5G coverage – everything you need to know

Another technological breakthrough is undoubtedly the fast approaching 5G network. How does the new size of mobile internet work and where can you use 5G coverage now? Learn more about innovative solutions.
5G technology enters Poland. As always, the fastest mobile internet in history will initially be available in major cities, but the number of places covered by 5G coverage is still growing. We explain the differences between 4G and 5G and also suggest where to look for future generation networks.

What is 5G?

To get started, it’s worth explaining what the 5G network really is and how much it has changed the capabilities that the mobile internet has to offer so far. The abbreviation of the name belongs to the fifth generation of mobile Internet, which replaces the widely used 4G network known as LTE. More and more devices are using the network (not only electronics, but also cars, electronics and home appliances). Therefore, the introduction of 5G is not only a sign of the next step in the development of technology, but also a response to the great needs of users.

The 5G network is ahead of previous generations in all respects. The transfer speed is accelerated to incredible levels, such as 20 GB / s download and 10 GB / s download, and most importantly, it virtually eliminates delays, which are supposed to be a maximum of 4 ms. What is the short time between sending and receiving information? For example, if the delay between computers is 20 ms, online players have no problem playing together. A delay of 4 ms is practically imperceptible to humans, so it allows, for example, remote operations. 5G network opens up completely new opportunities for many industries. See our article on 5G for more information on next generation mobile internet.

4G LTE and 5G – differences

Let’s start with the technology itself. The previous generation of mobile internet operated in the same frequency range, ie now from 800 to 2600 MHz. This means, for example, that operators need to divide these bands between older 3G and even 2G technologies. This, in turn, translates into network load and performance. The 5G network can operate in existing bands, but it is planned to provide the fifth generation of the Internet with new frequencies. This procedure will not only increase bandwidth, but also significantly affect 5G coverage around the world.

Another change to LTE is how it works. The previous generation of mobile internet is constantly circulating in space, waiting for the needs of users in a ready state. 5G is more like a multi-purpose operation. Signal beams are formed exactly where the receiving devices, such as a smartphone or computer, are located. The result is a more stable relationship. Now let’s move on to the numbers. What is the comparison of 4G and 5G network capabilities?
• 5G offers up to ten times faster data transfer.
• 5G data transfer delay is ten times shorter than LTE.
• The number of supported devices is growing – up to one million per square meter.

Where to look for 5G coverage in Poland?

In terms of coverage, fifth-generation mobile internet can be groundbreaking and can reach almost anywhere. However, this requires the appropriate infrastructure, which is currently under implementation. Work is progressing rapidly, but as always, the largest centers in the country with the greatest demand for Internet data transfer capacity are prioritizing the introduction of new technologies. An example of the existence of a 5G network in Poland in 2021 is the coverage map of the operator Play.

Currently, residents of Mazowieckie Voivodeship have the greatest chance to use the 5G network. Of course, the widest infrastructure is in Warsaw, but faster connectivity can also be used by residents of cities such as Legionowo, Grodzisk Mazowiecki or Otwock. In addition, base stations are located near Ostrów Mazowiecki and a little further away, including Lukov and Sokołów Podlaski. Residents of the southern part of the country, ie Wroclaw, Krakow, as well as the tourist areas of Mielec, Leżajsk, Krosno and Zakopane, Białka Tatrzanska and Nowy Targ, have more and more opportunities.

In central Poland, terms for 5G can still be found in Toruń, but more centers can be found on the coast. 5G coverage covers virtually the entire Tri-City and Władysławowo. At the seaside, we can also use high-speed internet in Kołobrzeg and Ustka. The best range in the eastern part of the country is found in Augustów, Giżycko and Mrągowoda.

The map will become more compact over time. Work is underway to modernize the base stations and bring them in line with the requirements of 5G technology. It should be added that the benefits offered by the fifth generation Internet are possible only with the use of appropriate devices. Smartphones that support the 5G network have been on the market for just over a year.

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