A 12-year-old girl punished her family. Now he has a “secret life”.

  • In 2006, Canada was shocked by the murder of eight-year-old Jacob’s Richardson family. Jasmine’s 12-year-old daughter, who was not found at home, was initially thought to have been abducted.
  • However, it turned out that he planned the whole crime and his parents were killed by 23-year-old Jeremy. He was a 12-year-old boy and was convinced that he had freed him from “bad” parents
  • It is unknown at this time what he did to Jasmine’s eight-year-old brother. Her boyfriend later testified that the participant was 12 years old, but he denied it.
  • In 2016, Jasmine was released, which shocked the public. He lives somewhere under a different name and is known to have gone to college
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In 2016, the media reported on the killer, who was released 10 years after the massacre at his family’s home. In her native Canada, she is known as “JR” or “Poster Girl” because she is protected by law. Although Jasmine says she has no regrets, she lives in a place she does not know with her new identity. The word “sorry” is not mentioned. This is controversial, as the investigation revealed that 12-year-old Jasmine was actively involved in the murder of her eight-year-old brother Jacob. And her boyfriend, 23-year-old Jeremy Jasmine, killed her parents.

If his statement is to be believed, he did so not only after pleading, but also under pressure from his young lover. This is also shown in the messages sent by lovers. So far, there are many questions on this issue, and its terms are very controversial. But it all started innocently: with a teenage rebellion.

Jasmine grew up in the small Canadian town of Medicine Hat and was initially chosen for her only positive traits. She was a beautiful girl, she studied hard, her parents had no problems with her. In any case, it was an exceptionally harmonious, loving family. Jasmine could count on her parents’ patience and openness. Mark and Debra were passionate about motorcycles, but they also tied the knot by winning the fight against addiction. They lived soberly, traveled extensively, and cared for their children as much as possible.

Jasmine’s problems started when she was 11 years old. Then it changed. Suddenly, he began to look older and more mature than he really was. Probably, it also affected his psyche. The boys, including the adults, paid attention to him. There were also new interests. Jasmine liked the dark climate: heavy music, black lines in her eyes, clothes like Wednesday, the protagonist of “Adam’s Family”. Jasmine decided to be goth. He was active on the Internet as a fugitive devil or “fugitive devil.”

It wasn’t very abnormal, in the end almost everyone spent that kind of time, but with Jasmine, it started very early. Jasmine’s parents explained this to their daughter until they realized that they had met a 23-year-old man named Jeremy.

Jeremy did not have a happy childhood like Jasmine. He comes from a dysfunctional family. The child’s parents were addicted to alcohol, and the father was aggressive and insulted. It wasn’t good at school because Jeremy was still untidy and was being harassed by other students. Compared to Jasmine’s life, her life was a nightmare.

Therefore, he fled to the world of fantasy. The ready subculture amazed him, convinced him and others that he was a wolf, and experimented with his appearance. He hated the world, but at the same time he was kind to other people. He wanted them to like him too, so he obeyed his friends. Instead, he was left with a young crowd that was easier to find a common language.

One day a friend introduced her to Jasmine. The girl did not seem to be his age, and in fact she was not proud of him. Jeremy saw that they had similar interests and shared his hatred for the world around him. Jasmine quickly became her lover. At first, it was a purely platonic connection, but for a while.

Probably no parents would be happy to see their 12-year-old daughter meet a 23-year-old man. Mark and Debra are no exception, and when they realized what had happened, they forbade Jasmine to contact Jeremy. The girl did not pay attention to their prohibitions and always found a way to keep in touch with her “wolf wolf”. Their relationship first flourished on the Internet. The couple sent each other many messages, dreaming of living together in a dark castle.

One day Jasmine wrote to Jeremy that she had a plan. It starts with killing their parents and ends with them being together and no one bothering them. Jeremy replied that he liked it very much, but they would have to deal with the details. It is unknown at this time whether he took his girlfriend’s words seriously. But she did not forget that Jasmine responded enthusiastically.

A 12-year-old girl asked when she would do it. He wanted details, pushed more and more. One night he sneaked out of the house and spent the night with Jeremy in the trailer where he lived with his 23-year-old mother. That was the first time they were. It was later explained that the 12-year-old wanted to tie him even more. The rapprochement was to take place on his initiative. But Jasmine was just a child at the time. Can she manipulate an adult man in this way?

Regardless of the answer to this question, Jeremy becomes more and more in love and prepares to fulfill his “love of life” desires. But he didn’t know how to kill Jasmine’s parents. He asked his friends about it, and they thought it was a joke or just a 300-year-old wolf. Nobody took what he said seriously. One of his colleagues jokingly advised him to look at the Natural Born Killers and see how people were killed. And Jeremy looked at him – again, because it was one of his favorite movies. And lilac too.

Finally the night came. The couple decided to kill Richardson on April 22-23, 2006. Earlier, Jeremy gave a party in a trailer and prepared for the killings in such a way that he wanted to “sensitize” himself as much as possible. drugs and alcohol helped.

then at 2 o’clock at night Jeremy got in the car and went to his beloved’s house. He came out of the window that Jasmine had previously opened into the basement. Depending on the situation, however, made a little noise. He woke Debra, who was running downstairs in her nightgown. Jeremy blindly stabbed him to death. His wife’s screams alerted Mark, who soon appeared in the basement and, unfortunately, was killed by Jeremy after a long battle.

Jasmine should not have been involved in the murder of her parents, but later reminded her lover that she still has a brother. An eight-year-old boy was killed in his bedroom and his throat was cut. It is not known who did this: Jeremy says that Jasmine did it, and Jasmine blames her “wolf wolf”.

Jacob was found among the toys in the bed, covered in blood. Police, who first saw the body, later said they had recovered over the years after seeing it at Richardson’s home.

But the first person to see Richardson’s bodies was Jacob’s friend, an eight-year-old boy. He came to Jacob because they had agreed to go to the game. When no one opened it, he looked out of the windows and saw corpses lying in the basement. He immediately told his parents everything.

When police discovered the crime scene, the clothes convinced Jasmine that she might have been abducted. He was reported missing and his picture was published in the media and he asked for help in the search. Only later did the police inspect the girl’s belongings and find out that she planned to kill her parents. And her boyfriend openly wrote about his plans to be online.

In the first hours after the murders, Jeremy and Jasmine enjoyed their freedom. They drank, had sex, and joked that they were wanted. But it did not take long. The day after the bodies were announced, the couple was already in police custody. Their trial began in 2007. Although Jasmine pleaded not guilty and claimed to have written only “hypothetically” about her parents’ murder, she was found guilty of three first-degree murders. He was 13 years old at the time of sentencing.

Jeremy also heard an accusation: three life sentences. You can only apply for parole after 25 years of service. As a young woman, Jasmine was sentenced to 10 years in prison, four of which she spent in a psychiatric hospital. In 2016, he was already free.

First, the couple exchanged letters. There was no remorse for what they had done. They were planning a wedding for this. Meanwhile, they blamed each other for planning the whole crime.

Jasmine now lives in a part of Canada under a changed name. The only thing known is that he went to college.

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