They brought 11 medals from Zawiercie

The Polish PZKB Kickboxing Championship held in Zawiercie on May 26-29, 2022 ended with the success of MUKS Olimpia Nowe Miasto Lubawskie and LUKS Zamek EXPOM Kurzętnik players. More than 1,000 kickboxers from 87 clubs from all national peaks of Polish kickboxing, as well as 20 athletes from our local clubs took part in the national championship.

The cadets, who fought with the Kick light formula, were the first to join their battles. Olaf Siemiątkowski won silver and Kacper Olęcki won bronze.
The next day, on Saturday, the teenagers competed in three formulas. After the big qualifiers, Mieszko Siemiątkowski, Paulina Jabłońska and Samantha Klein have already secured several medal positions.
They also came to the board on Saturday, beating their senior rivals in good style and securing medals. It should be noted that Mariusz Migdalski, the only one in the spotted combat formula, finally won a silver medal.
After a great fight in the LC formula, Piotr Kołakowski had a chance to fight for gold with Płock’s opponent in the final castle.

– Piotr proved himself throughout the tournament and proved it in the final, where he definitely defeated his opponent and thus retained the title of Polish champion last year, – says head coach Leszek Jobs. – This is a great success for our player. Went to Budapest with the Polish team for the World Cup.

Sunday was very lucky for our adults and teenagers, the players of Gala and the Olympics won 5 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze disc.
Damian Chiliński won a bronze medal, repeating the result of the previous Polish championship. Kristian Rzepka is in second place after two consecutive Polish championships in 2020 and 2021.
– According to many observers, it was Christian who deserved the victory, but the opponent’s hand went up with a victory gesture, – says coach Jobs.
Albert Mederski repeated the success of last season, and in turn treated his other rivals in a very good style, which led him to victory and the gold medal of the Polish Champion.
Natalia Zakrzewska, after last year’s bronze medal, was irresistible this year, she hit herself perfectly with the form for the championship and was beyond the capabilities of her rivals. In addition, by the decision of the coaches of the national team, he was recognized as the best senior in the Polish Light Contact Championship.

– Mieszko Siemiątkowski did not create an illusion of who is the best teenager in his weight category, he definitely defeated his opponents and added the title of Polish lightweight champion to the already rich collection of medals – says Leszek Jobs proudly.

The final match between the players of both clubs: Samantha Klein from “Gala” and Paulina Yablonska from “Olympia” was a real surprise.
“We laughed that the girls had to go all the way to Zawiercie to fight for the title of New Town Area Champion,” Leszek Jobs recalls with a smile. go out and fight for your dreams, of course, respecting each other and without unnecessary aggression.

Samantha Klein won the first gold medal in the junior group at Light Contact.

– I hope that for Samantha it will be a transition to the National Team and thus a chance to go to Italy for the World Cup – says Leszek Jobs – Paulina stood on the second step of the podium and we hope that she has not yet had the last word in this sport. Let me add that the girls are still friends.

During the official opening of the Polish championship, Leszek Jobs was awarded the gold medal “For Merits in Sports” awarded by the Minister of Sports and presented by the President of the Polish Kickboxing Association Piotr Siegoczinski.

– We would like to thank our players for representing the club’s colors in the highest competitions of the country, for the efforts, commitment and hearts left on the board during the Polish Championship – concludes Leszek Jobs – Of course, we do not slow down. , because this Friday, June 3, the cadets of the Castle will go to Baltovo for the Polish Cadet Championship in the Light Contact formula.

Olimpia and Zamek, who finished the competition in Zawiercie, won 5 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze medals.

Congratulations to the coaches and players.

MUKS Olimpia Nowe Miasto Lubawskie
Light Contact Seniors
Natalia Zakrjewska – weight category – 60 kg – gold
Albert Mederski – Cat. weight – 63 kg – gold
Kamil Laskovsky – in the weight class – 74 kg – 9th place
Light Contact youth
Paulina Jabłońska – weight category 50 kg – silver
Adrian Januszewski – weight category – 69 kg – 6th place
Kick Light Juniors
Paulina Jabłońska – weight category -50 kg – 9th place
Adrian Januszewski – weight category – 69 kg – 8th – 16th place

LUKS Zamek Expom Kurzętnik
Light Contact Seniors
Piotr Kołakowski – weight category – 84 kg – gold
Krystian Rzepka – weight category – 79 kg – silver
Damian Chiliński – weight category – 89 kg – bronze
Point warriors
Mariusz Migdalski – the cat. weight – 84 kg – silver
Light Contact youth
Mieszko Siemiątkowski – weight category – 69 kg – gold
Samantha Klein – the cat. weight – 50 kg – gold
Kamil Mączkowski – the cat. weight – 57 kg – 5th place
David Mączkowski – cat. weight – 57 kg – 8th-16th place
Jacob Chubiel – weight category – 63 kg – 16-32nd place
Lukas Guminski – weight category – 57 kg – 8th-16th place
Cadet Senior Kick Light
Olaf Siemiątkowski – weight category – 57 kg – silver
Kacper Olęcki – weight category – 47 kg – brown
Amelia Rzepechka – weight category – 65 kg – 8th place
Cesari Kowalkowski – weight category – 63 kg – 8th-16th place
Maciek Szwechowicz – weight category – 63 kg – 8th-16th place

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