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  1. What is a flea?
  2. Flea bites – do fleas bite people?
  3. Flea bites – symptoms
  4. Flea bites – threats
  5. How to avoid flea bites?
  6. How to fight bees?

Fleas are insects classified as wingless arthropods. They feed on blood warm-blooded animals: birds and mammals. Cats and dogs can feed on humans and wild animals. More than 2000 species of fleas are known. The most common:

  • dog
  • cat flea,
  • human flea,
  • rat flea,
  • sand flea.

In developed countries, fleas are most often transmitted by pets, for example dogs and cats. Bees have very well-developed legs, which allow them to jump long distances, as well as have a stabbing and sucking mouth. Fleas are small insects. Their size is between 1 and 3.5 mm. They range from light brown to black.

flea bites - flea bites
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Makes fleas several hundred to even 2,000 eggs for life They are placed on the owner’s skin / hair, dog and cat nests, cracks in the floor, or bedding.

Yes, fleas bite humans because they feed on the blood of warm-blooded organisms, including humans. The human flea species primarily feeds on humans, but also lives on the skins of cats, ducks, dogs and rats. In developing countries, flea bites in poor and neglected parts of the world are a common problem and source of hives and rashes in children and contribute to the transmission of serious infectious diseases.

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Symptoms of a single flea bite a piece of red, itchy, erythematous on the skin. A place for flea bites itchingbecause it causes local inflammation by injecting irritants into the wound along with insect saliva. Skin lesions after flea bites appear a few minutes after flea bites.

Many flea bites usually occur on the feet, ankles, but also on the hands, back, and scalp. There are small erythematous spots with itching in clusters along lines with gaps (similar to insect bites). This model is called in English breakfast, lunch, dinnerthat is, breakfast, lunch, dinner.

what flea bites look like
picture A typical flea bite / Adobe Stock, FCG

What is tungiaza?

In addition to bites, fleas can cause tungiasis – an inflammation caused by skin irritation nesting of the smallest fleas (sand fleas) in the epithelium of the skin. The problem is mainly in the tropics of Central Africa and in South America and India.

Tungiaz most often develops under the nails, on the palms, between the toes and in the middle of the foot. Symptoms are severe itching and discomfort for the first 2 days and then reappear white painful, very itchy lumps, as well as ulcers. Over time, the lesion darkens and dries. Untreated disease can lead to secondary infections, including tetanus.

It can be caused by a flea bite allergic dermatitis. Occurs occasionally in young animals and with a large infestation of bees significant blood loss and anemia (A flea can drink 20 times more blood per day than its own weight).

In some parts of the world, flea bites cause a wide variety of transmissions diseases, for example: plague, typhoid, tularemia, staphylococcus, anthrax, mouse typhoid, cat leukemia, and protozoa and parasites (tap worms, nematodes).

Flea bites are usually mild. In general, changes are resolved spontaneously over a short period of time. Complications such as abscesses or bacterial superinfection are rare. However, keep in mind that bees are a source of infectious infections, especially when traveling.

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The skin should be washed after a flea bite soapy water. You can apply cool compresses or lubricate refrigeration preparations Intended for use after insect bites and bites. They soothe swelling, inflammation and reduce itching. They are also recommended antihistamine ointments / gelsbut should not be applied to very large areas of skin. It can also be applied topically corticosteroids.

Fleas work well in a variety of environments, so they can spread easily. They do not like very dry places and altitudes above 450 m. You can use to prevent one bite:

  • flea preparations (shampoos, powders),
  • flea collars,
  • modern insecticide aerosols,
  • insecticide powders spread around fleas.

Hygiene and cleanliness are important. You should frequently vacuum and keep it clean, such as a dog or cat kennel.

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