Trade unions: the company’s coal storage network is authorized …

The Polska Grupa Górnicza (PGG) coal storage network will probably start operating in August, replacing the existing sales formula through authorized dealers, according to Silesia Solidarity. The company has not yet commented on the news.

On Thursday, Solidarity representatives met with the board of Polska Grupa Górnicza, the largest local coal producer. In a statement issued after the meeting, the unions said that “the pathological situation, in which coal in storage is three times more expensive than the mine door, will soon be eliminated.”

“The coal sales system by Polska Grupa Górnicza must be overhauled within the next two months,” Śląsko-Dąbrowska S said.

“It is likely that the PGG coal depot network will start operating in August, replacing authorized sellers. It should operate in a similar way to a franchise. There will be a certain maximum margin they can pay in depots operating under new contracts. It will pay a huge financial penalty for mixing PGG and selling it at a higher price, “said Dominique Colors, head of Solidarity in Silesia.

PGG representatives did not comment on the union’s information. Thomas Glogowski, a spokesman for the company, only confirmed that the board had met with solidarity representatives on Thursday and that one of the main topics of discussion was the sale of coal.

PGG is the largest domestic coal producer – also used to heat coal, among others by households. In addition to cut eco-pea coal from March 11 this year, in the company’s online store you can also buy empty heated coals from the mines, which are three times cheaper than intermediaries. The demand is huge – more than the availability of coal. Until now, it was often the case that the e-shop’s website did not exist or it was not possible to buy coal at the moment.

According to Boguslav Hutek, head of the Mining Solidarity, improving sales at PGG will not completely solve the problem of shortage of heated coal in the market after the imposition of an embargo on raw materials imported from Russia. “For many years, production in Poland’s mining industry has been restricted by successive governments. It is impossible to restore it for several months. Polish mines will not be able to meet domestic demand for coal heating this heating season,” Hutek said. .

The re-negotiation of PGG’s coal supply contracts with energy companies was also discussed at the meeting on Thursday. According to the representatives of the mining company “S”, currently the prices of coal in the energy sector are even 4-5 times lower than market prices.

“We have heard from management that negotiations are underway with energy companies. It should be noted that the new contracts do not have to mean higher payments for electricity for citizens. It is enough to give up part of the huge profits of the energy sector. “- he considers the mining leader” S “.

According to Dominic Kolorz, the realization of coal prices for energy companies is also a prerequisite for investment in the mining sector. “Everyone says that Polish mines need to increase production. If we really want to do that, we need money for investment,” he said.

Another topic of discussion on Thursday was the supply of coal to current and former miners. On May 19, ąląsko-Dąbrowska and the leaders of the mining “S” sent a letter to the board of the PGG, noting that a few years ago the mining pensioners were so-called deprived. They also have big problems in buying coal on a commercial basis.

“The board has informed us how many people are affected by the problem and how much coal is involved. It has also pledged to come up with concrete solutions by the end of June,” said Boguslaw Hutek.

Last Tuesday was the first day of online sales of coal from PGG under the new rules – since then, the raw material is available in the e-shop twice a week: instead of Tuesdays and Thursdays – as before – every day. The largest local producer ensures that the amount of coal obtained through the Internet is not reduced. On the contrary – it will be increased as much as possible.

During Tuesday’s session, during its peak period, it was trying to get about 103,000 tons of coal. customers. For sale, about 25 thousand. tons of this raw material lasted more than six hours; The purchase amounted to 5,800 manat. Nation. More coal was sold on Thursday than on Tuesday.

From the beginning of the year to Tuesday, the company’s e-store provided more than 86,000 services. has a total of more than 300 thousand customers. tons of coal. Currently, 318,000 people are registered in the online store. user accounts.

Currently, all daily production of thermal coal for households is sold in three distribution channels: through the PGG online store, directly in the mines and through authorized coal depots in various parts of Poland. The company continuously ensures that it sells coal via the Internet and is working on the continuous development of an online sales channel to increase its efficiency to 100%. Daily production of fuel coal (PAP)

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