continue with you. We usually stayed in seaside camps, and I swam for more than forty minutes each day. Maybe I’m fooling myself, but I’m sure I’ve lost a few pounds by getting on a plane on the way back.

– So what? I’ll see you in two weeks. On skis. Rafał, can we count on you? Irena said goodbye. I promised to try. And I will definitely go to the autumn rally in the Bieszczady mountains.

When I got home, I emptied the refrigerator. No more microwave pizza. Only healthy food and exercise from tomorrow. In the fall, Irena and others will have to keep up with me!

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