’s best global trading platform is officially rebranding

photo: cryptocurrency exchange celebrates its 9th anniversary. In this regard, it decided to disclose the details of the rebranding of the brand. reveals the details of the new brand identity, including a logo, color scheme and slogan, reflecting 9 years of progress in digital asset innovation. This is a sign for users that the exchange is still evolving and looking for innovative solutions.

New brand has been on the market for 9 years and has more than 10 million users. At the same time, the stock exchange decided to transform its brand. The change reflects the more complexity, integration, uniqueness and maturity of technological solutions. This opens a new chapter in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market economy. New slogans, new logos and colors are highlighted, which emphasizes what wants to express through rebranding.

New logo

The logo represents the ¾ circle, reflecting’s open and unifying approach to security and stability. This pattern consists of a circle symbol and a blockchain creative / creative element. Together they form the first letter G in This G combines the closure of renewal and the beginning of a progress, the realization of a dream that unites the whole world.

Color scheme

The new logo is a combination of two colors – blue and green, which represent integrity, reliability and vitality. Together, these two colors reflect the brand’s 9-year legacy and transformation. Visually and internally, it demonstrates the brand’s technological strength and progress in financial practice. believes that the future of the digital world comes from innovation and progress and confidence in security. The new brand logo means that combines the evolving era of blockchain technology with a new brand image and services.

New advertising slogan

The new advertising slogan is:

cryptocurrency door “

Replacing the slogan “My door is cryptocurrency” with the slogan “Crypto gate” represents the legacy of the brand’s past content. It reflects the transition from complexity to simplicity, responds to modern trends and industry development, while also showing the vision of the brand to unite us all.

The new advertising slogan represents a gradual rise in the brand’s position and allows users to feel that the exchange is on the verge of entering everyone’s cryptocurrency treasury, whether it’s a growing headline or an unexplored area. wireless capabilities.

Brand mission

The brand’s mission is to make a fortune through cryptocurrencies. The brand’s goal is to accelerate the adaptation of blockchain technology and build a more open, free and innovative economic and financial system for everyone around the world.

The brand is guided by values ​​such as honesty, security, focus on user needs, long-term value creation, tracking industry change, innovation and collaboration. The exchange focuses on the needs of new users and how to stay in touch with them.

Celebrating the 9th anniversary

On the occasion of the 9th anniversary of the exchange, numerous competitions are held with a total prize fund of $ 9 million. You can win 999 gold bars weighing 999 grams, space travel NFT mystery boxes and prizes totaling $ 5 million in the trading tournament. There are also numerous cash prizes and points that you can earn on your account. The exchange informs about the next competitions and prizes on Twitter. Space Travel NFT Mystery Boxes

Your free chance to travel to space

This event will take place from May 30 to June 30, 2022. The Space Travel NFT project invites you to join the space journey. will release 9000 Space Travel NFT Mystery Boxes containing three types of NFT badges. These are the Space Travel NFT A, Space Travel NFT B (3000 each) and the Space Travel PFP Souvenir NFT collector marks (3000 in total). To get a Space Travel Gold Mystery Box, you can collect Space Travel NFT A and B and have a chance to win 20 Space Travel Cards, 24 Mirror AI NFT and X Mirror World AstroGate AI NFT. 800 NFT Mystery Boxes can be earned by participating in various activities.


1st Prize (20 winners): The owner of 20 Space Travel Card can get a deposit of 20 Space Travel Seats. Each of them is worth $ 1,000, and a total of $ 20,000. It is worth explaining that the Space Travel Card is the reservation of space on a spaceship. Each such card costs $ 1,000, and participants can choose to sell the Space Travel Card for $ 1,000 in cash, cryptocurrencies, or make an additional payment and complete a space travel experience within a specified period of time.

2nd prize (1 winner): 1 owner of AstroGate AI NFT token can win 1 X Mirror World AstroGate AI NFT token.

Other Prizes (24 Winners): Holders of 24 Mirrors AI NFT tokens can win 24 Mirror World Mirrors AI NFT tokens worth a total of $ 30,000.

Memories of

As part of one of the contests, users can share their stories with This part of the competition will last 4 weeks: May 30 – June 19, 2022.

At this stage, participants can post their favorite memories. You can add pictures, photos, short videos and other forms, it is not limited to words. Don’t forget to add the hashtag # Gate9Anniversary # to your post on After completing the task, the system will generate a rating based on VIP Likes. The first 50 participants who score at least 15 points will receive prizes in tokens. The top 10 posts will be posted on Twitter to share with other users. In addition, the door. io will choose 30 users at random to get points worth $ 10.

Chatroom Red Pockets Airdrop

This competition lasts 7 days: May 30 – June 5, 2022. During this event, the official Marvel-N-Wonder account will send a red packet of rain with a random amount of air drops every day.

All in One Ecosystem: New Features for the 9th Anniversary Lit (Lite APP)

The mobile application update allows users to choose the Lite App version, which provides convenient and flexible access to trading more than 1,400 digital assets. Lite Application has a cleaner and user-friendly interface, which allows new and existing users to invest and trade more easily and more efficiently, providing a full range of smart trading experiences.

Mini APP

The Mini Application is a convenient portal for external applications and is also part of the open platform Through the Mini Application, users can easily and efficiently view foreign cryptocurrency applications. The mobile service is currently being updated and a web version will be available soon.

GameFi Center

One of the Mini Application channels is GameFiCenter, which provides low-cost and highly effective blockchain support for GameFi projects through its innovative GateChain public chain and cross-chain protocol. It also provides a stable platform for external applications.

GameBox is an independent game collection currently available on the GameFi channel, where users can enjoy games and earn tokens at the same time.

As the business grows, in the future there will be a variety of uses, including shopping, travel, gift cards, and users will be able to use a variety of services without the need for additional registration in third-party accounts.


Founded in 2013, is one of the oldest leading cryptocurrency exchanges. offers many popular digital asset trading services and serves more than 10 million users worldwide. It is consistently ranked as one of the 10 largest cryptocurrency exchanges in CoinGecko in terms of liquidity and trading volume, and has been approved by the Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI). also received a 4.5 rating from Forbes Advisor, making it the best cryptocurrency exchange of 2021. In addition to core exchanges, also offers decentralized finance, research and analysis, venture capital investments, portfolio services, and more. also offers other services such as.

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