Olga Frycz showed the father of her second child for the FIRST TIME! “My father flew. MY GREAT JOY” (PHOTO)

Olga Frycz She made a lot of noise last year when she announced she was still pregnant intends to raise the child alone. He did as he had planned. At present, her main activity is not only to look after two children, but also to make a home budget with her help Numerous collaborations on Instagram.

But this does not mean that Frycz he does not keep in touch with Zosia’s father. For a long time, the actress chose to hide the identity of her little father in the media – it was so until then. She mentioned in the article the man she called her daughter’s “father”. He is one Lukas Nowak, the founder of “Poland’s Largest Travel Club”, which brings together bloggers and similar enthusiasts. what’s more A few months ago, a 35-year-old globetrotter and his two children went on vacation to Tenerife.

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So far, Frycz has not consistently shared a photo of her husband on social media. Apparently, the celebrity had to change his approach in this aspect. This is evidenced by the fact that on Monday he posted a picture with Nowak on his profile from the airport the traveler holds little Zosia in his arms.

Dad flew. Great joy – Frycz wrote.

Olga also wanted to add an extensive entry explaining how her last days went while taking a break from Instagram.

I wrote a week ago that I feel like I will have a good week. And he was. beautiful – He started. It was Mother’s Day. That day I felt a strange pressure to write something. Some personal posts, but I had no need or desire for it at all. I spent this day with my daughters and I was happy and the two of them were almost the same as any other day I had with me. I am a happy mother and that’s it. Last week, a performance was held in Helenka’s kindergarten on the occasion of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. It is known that it is completely affected, and my daughter is the most talented, of course, without any discussion.

Interestingly, his relationship with Nowak is so good that the actress recently decided went to the theater with his parents.

I was with Lukashenko’s parents at the National Theater at the Picnic pod Wisząca Skałą. Excellent cast, beautiful girls – Michalina Łabacz and Paulina Szostak. Surprise! Wow! And Gabriela Muskała – champion. I love it.

The 35-year-old completed a wide entrance, admitting that Lucas had taken his young child for vaccination.

Now Zosia went with her father for another vaccination. I’m trying to tame the hut, because a hurricane hit my house over the weekend.

What should joint parenting be like?

If they can’t be together and understand for the sake of the child, then just keep it 🤞 ….. Positive relationships are half the battle

What image of the husband? This lady does not have a husband.

Woe to the mother, let the whole world hear that there is a father

And it’s fun, but how do people think it’s interesting for someone?

Another single mother in the Polish show business!

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and what he wanted to show was that the child did not do it, did not do it, and is still a fool himself

If every meeting of the father with this child takes place in front of the fans on Instagram, it was little Zosia who met her father for the second time in her life.

It’s like Mother’s Day and it’s interesting that she doesn’t mention her mother’s name. I write nonsense about strangers, neighbors, acquaintances, parents of his sperm donor, and I do not say a word about his mother … Sad.

Better a poor horse than no horse at all. When necessary, they stay close to each other and pass on their frustrations to the family.

With him, everything on instagram is super cool, and then suddenly everything turns out the other way around. Since he was in a relationship with Grishka, this is a wonderful revelation, and then he threw it away. The past year has been so tumultuous that he has set up a publishing house, which generally publishes books on children’s literature, and then concludes with the publication of two books. Whatever he takes, there is a great STRAWBERRY for him.

Holiday grandfather, who is the third?

I will never understand why Poles want to include English words in the conversation !!! Even non-Americans are starting to be American !!! Happy mother LOL, isn’t she a more beautiful mother ????

Heh, the meeting of the child with the father is such an event that it is necessary to inform everyone in the insta … Sad ..

don’t give up …

15 minutes before

For some reason I feel sorry for him, I am probably still in love with this type, waiting for his every gesture to get rid of it. And the boy is the worst material to fall in love with, he is a handsome traveler who does not seek stability, you can experience summer love, not to have children with such a man.

What should be such a name. It’s a pity.

Another who does not protect himself as Wedzikawska

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