“I helped a single mother in need, and fate paid for it. I bought the most precious treasure: a long-awaited daughter and granddaughter. ”- Taken from life

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After my husband’s death, when I was left alone — with a small pension but a large apartment — I had to do something. A friend told me to rent a room to someone. Basia looked like this in my life. Beautiful, long-haired girl. He agreed to all my terms about not inviting guests even after 22.

I was a little scared at first, but Basia was as quiet as a mouse. No one came to him and went nowhere but to work. He spent the evenings alone in his room.

– If you want to watch TV, I invite you – I told him once.

“No, no,” he said immediately – I do not want to bother you.

– No problem, baby. You sit the same all evening …

“I’m reading,” he muttered vaguely.

I did not want any problems

One evening a friend came to him, completely different from Basia, but from another world. In bright, colorful clothes and sharp make-up. Immediately, a kind of fear appeared on Basia’s pale face.

– Why are you here? I heard it before the door closed behind me. – I can’t receive guests here.

“Aren’t you exaggerating?”

Well, it’s a bit exaggerated, because I didn’t say anything about receiving guests, I just meant the late hours of the night. The girls were talking quite suddenly, and it was the first time I had heard conversations in my tenant’s room. Basia said something in a low voice, but she was his friend he raised his voice from time to time.

– You are an idiot! She suddenly cried.

“You can’t let him go like that!”

“Shut up, please, don’t shout like that.”

I was sure that this girl had some kind of problem, but what? I wish he hadn’t involved me in anything I can not cope. I tried to talk to my friend Zosia about it, but she said briefly:

– If you don’t like something, throw it out.

“Come on?” I failed!

– It is your apartment. And he … knows what he’s doing.

Maybe Zosia was right, but I couldn’t

One morning strange sounds woke me up very quickly. I was motionless for a moment and wondered what it was. Only when they happened again and again did I understand.

Basia vomited in the bathroom. Did he poison himself? Unfortunately, it was not poisoning. I soon realized that the girl was just pregnant.

“Throw him out,” Zosia repeated when I told him my doubts.

– But maybe I’m wrong.

“Even if you make a mistake, it’s better to get rid of it anyway.” Something happened to her, Mary, you know that.

Maybe so, but I felt sorry for this girl.

– I’ll try to talk to him.

– What about? What do you care about pregnancy or not? Tell him to move and that’s it.

Somehow, I couldn’t believe it, I preferred Zoshka to leave before Basia returned from work. I chose to talk to the girl myself. And apparently, I was right. When asked if she was pregnant, Basia faded and then just screamed.

Again the answer was crying, despair, pathos

“Now you’re going to shoot me,” he sobbed instead of answering.

“Don’t cry, I don’t want to throw you out,” I protested, although this was not entirely true.
I could not imagine staying here and having a child and raising it. I have never lived under the same roof with a baby …

– What about the child’s father? – I asked.

The answer was to cry desperately.

– Stop crying and tell me everything is fine. Where is your child’s father? – I knew that in fact I have no right to ask about it, it was not my business, but in the end he would live with me …

Basia wiped her nose and looked at me helplessly like a little girl.

“He doesn’t want us,” he said. – Gone, said the child worries me. I did not protect myself, now I am in pain. He did not want to.

– What do your parents say?

I had to wait a long time for Basia to calm down. More so that he can tell me everything. His mother died a few years ago. They were raised by their father, and the girl who used to live here is his sister. When Basia admits she is pregnant, his father named him and kicked him out of the house.

Zośka said that I was crazy

“He said he had nothing to do with me, and Kashka forbade him to contact me,” he said.

– But he came to you.

– He came, but secretly. Now when you throw me out, I don’t know where I’m going – he started crying again. – Nobody rents a room for a pregnant girl, and I can’t afford an apartment. Besides, no one will rent me an apartment.

“Stop crying now,” I said angrily. “No one is kicking you out. You can stay here.”

– Really? – He looked at me with such hope in his eyes.

– Really I shook my head.

Because when Basia is born, I will never get rid of her.

– How do you throw out a girl with a child? He asked.

– How should I throw a pregnant girl out? – I answered with a question.

“You’re in pain, darling,” my friend said.

– I know, but I feel sorry for him. He can’t even afford a dormitory, and the money he earns is barely enough to live on. His father kicked him out, his sister is still going to school, so he won’t help her, and the boy doesn’t know where he is. Apparently, the child did not want to, he ordered her to terminate the pregnancy or to deal with herself.

My Zośka just showed herself to be very harsh and inaccessible. A few weeks later, he brought a large stuffed bag.

I made new friends

“Wait, little one,” Basia said shyly. – These are clothes from my grandchildren, a little daughter, a little bride. The children have already grown up. Examine yourself and choose what is best for you. Basia’s eyes immediately filled with tears.

“Thank you …” he just whispered.

– My daughter will lend you a crib – Zoshka said, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. – They folded in the garage.

We became friends because Basia admitted that she was pregnant and told me her story. In the evenings, we would sit together, drink tea, talk, or watch TV.

Basia told me how her mother died, how my father drank, and she and her sister were alone. About how he desperately seeks love and thinks about how he found it. And when it became known that she was going to be a mother, the boy was afraid and left.

“I think you should find him,” I thought, “force him to pay alimony.” It should help you at least financially.

Basia shrugged.

– I do not want to know him.

– He will be a father I insisted. – She can’t cut herself from the baby.

“I don’t have the strength,” he said.

Basia has been on leave since the middle of her pregnancy

He almost stopped leaving the house and spent his days in his room. He was visited from time to time by his sister and sometimes by a friend. Moreover, no one. I was afraid of it there is a kind of depression or something worse.

I tried to keep him busy, so that he wouldn’t be so sad and look out the window. I looked at her as my own daughter, and I became more and more attached to her. I could not imagine that he could move and I would be left alone in an empty, quiet apartment. We survived until we were born. A lovely little girl was born.

I picked them up from the hospital and took them home. In Basia’s room, everything was ready for Emilka’s party. They both lived there, in my apartment, there were never small children, it was always quiet. Only now a baby cried there and I felt happy.

– Maybe you would call me an aunt? – I offered Basia, she cried again and reacted.

“Does that mean I can stay with your aunt,” he corrected, “can I stay a little longer?”

“Of course you can, you idiot!”

I was used to her presence, I did not want to be alone in an empty apartment, and I loved my daughters like my daughter and granddaughter. They brought life to a quiet apartment, maybe someday they will bring laughter. Emilka will grow up, and Basia will learn to smile.

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