Poles are drowning in debt. Since the beginning of the year, they have increased by about 800 million PLN

Poles are drowning in debt.  Since the beginning of the year, they have increased by about 800 million PLN
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In 2021, overdue bank loan installments and unpaid utilities, telephone, television and Internet fees amounted to 45.2 billion PLN. According to the National Debt Registry, in the first three months of this year, they increased by about 800 million PLN. Silesians are most indebted.

If we look through the prism of unpaid amounts paid by residents of individual districts, the most indebted consumers are from Slaskie Voivodeship, which is under a load of 6.4 billion PLN; the second is Mazovia with a delay of 6.3 billion PLN, the third is Lower Silesia – 4.2 billion PLN unpaid payments. Residents of these regions make up a quarter of all debt in the KRD.

At the end of 2021, unpaid bank loan installments and unpaid invoices for electricity, water, gas, telephone, TV and Internet amounted to 44.4 billion PLN. They demanded payment from 2.39 million consumers. In the first three months of this year, they increased by about 800 million PLN to 45.2 billion PLN; 2.4 million people are in debt.

According to the latest data obtained by the Polish Central Statistical Office, the average salary in Poland in March was 6,665 PLN. The National Debt Registry estimates that the average debt per consumer is 18,000 PLN. 651 PLN. Adam Lacki, president of the National Debt Registry of the Bureau of Economic Information, said: “This means that the statistical pole will have to work for almost three months to pay off the debts, and all the salaries will have to be spent on their calculations.”

KRD analysts compared the Central Statistical Office’s average earnings data with the average debt registry to calculate the differences in how much the residents of different provinces would have to pay to pay off their statistical debt.

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Residents of the Lublin region will make the largest contribution (3.68 payments). The average earnings there are 5,345 PLN and the average debt is 19,000 PLN. 661 PLN. In Świętokrzyskie to pay 18,000 zlotys requires a 3.44 monthly salary in the amount of 5354 PLN. Average debt 393 PLN. The first three are closed by the Warmińsko-Mazurskie voivodeship – residents have to pay a salary of 3.43 to get rid of debts. Employees in the region receive 5,316 PLN per month, and their outstanding liabilities average 18,000 PLN. 214 PLN.

In an interview with PAP, Iki said that people with bad debts, especially mortgage loans, are in the worst situation. “Rising interest rates sometimes increase installments every month. Energy and fuel prices also rise, and this is combined with inflation, which means that there is less and less money in the wallet.” According to him, the increase in consumer debt is not large, because wages are rising and half of Poles still have savings. However, he expects the debt group to grow in the coming quarters.

On the other side is Mazowieckie Voivodeship, which has the highest average debt (21.28 thousand PLN), but also the highest salary in the country. The salary in this region is 7,947 PLN. Residents have to work in the country for the shortest time, ie 2.68 months, to pay off their average debt. In turn, 2.74 salaries will be spent on resolving the obligations of low-income Silesians. They have an average of 18,000. 367 PLN, and their reward is 6,711 PLN. The third in this group is the Pomeranian Voivodeship, where you have to pay a salary of 2.75 in the amount of 7,067 PLN to free yourself from 19,000. 426 PLN overdue debt.

According to Jakub Kostechki, president of the Kaczmarski Inkasso debt collection company, which cooperates with the KRD, financial problems mean that some people who want to protect their financial situation take on additional responsibilities instead of limiting costs and trying to repay debts. “Even if the salary is only enough for the first one, you can always reconsider your monthly expenses and make changes to your budget,” he said.

Second-tier lenders, ie securitization funds borrowing from primary lenders, mainly banks and, to a lesser extent, telecommunications operators and insurance companies, have the largest debts of Poles with debt collection companies and securitization funds – 24.2 billion PLN. 12.47 billion PLN are unpaid child support payments. Consumers must return 3.78 billion PLN to financial institutions, especially banks. On the other hand, 1.86 billion PLN are overdue rents, water, electricity, gas and garbage fees. Mobile operators, internet and television providers, whose compatriots owe 886 million PLN, are also waiting for payments from unreliable consumers.

author: Magdalena Jarco


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