The largest furniture chains in Poland. Not just Black Red White and IKEA

These are the giants of the furniture trade in Poland. These networks are the largest

Most of them were born in Poland during the rapid period of capitalism. One company earns 5 billion PLN a year, while another says it owns 20 percent. Share in the Polish furniture market. Who is the biggest player in the furniture chain in Poland today? Answer below.

  • According to 2020 data, Poles buy most of the iron from the so-called stores. These are: IKEA, Black Red White, Agata Meble, Bodzio and Abra.
  • An international report has been prepared for 2021 B + R Studio showing this Jysk (2 million entries), Agata (1.6 million entries) and Black Red White (1 million entries) followed the furniture stores with the most unique users in our country.

Ikea retail

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We had to wait for the first IKEA store in Poland before the political transformation. In 1990, a modern company store was opened in Warsaw’s Ursinov district on the site of a rotting pavilion with industrial products.

The first IKEA store in Poland was opened in 1990 in Ursynów, Warsaw, photo: IKEA press mat

At present, there are 12 stores of the Swedish chain in our country. They are located in the largest cities of Poland: Warsaw (3 – Janki, Targówek, Blue City), Lublin, Krakow, Katowice, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Bydgoszcz, Szczecin and Łódź. The company employs more than 3,800 people. employees. In 2021, IKEA Retail reached a sales level of 5 billion PLN and the stores were visited by about 22.5 million people.

What about production? IKEA Industry produces wooden furniture in 18 factories in 8 places in Poland. The IKEA Industry factory in Zbązzynek is one of the largest furniture factories in the world in terms of production volume, area of ​​showrooms and number of employees.

Agata Meble

Once a construction company BedusAgata Meble chain of stores today. Alexander Ćwik, the creator of the brand has been working in the furniture industry for many years. The history of the Agata brand dates back to 1952, when a state-owned production company was established under its name. Bytom Furniture Factories. It was the beginning of the present activity. Currently, the Agata chain has 32 stores located in both large and medium-sized cities and offers products from more than 250 manufacturers from Poland and abroad.

Once a construction company, Bedus is now a chain of Agata Meble stores. The brand’s founder, Alexander Wick, has been in the furniture industry for many years. The history of the Agata brand dates back to 1952, when a state-owned production company called Bytomskie Fabryki Mebli was established. presses.

Black Red White

The Black Red White Company was founded in 1991 by Tadeusz Chmiel in Chmielek, Lublin Province, Bilgoray Province. At present, according to the company, Black Red White has about 20 percent. share in the Polish furniture market in terms of sales value.

Capital Group consists of 11 subsidiaries, including Black Red White SA and 5 Polish and 6 foreign companies. Production activities are carried out at 19 production facilities.

On May 30, it was announced that the Austrian giant XXXLutz, one of the world's three largest furniture retailers, has acquired more than 50 percent of the shares.  Black Red White shares, photo: mat.  presses.
On May 30, it was announced that the Austrian giant XXXLutz, one of the world’s three largest furniture retailers, has acquired more than 50 percent of the shares. Black Red White shares, photo: mat. presses.

According to the company, the plants are equipped with modern equipment, have their own transport, logistics and warehouses. The total storage area is 160,000 square meters.

The Black and White Group has 93 private stores (79 of them in Poland), about 370 partner outlets (in Poland) and about 7,900 employees. The group exports its products to more than 50 countries around the world.

On May 30, the Austrian giant, one of the world’s three largest furniture retailers, was announced. XXXLutz Black Red White shares more than 50 percent. The board of the Polish company emphasizes that the BRW Group will continue to operate independently with the current management, maintaining control over its production infrastructure, retail and export sales network.

XXXLutz Black buys shares in Red White.  What does this mean for the Polish company?  BRW interprets the operation

Jysk Poland

Jysk is an international trade network of Danish origin. He laid the foundation of the network Lars Larsenopened its first store in 1979 in Aarhus, Denmark. Jysk currently has more than 3,000 stores in 50 countries. Jysk Lars belongs to the Larsen Group, which includes many companies. from the interior design industry, restaurant chain, golf course.

One of the first Jysk stores in Poland looked like this, photo: mat. presses

What is the history of the brand in Poland? Jysk has been operating in our country since 2000. The first store was opened in Gdansk, where the main administration and a joint service center for other countries of the network are located. Jysk Polska has more than 250 stores and about 12 million Poles shop every year. Every year the network opens dozens of new branches. There is also a Distribution Center in Radomsko, Poland, which serves 670 stores in eight European countries. The brand has more than 2,400 employees in Poland.

In 2021, sales in Jysk stores will increase by 13%. compared to the previous year. In Poland, the network is developing dynamically, opening new stores and modernizing existing ones.


Bodzio Furniture Factory was established in 1985. He is the founder of the company Bogdan Szewczykrepeatedly considered among the richest Poles. The company’s top management includes his wife and five children.

Currently, the Bodzio brand is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Poland. The production plant occupies 60,000 seats. sq m usable area with a network of more than 300 exhibition halls in Poland. The average daily production volume is about 2,000 sets of ready-made furniture.


The Abra Meble brand was founded in 1990 in Krakow. The company has taken its first steps in the south of Poland, and now its stores operate in most major cities of the country. He is currently the chairman of the board Piotr Lisowski.

The company is headquartered in Krakow, where it has a board, logistics and commercial headquarters and the first furniture store under the Abra brand. In 2011, the company became part of the international Steinhoff International Group, which has its own factories producing furniture and household goods stores in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Forte furniture

In 1992 Maciej Formanowicz Ostrów took over the Furniture Factory in Mazowiecka. The brand currently has 4 production plants in Poland: Ostrów Mazowiecka, Suwałki, Białystok and Hajnówka, as well as one in India. Forte sells its products in more than 40 countries, and 82 percent of all Forte production goes abroad.

The brand currently employs about 3,300 people and has a commercial network, including showrooms. In Warsaw, Zamość and Bytom.

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