How can Szczecin’s tram network develop?

The Szczecin City Council recently adopted a Survey of Spatial Development Conditions and Directions for the city. One of the parts of the document is the analysis of the existing transport network in the city, as well as notes on the development of this network. So, according to the study, where can the new tram routes be seen in Szczecin?

In late April, the Szczecin City Council adopted a Study of the Terms and Directions of Spatial Development for the City of Szczecin. This is a document that shows the direction of development of the city, in particular, how to look at the intended use of buildings and specific areas within the city limits. Each study also includes an analysis of the existing transport system, as well as its future development. At this point, it should be clearly emphasized that research is a guiding document and, in a sense, the basis for the future development of any city. The provisions and plans in the study are not strict, in other words, if the study envisages the construction of a specific tram route, it does not mean that it will be built. It may or may not. However, the provision in the study is mandatory for detailed spatial planning and at least provides for the abandonment of relevant site resources arising from the adopted document.

The survey is a signal to city officials

– The study is a guideline document on the city’s planned activities, including the development of public transport and the adaptation of public transport infrastructure. It shows priorities in the implementation of certain projects. Because the city is a living organism, certain assumptions may become obsolete over time and may change depending on the direction in which the city develops. What is described in the study shows where solutions can be seen in the field of tram transport, but these are not issues that have already been resolved within the implementation plan. Whether or not an investment is made is dictated by many factors, including social and financial. The study, like any other document, is subject to change. Over time, assumptions about the tram line network may change, depending on the city’s transportation needs. We see this document as a sign of where we need to go, but we also assume that this path may change at some point, says Pietr Zieliński, the investment spokesman for the city of Szczecin.

Plans worth noting

However, the study of spatial conditions includes long-term plans that are worth noting and noting, as some of them may be implemented in later years. Provisions related to new tram routes and potential new tram depots are particularly interesting.

It is true that a few weeks ago we described Szczecin’s tram priorities, or rather where new routes for trams could be created, but there is more to them than research, which is not surprising because it is a long-term document. .

Take the tram to Mierz

The document lists several planned tram routes, some of which are currently identified as routes that the city wants to implement in the first place. This is a line to the Ster shopping center, and along with the recommendations to continue this route in the area of ​​Valeriana Łukasińskiego Street, especially when the nature of the development of the current closed areas is changing. ul. Kviatova and ul. Okulickiego is allowed to use an additional tram route, ie in fact maintains the current route here. Another line included in the study is the route along Szafera Street and the next section of Nowoszeroka Street to connect with the current track on Żołnierska Street. This investment has already begun and is in the tender stage.

The study covers the construction of a completely new route on the next section of Szafera Street and Novoszeroka Street, as well as a continuation of the Szafera tram. The line will pass through Sosabowskiego, Taczaka and 26 April streets and will connect to the existing tram network at the Turzyn Gallery. The study also covers the possibility of placing this route in Witkiewicza, Santocka and on April 26.

Szczecin Fast Tram and Mieszko I route

Another project included in the study is the extension of the Szczecin High-Speed ​​Tram and the construction of a new bend in the area of ​​the A6 highway. As we can read in the document, this investment also allows for the implementation of an additional road system in the residential areas of Bukowe-Klęskowo, Majowe, Słoneczne and Kijewo.

According to the study, residents of the southern part of Gumieniec can expect a new tram line, as the line will work on the streets: Mieszka I, Południe, Cukrowa and Janina Smoleńska and the tram curve. At the intersection of Janina Smoleńska and Bronovicka streets. The study also allows for the drawing of a line in the direction of Przeclaw in the commune of Kołbaskowo, along Po küçudniowy, Krygiera and Cukrowa streets. However, the city recently claimed that the construction of the route on Mieszka I Street is not currently a priority for the local government, and other connections are more important, such as the extension of a high-speed tram or tram to the Ster shopping center. , the so-called Mierzin tram.

Tram to Warsaw and new connectors in the city center

The next route will be a tram route from ul to Warszewo property. With Niemierzyńska streets: along Zygmunt Krasiński, Przyjaciół Żołnierza, Królewski and a so-called fragment Trasa Północna Warszewo planned depot on the property. The study also allows for the continuation of the ul tram route. Police and
Application of additional road system on the following streets: Duńska and Szczecińska. The study also mentions the tram route from ul. Energetyków planned to cross the ul with the Kłodny bridge. Wieleckie Quay.

In the coming years, the entire city center may gain new parts of the tram network. We are talking about the construction of a tram connector on Gabriela Narutowicza Street, which will connect the existing roads on Aleja Piastow and Potulicka streets, as well as the construction of the road in the Bohaterow Warszawy section, starting from the intersection of this alley. April 26 streets and Bolesława Krzywoustego, Rondo Ojca Ojca Władysława Siwka.

The issue of new tram depots is also the melody of the future

The study also highlights the need to modernize and expand the technical capabilities of Szczecin public transport. Therefore, the document envisages the expansion of the existing Pogodno depot, as well as the construction of two new depots in the residential areas of Warsaw and Bukove-Klęskovo.

We asked Piotr Zielinski, the city’s investment spokesman, to clarify plans to build new depots.

– From today, we can not say when such warehouses will be realized and what they will look like. Their implementation is necessary, more precisely, to provide space for the service of new wagons to be used on the new lines. As of today, there is no schedule for such investments, either in terms of infrastructure or large purchases of new cars. This is a long-term perspective, but it also depends on the city’s budget situation and the availability of external sources of funding, says Piotr Zieliński.

The study also says that in the end, the city wants to limit the role of bus transport and change its purpose. Finally, buses would carry passengers on major tram routes.

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