A veterinarian put a healthy dog ​​to sleep !? He would have the wrong addresses. Drama in the Zagansk commune [GALERIA, WIDEO]

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Stephen was a healthy and energetic dog. The veterinarian died in the playground as soon as he injected

The family from Zagansk commune is in shock. Maciej D., a local veterinarian, had to enter their yard with a syringe in his hand and put a 70-pound German shepherd-type dog to sleep. A five-year-old dog – healthy, energetic and with a great will to live – died in two minutes. There are no questions about the euthanasia of the animal, the signing of documents, the thought and the moment of reflection. After being put to bed, the dog’s family fell asleep when they thought they had been vaccinated against rabies. Then it turned out that the vet … mixed up the addresses.

Zagansk commune. Did a healthy dog ​​sleep?

The family from Zagansk commune did it Stephen’s dog for a period of five years. He was young, strong and healthy. He weighed almost 70 kilograms, but was not aggressive. She played with her toys and hugged her family members. He had his own playground and could run away at any time. The dog’s family insists he is in a closed, marked yard. Local veterinarian Maciej D. entered here. The family said he had a syringe in his hand and a woman saw him walking through the yard. The family knew the vet. He had previously vaccinated Stephen three times and treated the family’s previous pet for several years.

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– He came in with a syringe in his hand and asked my mother if the dog was heavy. My mother thought it was a rabies vaccine and called her father. The vet also asked if the dog was dangerous. His father said he would hold his head, not hers. Then a veterinarian syringe stabbed the dog in the neck. The dog screamed and ran to his playground. Stephen entered the playground only whenever he wanted, where he felt safe. Surprised by the dog’s strange behavior, the parents began to call him. He did not react. The vet was then asked to include the vaccine in the dog’s health record. He replied that it was not necessary. My father insisted that he had bitten someone, but the vet later said that he would not bite anyone again, because he had put him to bed!– Says the son of the owners of the deceased dog.

The veterinarian killed a healthy dog ​​because he made a mistake

Death of a dog in front of the house. Mixed vet addresses?

When the family heard that the dog was put to sleep, no one could believe it. They ran to the dog. He was lying in front of the hut. He had convulsions and just died. The woman began to shout at the vet: “Man, what did you do, but he was getting ready to leave.

– In the end, he asked if it was not XYZ number (house number for the editorial office), his mother answered no. It turned out that he had to come to a teenage wolf with a tumor in his stomach to see if he could still be helped, or he killed our dog. He added: “You will get a new dog”Says the nervous man.

The family called police to the scene. It is known that the uniforms interrogate witnesses. They also provided the body of a dead dog for examination. Experts must determine which substance was injected into it and whether its action caused the death of the animal. No arrests have been made in connection with the case.

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– We confirm that such information was received on Wednesday afternoon. According to the report, the veterinarian most likely put the dog to sleep by mistake. The dog’s body was protected for further examination. “Experts will determine what substance was given to him and whether it caused the death of the animal.” The statement came from Kielce Municipal Police Chief Carol Macek.

The family is in shock. Their dog was killed within two minutes. No one talked to them. The veterinarian did not feel that the dog was energetic and did not ask why the owners wanted to put him on the ground. They did not sign any documents. After a police visit, the veterinarian told the family that they would “agree” on the death of the four-legged dog, but the dog’s owners refused to reconcile. They want the vet to answer for killing the pets. Accompanied by police, the dog’s body will be taken to a clinic, where blood will be taken for analysis to determine what was given to the dog and what caused the death of the pet.


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