Net reduced energy consumption by 43 percent across the network?

Netto 3.0 implements the store concept. picture: mat. press releases

Starting in 2018, the Netto network will consistently implement the 3.0 store concept. Behind it are shops that are made to the smallest detail that you just want to shop. However, Scandinavian design and well-thought-out UX and CX are not everything.

New strategy Net it also aims to significantly reduce energy consumption and thus become climate neutral. Thanks to energy-saving lighting Point this goal has been achieved with great success.

More beautiful and friendly stores for an increasingly demanding customer

Attractive buildings in shopping malls and city centers – see offers on

Although the net chain has existed in Poland for 26 years, it has recently become more visible. This is undoubtedly the impact of the company’s new strategy. After taking over the Tesco network, we will be able to shop in Netto stores across the country. Not only the size but also the format of the store distinguishes Netto from other stores. Scandinavian design, natural wood, abundant greenery, the smell of freshly brewed coffee – this is the current look of Netto 3.0 stores.

Lighting that defines the atmosphere and comfort of shopping

For a friendly atmosphere in the store is responsible not only Scandinavian design, but also lighting. From 2018, Netto uses Philips Maxos Fusion lamps, which are ready to connect to the Interact system for this purpose.

The quality and color of the light, as well as the way it is directed, allow to create a recognizable atmosphere of the Netto 3.0 concept. The goods are clearly visible, but the atmosphere in the interior is very comfortable. This is the effect of directing the light where it is actually needed, instead of brightly illuminating the entire store space.

Net Store

What does it look like technically? Maxos Fusion is a flexible linear LED system that allows free placement of lights – they can be accent lighting on linear and nonlinear modules and rails. The main thing is that the stains are easily glued and separated from the rails, and their light can be directed in any direction. As a result, the lighting can be easily adapted to individual displays, thus making the product more attractive to the customer without constant contact with very strong light.

Not all changes are visible to the naked eye

The new lighting system not only makes daily shopping a more enjoyable experience, but also significantly reduces energy consumption. Thanks to the modernization of lighting in Tesco stores, Netto will reduce energy consumption in the entire network by 43%. This means 10,000 MWh of energy has been saved and the carbon footprint has been reduced by 7,500 tonnes per year. It is as if Netto planted 330,000 trees. Assuming that 1 hectare of forest is covered with 1000 trees, this would be an area comparable to Bori Tucholskie. And all this thanks to the replacement of LED lighting used by the older generation!

In addition, the company has chosen Interact Retail system solutions that further reduce energy consumption. The solution is tailored to the needs of the network and can save another 30-35%, depending on the facility.

The Interact system significantly improves the management and maintenance of lighting infrastructure. All information about individual luminaires is available on the platform, with the help of which it is possible to analyze them and constantly react to possible malfunctions. The platform is also used to implement schedules and individualized lighting scenes, which makes it easier to manage store opening hours and adjust light levels to the needs of the moment. This affects the efficient work of employees in the store, the proper display of goods and improves the customer experience. In addition, different types of controllers and sensors can be connected to the system – then the lighting functions become the infrastructure for widely understood IoT solutions.

General purpose: zero emission

The need for climate change is extremely important and applies to everyone – not just national governments, but also commercial companies. Signify has achieved climate neutrality in 2020. The company now actively supports its partners in such activities under the “Race to Zero” program and the “Brighter Life, Better World 2025” sustainable development strategy.

The savings potential is great. A Signify analysis conducted in the spring of 2021 showed that replacing outdated lighting in only three areas (street lighting, health and education) would help Poland save 3,134 GWh per year. In 2021, this was the equivalent of 1.168 million PLN – and, as we know, energy prices are constantly rising.

Fortunately, lighting modernization is not an expensive process – especially when you compare costs to benefits. The benefits of LED lighting have been known and demonstrated for years. Now we are faced with a new fact – the replacement of the existing, long-standing old generation LED infrastructure is also bearing fruit! Modern LED lamps, combined with the control system, bring significant savings of several tens of percent, so the investment is quickly returned. In addition, we get better quality lighting that improves working conditions and creates a positive customer experience in stores and other public places, for example Netto 3.0.

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