“Iga Świątek and his team were able to achieve perfection”

– Several months have passed since Tomek Viktorovsky joined the Iga team. And during this time, they were able to reach perfection. Everyone in every field knows what to do and how to behave. All this should contribute to your success. And it happens – Claudia Jans-Ignacik tells us. After the next victory of Iga Świątek, we had a new conversation with the Canal + specialist and the French Open finalist in the mixed game.

KACPER MARCINIAK: Iga did not give any chance to his opponent from the beginning.

CLAUDIA JANS-IGNAÇIK: There were no surprises. Everything – at least for me – happened as I expected. Igan had experience playing in the finals, and Cori Gauff had already experienced that it was still weird. Because the final of the Great Helmet is associated with great emotions that must be resolved.

In addition, the American met the girl who played the best duels in the final. And no doubt Gauff knew before the game that this was waiting for him. One thing was that he had to deal with what was going on in his mind. Second, he had to try to implement tactics. So in the end, this final … all looked like the previous Iga Świątek.

The Polish woman’s self-confidence was impressive from the beginning. When he was in a more difficult situation, he quickly left her.

Yes, he said in his speech that everything was adapted and implemented. From the moment Tomek joined the Iga team [Wiktorowski przyp-red.]several months passed. And during this time, they were able to reach perfection. Everyone in every field knows what to do and how to behave. All this should contribute to your success. And it happens. Of course, the fact that everyone in the team is one hundred percent self-confident increases Igan’s self-confidence. Now we see the effect.

This is important because we can talk about skills, but in the case of the pole, both physical training and mental training are at the highest level.

Of course, all this must come together. I have already mentioned that when something happens on the field, he is physically strong enough to return to the game. Even if he doesn’t win the first set, someone continues to play because he will play phenomenally. It has the power to overcome difficult moments.

So we have a very well-prepared body and a head that controls this body. This is the recipe for success. To this is added the self-confidence and ability supported by a number of victories. Finally, he equalized the score of Venus Williams and won the thirty-fifth game in a row. But the main thing is that he does not think about it. About victories, series. He is taught to ignore all the notes and always think about the here and now.

In his post-match speech, Iga congratulated his opponent, thanked his team and his father, and finally drew attention to the situation in Ukraine. Both Poles and Americans are socially active. These are girls aged 21 and 18, respectively.

This shows the class of players. At a very young age, they are aware of how much important information can be transmitted through sports.

Now the Polish tennis player will move to the grass courts. He was the only one who was not very successful yet.

We are talking about a surface that is still very fresh for him. This will be his fourth season on the grass in his senior tour. He has held more than a dozen tournaments on such courts. Self-confidence is formed over time. I also think there is a lot of time left for Wimbledon. For now, he needs to rest, because he is definitely very tired. You will want to think about nothing and focus on nothing. And then go out and – as he says – get used to the new conditions and change your boundaries. There is no pressure.

The brick surface is his favorite, but that doesn’t mean his performance will drop now.

Of course not. He can lose, because statistics and probability show that it will happen in the end. What about then? The series will stop broadcasting, but will still be number one in the world. He has an advantage over the rest of the points that is not worth worrying about. He will leave the match after the match, he focused on it and as long as he is in good health. And as you can see – the next tournament ends without any injuries.

The Orlen flag

For a while, we will be excited about Igan’s second Grand Slam victory. Could she be the female equivalent of Rafa Nadal in Roland Garros – in all proportions?

Time will tell. It is too early to talk about this. But if Iga maintains the pace of winning the Slams in France, his status will rise. I hope so. Knowing that he played very well at Roland Garros will also give him wings. When a player returns to where he won the title, he has the right to think: this is my place, this is my time.


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