SpeedTest.pl rating – results for April 2019

Poles use faster and faster internet. A positive trend can be observed among both fixed and mobile providers. However, users are still wondering which provider provides the best service in their area. You can check it with the new version of our mobile application showing coverage maps and LTE network speeds.

T-Mobile leads, while Play strengthens the 2nd place in the ranking of mobile internet providers

Ranking (link) of mobile internet providers by phone (with internal roaming) from 1.04.2019 to 30.04.2019.

The latest rating, based on the results of tests conducted by users of our mobile applications, shows that mobile internet is accelerating in Poland. In April, each operator recorded a few percent increase in the average data download speed. The fastest network still belongs to T-Mobile (22.63 Mbit / s). In turn, Play strengthened its position (22.01 Mbit / s), thus increasing its advantage over Orange (21.27 Mbit / s), which is currently in third place. At the end of the list comes Plus with a fairly weak result of 16.33 Mbit / s.

For interest, we have also prepared a rating that does not take into account the results of tests conducted in domestic roaming. Play is the leader as it was a month ago.

SpeedTest is a mobile without roaming in April 2019
Ranking (link) of mobile internet providers on the phone (without internal roaming) from 1.04.2019 to 30.04.2019.

The new FIREPROBE Speed ​​Test program will help you find the best mobile internet provider in your area

FIREPROBE Speed ​​Test

We recently updated the FIREPROBE Speed ​​Test mobile application for Android. The most important change is the addition of a new feature in the form of coverage maps and mobile network speeds. They are for reference only. However, thanks to the calculation mechanism used, they are suitable for comparing the network parameters of individual operators, narrowed to a certain place on the map. These points correspond to the measured RSRP (LTE signal strength) values ​​and the measured data download speed. Light green corresponds to the best values, and red to the worst. The map is divided into rasts. In the case of range maps, we set 90% percentages. This means that we “cut” 10% of the best results for a given area and read the maximum value for the remaining 90%. In turn, for maps showing the speed of data transmission, the average cost of tests conducted in a particular area is determined.

Access to maps

Speed ​​maps

How to choose the best operator in your area?

The maps in the FIREPROBE application show the coverage of the LTE network of all operators as a green heat map by default. If you choose the best operator, we recommend that you change the range map to speed map, change the presentation form to color scale, and zoom in on the transition between specific operators and the area you are viewing.

Example 1: Białystok, ul. Palm

The markers on the maps above show Palm Street in Białystok. It is in this special space that Play provides the fastest mobile internet.

Example 2: Jelenia Góra, near Galeria Sudecka

In the case of Jelenia Góra, we compared speeds measured near Galeria Sudecka. T-Mobile and Plus networks showed the best results here (both operators have a light green dot).

Example 3: Kazimierz Dolny, Góra Trzech Krzyży

Modern smart urban solutions were to make Kazimierz Dolny famous throughout Europe. However, T-Mobile could not agree with the city authorities on the planned investments. As for the current speed of mobile internet in Kazimierz Dolny, Orange offers the fastest network there.

Example 4: Warsaw, ul. Marynarska 12

The fastest mobile internet at 12 Marynarska Street in Warsaw is provided by T-Mobile.

T-Mobile also leads the 4G LTE rating

SpeedTest April 2019 LTE
Ranking (link) of mobile LTE internet providers (with internal roaming) on ​​1.04.2019 – 30.04.2019.

Currently, more information is sent via 4G LTE networks. Therefore, the LTE rating usually reflects the situation seen in the “mixed” 3G / LTE statement. This means T-Mobile’s continued leadership and the apparent advantage of Play over Orange. Unfortunately, in this comparison, the result of Plus also leaves much to be desired, and differs significantly from the other three.

If we look at the ranking without domestic roaming, we can see that Play is leading. For now, we are interested in such a merger. However, we must take into account that Play has already turned off domestic roaming in the center of Poznań. We need to hear more about the places where the operator decided to take such a step in the near future.

SpeedTest April 2019 LTE-noroam
Ranking (link) of mobile LTE internet providers (without internal roaming) on ​​1.04.2019 – 30.04.2019.

INEA is a clear leader in the overall ranking

SpeedTest April 2019 overall
1/04/2019 – General rating (link) for the period 30/04/2019.

The overall rating of SpeedTest.pl is based on tests performed using a web application. This includes both landline and mobile operators. However, the podium belongs to the first group, which uses fiber and cable networks. For a long time, the first place belongs to the Greater Polish operator INEA, whose customers have really fast access to the Internet. Last month, they downloaded data at an average speed of more than 120 Mbit / s. This result shows the clear advantage of fiber-optic technology over other network access methods.

Polish Wi-Fi networks need to be accelerated

SpeedTest April 2019 Wi-Fi
Ranking of Wi-Fi networks for the period 1.04.2019 – 30.04.2019.

Wi-Fi rating is based on tests conducted by users of our mobile applications. In this case, the speed obtained depends on many factors, including the speed of the Internet connection, Wi-Fi router and smartphone modem capabilities. Unfortunately, Polish Wi-Fi networks can not overcome the “magic” barrier of 90 Mbit / s. With Wi-Fi 6 slowly entering the market, we can expect the current situation to change. Of course, we must also take into account the time required to replace the equipment we currently own. This applies to both Wi-Fi routers provided by operators and our smartphones.

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