“During the trip, the ex-husband examined the image of a round brunette instead of mountains. I promised myself that I would really regret the game. ”- Real life

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My husband was a big fan of the mountains, and he even had regular friends who traveled on average once a month. I was more of a housewife, I never liked to walk in the heat or in the snow. But I was glad that Robert followed his passions.

I saw how happy she was. I eagerly listened to the stories of his timeof these raids s. I looked at travel notes and photos from joint events.

I was blind. Because why should I doubt that the beautiful brunette in the photos is not much bigger than our daughter. is this my husband’s lover? I learned the truth from a friend who did not want to lie to me.

I was grateful to him and wanted to tear Robert apart. It didn’t matter to me whether it was the romance of a middle-aged crisis or just stupidity. We divorced after almost 30 years of marriage.

I did not know what to do with myself

All my life, except for work, was my husband and daughter, who had long since moved out of the house. The day after my divorce, I realized that my life was over.
I locked myself in the house and did not even want to talk or meet anyone. I was having a terrible time.

– Mom, you can’t sit so sad all day. Go to the people – her daughter argued for months.

– Why? – I smoked. – People are low. And I’m old.

– You are not old, mother, what are you talking about! You are broken. I think this is normal after infidelity and divorce.

– I am too old to play with young people, too young to go to clubsniora, I said sternly. – I’m stuck. Nothing else awaits me …

But Lucyna was stubborn. He dried my head so much that he finally took me out for a beer. When he arrived at the restaurant, it turned out that his friends had also arrived. I thought I would fall to the ground. I wanted to go back, so Lucia called out:

– Girls, this is Agata, my mother.

It was too late to escape

I greeted my daughter’s friends and tried not to talk. To be honest, I didn’t want to embarrass Lucia. But the girls themselves started talking to me, and it soon occurred to me that I was not worried about spending time with them.

They were completely worried about my company, so I was relieved. We talked about music, movies and even children. And finally my husband’s topic came up. Note that the ex-husband.

– Your husband must be blind, right? Ilona asked most openly.

“Oh, come on,” my daughter tried to stop him.

“Come on?” Your mother doesn’t look old at all. I would like to look like this, already in my forties … Open-minded, smart. The boys are stupid.

I did not believe him, but I must admit that my heart was warm. When we got up and went home, the girls again I was pleasantly surprised.

“We know you’ve fallen, but it’s not good to be surrounded by four walls,” said one. – It was nice to meet you. If we come out again, we will let you know. If you want to join the journey with the little ones – he promised with a smile.

I honestly admit that I go to the bar it was a leap for me. Before we divorced, friends sometimes visited us (mostly because they were Robert’s friends), and sometimes my husband and I went to the movies or to dinner. But it happened very rarely. The last time I drank beer with my colleagues at the bar was about two years ago.

I thought, why don’t I do it often? Why did I allow myself to hang on to my shoes and sweatpants, why did I spend my evenings in front of the TV, why did I run away from people. Maybe that scared Robert? Maybe there was nothing interesting I could offer him?

– I remind you, my dear, that you have repeatedly offered to go out together, booked tickets and things, and your husband almost always ran away from her under any pretext. You have something and stop repeating it to yourself – a colleague reprimanded me.

– Robert chose a minor. It happens.

I came home that day and took a bath for a long time. Then I stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself. I was looking for flaws, sir. I wanted to see what that girl earned

I don’t know – I have thick hair, very beautiful skin, a few deeper lines of expression and I look really good …

I did not believe in the power of the Internet

– I have to straighten my breasts, they hang a little after pregnancy. And I said it out loud on my ID for years.

Inspired by my observations so far, I searched for the most recommended lingerie stores on the Internet. I found it worthwhile to make a nice divorce gift, and on Saturday, the next day, I visited an underwear store.

For the first time in my life, someone measured me and chose the perfect bra for me. It wasn’t cheap, but I thought that if you were crazy, you would be crazy. After the stroke, I visited a cosmetologist and a hairdresser. It may not make sense, but I felt better.

One day my daughter came to meet her friends. I got a yoga ticket as a gift. We drank wine, listened to music and talked. Finally, one of the girls offered me to create an account on a dating site.

I resisted for a long time, but with each glass of wine my resistance weakened. Lucyna took a spontaneous photo shoot for me and happened.

I thought it wasn’t harmful, and if I didn’t like it, I would delete my information, and that’s it. I woke up in the morning with a big hangover. I was not used to so much alcohol. I made myself coffee and took pills. Lucia called.

– Mom, did you see ?! He shouted.

“I’m sick, don’t scream,” I reassured him. – Slowly now. What did I see?

– Your account! Portal. I came in yesterday to check if we were under the influence of an error and please! You have four messages!

Lucyna was insanely excited, I am the exact opposite. When you are awake, you kind of think better. And now I know I’m in trouble.

– I’ll see you tonight. Thank you for calling, I’m back in bed now. Smiley – I quickly said goodbye to him and went to sleep.

I don’t need a boy now

In the evening I sat in front of my laptop and looked at that funny account. My daughter was right, I had a few messages in my inbox. Each sounded decent. I ignored each of them.

My daughter asked me for a long time what to do. My approach did not satisfy him. He probably feared that I would be left alone for the rest of my life. I don’t think he understood more than loneliness I am afraid of the second disappointment, betrayal, lies. I didn’t want to be hit more. I could not cope again.

But my annoyed daughter convinced me again. I met a guy from the portal. He turned out to be completely rude and racist. Second, a few weeks later, it was nice, but it didn’t really appeal to me. The third did not appear. I did not want to try again.

I canceled the account because I said it in a play up to three times, and if it failed, it was not written to me. In spite of everything, I was grateful to my daughter. After those meetings, I felt more confident, as they say, left my comfort zone. And I thought I didn’t need a man for that To feel good.

– What about sex? My daughter asked once. – Are you having sex too?

“I was missing, but these dates were completely wrong,” I admitted. – I miss sex more than intimacy. Because somehow I can cope with sex … alone.

I felt as free as ever

Lucyna blushed violently, and I laughed at my tears.

– Your mother is also human. I have needs. I am just discovering some of them. Give me some time!

“I think I created a monster …” he joked to hide his embarrassment.

A few months later, I met my ex-husband for the first time since my divorce. He almost passed me on the street, he didn’t seem to know me, but his friend approached me.

“Aqata?” God, I hardly recognized you, said my friend.

Robert stood next to us and looked at me for a long time. He actually looked at me as an alien.

– You look good. I think divorce is good for you, he said sarcastically.

– Yes. I’m fine, I said and left.

When I got home, I took a shower, put on the craziest clothes I could find in the closet, and this time I took my daughter to the club. I danced all night.

Instead of crying and I danced thinkingit’s as if I’m eighteen again, as if I’ve never made all these mistakes. I felt as free as ever. Today is the fifth anniversary of my divorce. I am grateful to her for only one thing … for our daughter.

Lucia is my best friend and an amazing person. He reminded me that I had been there before. Thank you, my daughter, for helping me come back to life. I could not do without you!

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