Why not order Apple TV +

Yesterday I waited all day to turn on the broadcast on Apple TV +. I am Apple stable and a big fan of their services. Plus, it should come as no surprise that I update the screen from time to time to see what the Cupertino giant is up to. However, after switching to a new service and launching a 7-day trial period, the word “interesting” did not fit the description of the situation.

Apple has been stealing the competitive market from the bottom of its nose for many years. Everything they touched was a hit in an instant. We owe a lot to Steve Jobs and his legacy. However, I have the impression that Apple’s footprint is being forgotten more and more every year. I’m less and less interested in new iPhones, I’m looking at MacBooks and Apple’s services in disbelief … what can I say – Apple TV + review will show you exactly what I mean.

Yesterday, at 18:00 local time, I sat in front of the equipment and occasionally refreshed the screen.

When Apple puts something on the market, customers still expect it to be breathtaking or at least controversial. I didn’t expect the Apple TV + to crash, but I was disappointed. I was able to start the ministry much later. Probably because Apple dropped it step by step. Let me add that I was probably not the only one interested, and the servers could be loaded a bit. I took this into account and did not want to comment on his activities yesterday. I returned to the tests early this morning, the first madness had subsided and people were still asleep.

Let’s start with the fact that I was afraid that Apple TV + will be available only on company devices.

The Cupertino giant has assured that this will not be the case. Not because I don’t have an Apple at home – I have an iMac, iPhone and MacBook, but I have an Asus Ultrabook (with Linux – Deepin), a Lenovo laptop (with Windows 10) and a Samsung Galaxy S9 (with Android). I tried to test each of these devices. I was shocked that Apple claims that the service is compatible with external systems and devices, but in practice it does not look so pink. I would like to believe that the problem is only in my device. The service works well on Apple devices. Although my MacBook is already a few years old. Nothing stuck. It also worked well on Windows. However, the problems started when I tried to run Apple TV + on Android and Linux. In the first case, the buffering was long enough. It is not possible to play movies on Linux. Nothing happens when you press the play button. It is difficult for me to check if the situation is similar on other Linux, because I do not have more devices at home, but I trust your comments at the bottom of the article.

If we look at the Apple TV + service through the prism of other features, it does not look good.

The VOD market is full to the brim and everyone wants to get something for themselves. However, a market tycoon like Apple is expected to do more than just cut corners and drive a brand. New productions, even those that cost $ 15 million per episode, won’t help if quality doesn’t live up to expectations. Let’s start with the price. Apple TV + is neither the most expensive nor the cheapest. The price is more affordable for Polish conditions. However, I am concerned that there is more production in other offers for similar prices. And these are not original productions, but blockbuster films. Netflix. “home of Cards“if”Strager thingsApple, on the other hand, was an innovator, copying well-known ideas that would not work a second time.

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As for the availability of the service, of course, Apple TV + is already in Poland

Most VOD services are already in our country. We have owned Netflix, HBO GO and Amazon Prime Video for a long time. Each of them provides Polish audio images without any problems. Apple made no effort here. The problem may also be the lack of special programs. We can currently run Apple TV + in Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers. But it is different in action. Long buffer, the problem with playing the movie. This may delay you at the beginning of the road. Of course, there are always problems, but a company like Apple is expected to do more than its competitors. They are old people, they should know what to expect now. Currently, the library is not impressive. Netflix or HBO GO currently have more interesting offers. Cupertino has spent billions of dollars on exclusive content, but only 7 series “See“In the forefront. If we expect a big “boom” in this issue, then we must wait. There are also Polish translations that I didn’t see yesterday for about an hour. I wanted to throw a pot at Apple, but I just saw several series of Polish subtitles in the Apple TV + app on the iPhone and in the browser on Windows.

Image quality is also a very important aspect.

We hope that what we see in the age of high-speed internet will become more and more effective. In the competitive situation in the VOD market, everything is different here. Netflix offers access to 4K content with HDR support, only available after purchasing the most expensive plan. However, it turns out that licensed productions are available only in HD format. Prime Video is the leader. We do not have to pay extra for 4K on this platform. Apple TV + 4K and HDR format will boast content with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support. I can believe it, but it will be limited to broadcasting them on Apple devices. This information is even spread on the Internet.

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I don’t think it’s worth ordering an Apple TV + right now.

We must allow the service to be located in the market. For now, it looks pale, and I’m more inclined to subscribe to the contest here. Apple may have spent a lot of money on production, but celebrities on the screen are not everything. Apple went a bit “market-oriented” here. If you miss this type of service, you should consider the market in which we package it. Apparently, Apple forgot about it.

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