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KU AZS UE Wroclaw table tennis players dominated the individual national championships, and the icing on the cake won the high league and took the title of Enea from Tarnobrzeg from Siarkopol. “In general, it could not have been better, but the league has overcome everything,” said head coach Zdzislaw Tolksdorf.

The success of the Wroclaw tennis players began with the national championship in Chestokhova in March. Katarzyna Wegrzyn defeated club friend Natalia Bajoru in the final to win the individual title, and Anna Wegrzyn won the bronze medal. The sisters won the pair and Katarzyna added gold in the mixed game.

“It couldn’t have been better. I said we wouldn’t have such a successful season for a long time. We won everything we could. If the girls lost, it was just between them. Even Natalya doubles. Kinga lost to Stefańska Szymczak, who is great for us. It was a championship, but the league passed everything, “Tolksdorf told PAP.

Tarnobrzeg has been fighting for the title for 16 years and was confident of gold this season. Suffice it to say that he did not lose a single game in the regular season. For the Wroclaw players, reaching the final was a success in itself, and no one expected them to break the hegemony of Siarkopol.

KU AZS UE coach Bajor admitted that he played an important role and that it was not only due to his great performance.

“At the first meeting I was interested in how to organize the girls. And I must say that Natalya made my task easier. I wanted to change something, but I do not know if I would decide to take such a step or not? For her. Victoria Pavlovich in the first game with her. , he had to lose, but it’s harder for him to play against defenders. And that convinced me. We made a change, first Kasia Wegrzyn played. about the match, “Tolksdorf said.

Although AZS won the first final match with a score of 3: 0, all matches ended with a score of 3: 2. This could be decisive in case of defeat in the return match, because then the team of Tarnobrzeg would win.

“I thought that if we lose the return match 0: 3, many will tell me that I made the wrong team and I have to do it anyway. I’m sure it will happen. Natalia Bajor was at a level that could not be better. We also won the rematch and gold went to Vroslava. The girls did a really great job, “he said.

The return match of the Wroclaw players began with the defeat of Anna Vegrzi, but then Bajor won twice, Katarzyna Vegrzin added another victory and the match ended with a 3: 1 victory of AZS.

“The joy was great. I would compare it to Natalia’s first individual Polish championship, because at that time it was also a surprise. At that time, in 2018, no one was betting with + Natala + and now no one believed us. But we We did it and we did it. As a national team, “he said.

The coach later admitted that the beginning of the season did not show that he could be so successful. AZS has long focused on strong sparring partners for its players, believing that this is the only way they can grow. But now it was different.

“It was worse, but the girls still made progress. I think it’s because of their character. They’re very hardworking and they set specific goals that they work on step by step. They lead a disciplined, hygienic lifestyle., diet and the above-mentioned character. They do a lot for this sport and it is very pleasant to work with them. .

There are many signs that AZS will not play with the same team next season. The Wegrzyn sisters will still keep the colors of the team from Wrocław, but Bajor, who has not signed a new contract, will probably say goodbye to the capital of Lower Silesia.

Tolksdorf did not hide the fact that there are several unknown points, and it is not just Bajor himself.

“We are thinking of signing Chinese women because it is very important for our girls to compete and train with players in a different style of play. Now we are primarily interested in showing girls in Europe, participating in international tournaments, appearing and coming together. There is experience. “It’s great, but you have to go further. They are all very young and the best are ahead, but they have to keep working. Whoever stays in place is actually retreating,” the coach concluded. Wroclaw’s gold team. (PAP)

Author: Mariusz Wiśniewski

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