Wounded birds 53, 54, 55, 56, 57 abstract. Levent learns that Mary is a thief and throws her out the door

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In the next episodes of Wounded Birds, the heroes of the series will face new challenges and will have to cope with a turbulent world. We will see how Melissa tries to get rid of the mansion in a calculated way, accusing Mary of theft. Levent tells him to pick it up and leave the house. Hulya realizes that Melis is trying to seduce her with drugs and throws her down the stairs. The latest episodes will be available on June 6-10, 2022 on TVP2 or on vod.tvp.pl. A summary of episodes 53-57 “Wounded Birds” is available in the following article.

Wounded birds The Turkish series about the extraordinary destinies of Mary, Omar, Levent and other interesting characters, whose destinies are intertwined, creates a beautiful and moving story about love. The latest episodes will surprise many viewers, as the creators of the series are convinced that in future episodes there are many interesting topics that are followed by shortness of breath. Wounded Birds Episodes 53, 54, 55, 56, 57 will be given between June 6 and 10, 2022 on TVP2 at 6:45 p.m. or on the website vod.tvp.pl. See what awaits Mary in the coming chapters!

Wounded Birds – Summary of Chapter 53

Safiye finds the engagement ring. Aye struggles to convince her mother that this is a cheap fake from the market. To Mary’s delight, Levent is convinced that she trusts him. He openly thanks Tekin for warning him. Meanwhile, Melis is about to use the information against Mary. He finally has a plan to help Mary get out of the mansion. He enjoys visiting his friend’s jeweler.

Wounded Birds – Summary of Chapter 54

Melis accuses Mary of stealing the brooch. All the clues point to Mary’s theft. Meanwhile, Meryem was with Rfat during the incident to ask the man for help again to save the holding. When Levent asks him where he is during the jeweler’s visit, he is silent. The owners of the house believe that he went out to buy the stolen jewelry for money. Levent refuses to believe that Mary is a thief. The mud guard visits the family’s house. She buys school supplies for her sister. Kamil, their father is convinced that his wife secretly bought these things for her daughter. He goes mad and destroys everything brought by the Mud Guard. Levent cannot accept that he will have to lay off workers. At the same time, he tries to find out if Mary is behind the lost brooch.

Wounded Birds – Summary of Section 55

With the help of Melis Tekin, Levent throws money into the girl’s room to make sure that Mary is found guilty of theft. Meanwhile, unaware of this, Mary is surprised by the cold attitude of the landlords towards her. Yaar tries to win Asl’s sympathy, which leaves him indifferent. Durmu returns to the city, but stops Neriman from selling the land. The potter comes home again and leaves a present for his sister. This time he is caught by his father. Jamil is convinced that Mary is innocent and convinces Leventi to talk to him. Following Melis’s instructions, Hülya searches Meryem’s room. He finds the money hidden under his pillow in front of Levent. Convinced of Mary’s guilt, Levent orders her to pack.

Wounded Birds – Summary of Chapter 56

Ulviya and Aysel can’t believe that the girl stole. Without any explanation, Leventi shocks Mary out of the mansion. When he finally explains what happened, Mary swears that he is innocent, but Levent has no intention of obeying him. Mary is bored. Hulya learns that Melisin is trying to strangle her with drugs. Hulya attacks him and gives an ultimatum to her sister, or she will get rid of Omar-Ef, or Hulya will admit that she sold the brooch. Doan and the Birds are looking for the Mud Guard in vain. Finally, the beaten boy returns to the barracks. However, he does not want to reveal the truth about what happened. Mary finds money in her suitcase. When he decides to take her back, Durmu interrupts him and fights with his daughter. Realizing that Hulya is not taking medicine, Melis gives them to her sister in juice. When Hulya wakes up, she is angry because of Melis’s trick. An argument broke out between the sisters. Hulya tells Melissa to leave the mansion. During the fight, Melis pushes Hulya down the stairs.

Wounded Birds – Summary of Chapter 57

Hülya goes to the hospital. At the same time, Meryem appears in the holding. He gives the money to Levent and again swears that he is not a thief. At first, the irreconcilable Levent’s separation from Mary begins to arouse suspicion. So he calls her and asks her to talk to him. But when he learns about Hulya’s accident, he forgets about the meeting. The operation is completed successfully within a few hours, but there is a risk of some damage. In addition to losing all of her and Nerima’s money at the casino, Durmu is also heavily in debt. Tekin appears at the hospital. Apparently, an honest man, Leventa, talking about Mary’s family, claims that the girl learned the art of stealing from her father and aunt as a child. When Cemil Durmu manages to confirm what Tekin said about the criminal history, Levent is once again convinced that Mary is guilty. This time, Jamil also loses faith in the girl.


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