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Ignorantia iuris nocet or ignorance of the law is harmful – this old Latin phrase also applies to tax law. There are situations when a taxpayer may be unknowingly exposed to intense contact with the Tax Office. All you have to do is donate or forget to pay taxes on the purchase of a used car. Even the sale of personal belongings over the Internet can have financial consequences.

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In this article you will learn:

  • Who should pay the tax when buying a car and when?

  • Do I have to pay taxes when I sell personal items online?

  • Should wedding gifts be reported to the tax and tax authorities?

  • Are donations of your loved ones taxed?

On average, for Kowalski, contact with the Tax Administration has become less frequent in recent years. In many cases, there is generally no need to file an annual tax return because the tax office will do it for you. The timing of the annual completion of the PIT and its submission to the Board is slowly becoming a thing of the past. On the other hand, for example, entrepreneurs who forget to pay VAT will soon receive a relevant reminder. Such forgetfulness is effectively combated when tax returns are submitted electronically.

Car purchase tax

However, there are situations where the Tax Office will not remind you of the tax liability and the need to file a return. Such events occur by force of law as soon as the circumstances strictly defined in the tax legislation occur. Not knowing the rules is not a mitigating circumstance. When the tax office finally realizes that the taxpayer has not fulfilled its obligation, it will have to pay the tax – often the so-called sanction rate. In extreme cases, the National Revenue Administration may also fine the taxpayer.

An example of this type of situation buy a car. Of course, not from the salon or commission shop, ie where the transaction is documented by the invoice. It’s not about doing business, it’s about buying a used car from an individual. The buyer is obliged to pay 2% tax on civil law transactions and submit a special PCC-3 return to the Tax Office within 14 days of the tax liability. It is really better not to forget it. If the taxpayer gives grounds for concluding a contract of sale of a car for which he has not paid the tax during the activity of checking whether there is a tax inspection, the tax authority shall apply the tax sanction rate for civil law transactions. And that’s about 20 percent.

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Wedding gift, online dress sale, car purchase and tax liability

The Tax Office will not remind us of the tax liability and the need to file a return. Such cases arise with the application of the law as soon as the cases provided for in the tax legislation occur. These include, inter alia, the occasional sale of a new item (for example, via the Internet), the purchase of a car from an individual, and the receipt of a wedding donation in excess of certain limits.

Sell ​​a new item? There will be a tax

We can also create problems with the tax administration by selling clothes or furniture on the Internet. If the item we sell is our property for less than six months, the transaction is taxed. This is clearly stated in Art. 10 sec. 1 point 8 lit. d) personal income tax act. So that The sale of real estate took place less than six months after its purchase, Should be shown in PIT-36 as income from the sale of goods. Of course, we are talking about the situation occasionally soldand is not implemented as part of the business.

Wedding gift? You also need to be careful

If the taxpayer does not fulfill its obligations under the inheritance and donation tax on time, a tax of 20% can be expected. For example, a young couple receiving valuable wedding gifts or just money. If there was a so-called person who gave zero tax group, ie. closest family (spouse, wife, children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, step-son, step-daughter, siblings, step-father and step-mother) and The value of the donation from this person has not exceeded 9637 PLN in the last 5 years, nothing is happening.

But, for example, if the bride’s father gave the bride and groom, for example, 100,000 zlotys. The PLN and the young couple did not report this fact to the Tax Office, the consequences of this ignorance will be painful for the pocket. Buyers will pay 20% tax for exceeding the tax amount (20% x 90,363, ie up to 18,073 PLN). In the meantime, six months after receiving the donation would have been enough must report to the tax authority the fact of receipt in the form of SD-Z2 for non-payment of tax in general. Donations from the zero tax category are exempt from inheritance and donation tax, regardless of the amount. However, you must complete the paperwork – in addition to the SD-Z2 mentioned above, the documents confirming the donation (for example, a bank statement) must be submitted to the Tax Office.

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