This epilation device is a must in the spring and summer months. We check its effectiveness [ testuje]

As we write this text, a beautiful sun shines outside the window, and the temperature on the phone indicates that we can go out again with a short sleeve. It means only one thing: summer is approaching! Because summer is all about shorts, beachwear and dresses (remember: each of you deserves them). That is why we are already preparing our skin for the holidays.

One of the most frustrating beauty topics … is smooth legs. Most of us get rid of unwanted hair just for our own comfort Disposable razors are inaccurate and, in addition, the operation must be repeated every few days. Therefore, we are very happy that we were able to solve the editorial problem again and Try the Brown Silk-expert PRO 5. We are excited because we have already discovered it The Brown brand is the best player on the market in this regard (their device is accredited by the Skin Health Alliance and approved by the FDA – American Food and Drug Administration) and we trust it completely! But we were not the only ones who started the experiments. Eight effects are also tested for effectivenesswho met us on May 11 at the H15 Hotel in Warsaw to talk about epilation and relax from the noise of the city.

burns 125 per minute

The Brown Silk-expert PRO 5 is an innovative piece of equipment Skin Pro 2.0 sensor (SensoAdaptTM), UV filterIt reads our skin tone 80 times per second! During this time, it regulates the intensity of treatment, so we can feel safe – we know that the effects will be quick, but we will not be harmed. This means less missed areas while providing 125 flashes per minute ease of use – During treatment we can easily watch Bridgertons or The Anatomy of a Scandal. We will add this because we love working with numbers the newest model is 15% smaller and 25% lighter than the previous model – This is really great information that makes epilation even easier. Two heads allow us to perform a head-to-toe treatment (literally) – Braun Silk-expert PRO 5 can handle leg, face and even chest hair if only the male part of the family wants to use it.

The procedure itself is really very simple – The device can move on the skin, for example, when we epilate the legs (the only thing you need is to always press the button without removing the button from the body surface) or apply to the spots when you want to get rid of. bikini line or armpit hair. Two soft modes that reduce light intensity provide safety in sensitive areaslike the face or bikini area. does it hurt No! This is thanks to the aforementioned Skin Pro 2.0 sensor, whose task is to take care of our comfort.

What are the effects? After the first treatment, we feel that the hair weakens and grows slowly. We will return to you in a month with more effect – During this time, we will carry out 3 more treatments, which should give us visible results (of course, keeping the recommended treatment schedule)! We do not hide that we have high hopes for this equipment, because the manufacturer promises Smooth skin up to 6 months – it sounds really seductive! But keep in mind that individual results may be different.

And one more good news! Code on this page until June 20 ELLE300, You will receive a Brown Silk-expert PRO 5 Cheap up to 300 PLN.

Intimate meeting of Brown x ELLE

On a sunny May day, we met fantastic girls at the H15 Hotel on Poznańska Street to talk about epilation and break the noise of the city. We were accompanied that day: Weronika Witek, Cornelsy, Cammy, Oliwia Bugała, Kinga Litwińczuk, Claudia Zayąc, Karolina Naji and Karolina Kuczyńska, and the meeting was chaired by Sandra Hajduk-Popinska. The guests first spoke with Brown’s trainer Agnieszka Remiszewska, and then with a respected dermatologist, Dr. Alexandra Jagielska, to discuss safer epilation at home. At the end of the meeting, Bogna Szczepaniak (@bognayoga) introduced herself to the world of massage. A moment of relaxation with calm music with massage of the face, head, neck and shoulders was to give strength to cope with the next difficulties of the day.

Watch the report from the event:

PS. Did you know that you can use Brown Silk-expert PRO 5 for 22 years? During this time, you will probably use more than 250 disposable razors!

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