He massaged his calves “when dogs hung on him” … Robert Korzeniowski fell in love

“We met on the stairs at work, because at that time we both worked in the same corporation. In fact, the question was asked not by me, but by a friend. But this question came from” Colostrum “(laughs). – Justina Korzeniowska said. “Interview with Robert Korzeniowski, who later told him how to walk, and he did not forget …

Robert Korzeniowski and his third wife were united by a love of sports, and their common passion led them not only to work together, but also to realize their new sports dreams.

“It’s no surprise to say that we are involved in sports. Justinka wanted to prepare for the half marathon and found out that I have my own RK Athletics club,” said Robert Korzeniowski, who initially wanted to recommend a sport. new friend, one of his coaches, but the woman He impressed him so much that he decided to help prepare himself for the half marathon.

“The girl looked very ambitious, so she parachuted, jumped into the water, climbed, walked in the mountains, rode horses and had experience in many other things, I thought she could do it,” added the former Polish sports representative. the interview mentioned above. She loved working with her future husband.

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Robert Korzeniowski and his wife also joke that they fell out of love, because the injuries that began to hurt Justyna Korzeniowska only allowed her to walk …

Robert Korzeniowski talked a lot about the age difference in this regard. Initially, it turned out that the athlete was 16 years older than his partner, and the age difference between them was only six years. One woman always wanted to be the athlete’s husband, and when she met Robert Korzeniowski, she accepted him as she was. He knew the history of his previous relationship and knew that newspapers could write something about him. Being his third wife did not bother him.

“Being a third wife can be theoretically risky. But on the other hand … don’t drink champagne without risk,” admitted the Olympic champion’s third wife.

Robert Korzeniowski and his wife run a family sports club based on the foundation. The Korzeniowski couple have been trying to make people love walking for some time, and instructional videos about their walks are available on YouTube. They carry out projects that they try to spread their passions and infect with love of debate and athletics.

The young married couple love to live with emotions and do not need long trips and magnificent places to be happy. “All we need to live something romantic is Cieszanów, Gorojec, bunkers and mosquitoes,” Robert Korzeniowski told Viva.

“We are happy to work together and do not leave each other during the week. We do not need additional attractions,” Justina Korzeniowska added in the above-mentioned interview. But their lives together are not always so colorful. They have many responsibilities and during sports trips there are disputes, when they get divorced and reconciled …

“During our marathon, we had several arguments, divorced and reconciled. When I hung all the dogs on her, she massaged my calves,” said Justina Korzeniowska, recalling one of her most romantic moments with her husband.

Robert Korzeniowski dated his girlfriend Justina Sobala in 2018. The couple first appeared in showrooms in November 2018 while on a fictional show. the wall first posed together at the Sports Champions Tower (January 2019). Robert Korzeniowski, 6 years his junior, married Justyna Sobala in November 2019. The wedding took place in one of the hotels in Warsaw, where a wedding party was held. Their closest friends and family had fun with the young couple on this special day.


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