I love and hate watching sports online. All the pros and cons

If you are interested in a particular discipline or sporting event, the chances are high that such an offer already exists. Sports on the Internet are a lot of comfort, convenience and sometimes savings, but the changes that take place also lead to unpleasant consequences.

A few (teen?) Years ago, the appearance of sports broadcasts on the Internet meant one thing – the transfer of content from online channels to the Internet. This was not the fulfillment of the wishes of all fans, but the first step to make it more comfortable for us to watch. It’s all because you finally got away from the TV and watched your loved ones fight on the screen of your laptop, tablet or smartphone wherever you went. Then the operators did something that had to work long ago, as evidenced by the numerous online TV signal services provided by ordinary users (sometimes trying to make money from it).

It’s time for a big change – Eleven Sports or Eurosport is broadcast online and allows you to buy packages on the Internet, and Viaplay is an operator that puts everything on one card and is not broadcast on television channels outside the Nordic countries. Polsat Box Go is a place where TV channels are available, as well as additional channels created only when needed. It is also the only place where Cyfrowy Polsat broadcasts live in 4K. The player became the birthplace of Eurosport, but not only that, CANAL + has been focusing on the development of the online platform since May 2020.

Although the offers are not as transparent as possible, we have a really large selection. The advantage, of course, is the freedom to watch and the maximum monthly obligation, ie a payment with the ability to deactivate the subscription at any time. All this means that I also love and hate watching sports online, and as can be seen from the work of almost every broadcaster, such programs will increase. This is a reason for both satisfaction and many complaints.

I like to watch sports online because …


Some cable or satellite consoles already offer this feature, but nowhere is it as convenient and intuitive as online TV / broadcast. It’s one thing to start watching from the beginning (when I’m late to start broadcasting) or to quickly return to the track during a fast race, to overtake during an F1 race, or to score a goal in a ball or hockey match. I’ve been bored for years and now it works almost every day.

Many devices

If you are interested in many subjects, overlapping broadcasts are nothing new. It was impossible to watch several channels on one TV, and now you can even open several broadcasts on several devices within one platform.


An alternative is to simultaneously display an image from multiple channels / transmissions on a split screen and switch between them if necessary. It works not only for sports, but also for news, but it is incredibly convenient to watch up to four transmissions at the same time.

Easy program navigation

For various reasons, we are not always aware of all sporting events and the information we will see about them. It is easier and faster to find the channels or programs you want on online platforms, which shows the stage of development of classic TV set-top boxes.

With additional information request

It’s still not as extensive and ubiquitous as it should be, but more and more often you can find programs on the panel that we can use at any time with additional information, interest and details about the sporting event. Statistics provided by developers and similar information are not always visible when we need them, so most platforms should already have such capabilities.

I hate watching sports online because …

Loaded and of poor quality

When the connection is stable, there are less and less quality drops during transmission, but often the first tens and even tens of seconds seem simply awful. Sometimes the option to force a certain resolution (and bit rate) in the settings helps, but not every service offers this, so in many cases you won’t be able to do anything about it. To be honest, I also don’t know that I would prefer to see the main point during the transmission in macabre quality or with a delay, when the highest quality stream stops buffering. Such things are only online.

Internet problems = you will not watch anything

Television is a single infrastructure in itself – both cable and satellite. If it works, then we can watch what we want. In the case of IPTV, ie television through the Internet and online platforms, we depend on the state of our connection. Even if the service worked properly, any problems interrupted us without passing.


For some it does not matter, for others it is a nightmare. When neighbors shout for joy or anger, we are still tens or ten seconds behind with the transmission, waiting for the moment that evokes these feelings. Programs send notifications about the purpose or end of an event, and we still track the last minutes or seconds. In this regard, there is no indication that online broadcasting will improve, as the infrastructure works quite differently from conventional television, but it is possible that some adjustments will be made.


It’s something that is controversial and platform-dependent, but overall and collectively, we probably need higher resolution, higher bit rates, and higher frames per second. Rarely does 1080p live broadcast match its cable or satellite counterpart, not to mention the 4K option.

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