“My house was like an ice cave, there was no love. Thanks to the dog, I got rid of this insensitive trap. “- Taken from real life

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At the age of 56, I thought I had already completed my compulsory education trips, but I learned that due to the introduction of a new computer system in our bank, weekly out-of-town training.

A year ago, this would have been just a concern, but now I have a special problem. For their 55th anniversary, my children came to visit me with a small corgi dog. I objected that the animals were not given as gifts, but …

“Father, you need heat in this house, because you will freeze like Kaj from the Snow Queen,” my daughter insulted me.

It may be funny, but I would rather have a dog than discuss it with children. My daughter called him Korgi, and he later explained that it was only a small part of the gender’s name, but it was too late to name it.

The dog also usually caught. I feed him, take him out, and he sits next to me on the couch and watches me on TV. It’s not a problem on a daily basis, but when you see the departure, it certainly complicates things. I called a colleague from work.

“Oh, we have three cats,” Jarek said when asked if he would take care of the dog. – A lot of territory.

The lead whimpered. I waved at him. He was standing in front of the door with a rope in his mouth.

– Well, thank you – Jarek answered and hung up.

One in seven hours – walking time. I could swear the dog won a kind of alarm clock!

I think I should talk to him

On the other side of the street, on the lawn of one of the houses, three dogs were chasing each other. I remembered that my neighbor looked after the animals semi-professionally. I stopped for a moment. Korgiś took the opportunity to bend under the tree.

Yes, a banal solution on the one hand, and quite the opposite on the other. And it wasn’t about the money I would pay for the conversation.

The neighbor’s name is Anna. You could say that we knew each other. After my husband died 10 years ago, Anna, a widow my age, tried to look after me.

He invited me to dinner and wanted to join the social life. He scared me, I didn’t know what he meant, and even though I knew, I was a little scared of him. When he met me in the store, his cheerful greetings waved at me as I walked down the street … She finally left me alone, but the disgust remained.

I took a deep breath. The departure was to take place the next day. Unfortunately, this was the most logical solution.
A few minutes after the bell rang, Anna opened the door.

– Remigiusz? When he saw me at the door, he asked in surprise. – What happened?

“No,” I assured him. – As I understand it, can you leave your dog with you?

– Ania. We know each other. ” He rolled his eyes. – Leave the dog, but in what sense?

I felt a strange emptiness

He looked at Korgis, who sniffed the trash can.

– It’s been a week, I have to go.

– Oh. Of course! Anna smiled at me. “There’s a dog, a cat, a lizard in need of a temporary nest,” he squatted down and stroked his knees as he spoke. – Hey, child, come … How are you?

– Korgis.

The dog wagged its tail and ran to him, and the hyc was thrown into his arms. Anna laughed as she grabbed the awkward pet.

– How sweet!

Anna and I talked about the date of payment and return, and I took her dog’s food and toys. It was less awkward than expected fortunately he paid more attention to the dog than I did.

When I returned a week later, I thought I was glad I hadn’t picked up my dog ​​the next day, but the house seemed unpleasantly quiet, and something was wrong. I didn’t like the change, and it took me a year to connect to Corgis. I went to the neighbor.

– Hello, hello – Anna will invite youput me inside.

Korgi was rolling on the carpet in a large room, chewing on a toy.

-Everything is good? I turned to Anna and asked.

– Of course. We had a great time, didn’t we? He squatted down next to my dog ​​and shook his head. – Come on, you’re back, it’s time to finish.

The dog looked at him, then returned to chew the toy.

I called him Korgis. – Come here.

He had to go that way

He laughed in response, but the second time I called him, he came to me reluctantly. We returned on time to watch the evening movie on TV. I fell asleep on the couch as tired as I often did, but I woke up resting better than usual. I looked at my watch – eleven o’clock.

Eleventh? After all, the dog goes for a walk at seven in the morning and always wakes me up before work! But the dog was not with me. I got up, checked in other rooms, in the garden, there were no signs. The cloth I used to patch the hole in the fence was torn from the fence and lay on the ground.

I live near a bigger city, in a quiet neighborhood of single-family homes, there are few cars, so the dangers are few, but few. I had to find a dog, and if something happened to him, the children would not forgive me.

I was walking in the alley calling a pet when I saw Anna taking it close in my direction.

– Here, here. He ran up to me in the morning and yelled at the door, before I could speak.

I said, “He found a hole in the fence and ran away.” – He was probably bored when I went to bed from the trip.
Anna gave me a rope and wished me a happy day with a warm smile.

The next day I woke up again without a dog

The hastily patched hole in the fence was reopened. This time I went straight to the other side of the street. I caught Anna Korgisi as she went out to accompany me.

– What does he mean? I asked before thinking about what and how I meant; I didn’t like how my voice sounded … it was full of hatred.

– Maybe something is missing?

– Not enough? He has everything he wants. Food, toys, walks, garden. I look after him well.
This, in turn, sounded like I was trying to make an excuse.

“I don’t doubt it,” Anna smiled and took the dog in her arms. – But a dog also needs love and acceptance. As desired. Korgiś runs here and hunts, asking to be stroked and scratched. Look … ”Korgisia shook her head and licked her chin.

I took my dog ​​and went home. He has no love, and he made me up. This time I closed the hole in the fence, amen. The dog had no chance to escape.

Korgiś was waiting for me in the room under the sofa, his mouth was on the floor and he was looking at me with his big eyes. He knew very well that he had made a mistake. I sat in front of him.

– Well, what are you looking at me? – I asked. – Is it so bad here? You know you are not undesirable.

Korgish shouted and licked the carpet, as if he, too, felt uneasy in the conversation. Or as if he was sad. I took a deep breath. I imagined that the dog does not understand such complexities of human language. However, I still improved:

There was no kindness in my house

– You know … I like you – this confession was very difficult for me, even though I was talking to a dog who did not understand it. – That’s right, Korgis. I just don’t show much. I’m a boy, that’s normal. My favorite toys are for women, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want you here. You are as good as you are.

There was no kindness in my family’s house. I was an only child, my parents were busy and tired. I dressed, I was well-groomed, I was full, I read well. When I started my own family, I set it up to look like the family I grew up with.

I married a quiet girl who gave me two children. It was difficult for me to keep in touch with them, they are very emotional after my mother, I did not know how to deal with them. They wanted something I couldn’t give them. They grew up, left on their own, and soon died as quietly as his wife stroke in sleep.

Korgis squeaked and crawled towards me. He put his mouth on my leg, then suddenly rolled on my back. I reached out and carefully placed it on his stomach. I began to stroke her slowly.

My hand trembled as if it had touched a poisonous snake but it was not fear. For the first time, I felt something strange inside me, a little … a void, a hole. And how did I know that his work was not going to fix it.

Come on, go to the lady!

The next day I woke up next to Korgis, and the breath in the fence worked. In general, it’s a shame. Until the thought surprised me. Lying in bed, I looked carefully at my feelings and thoughts and knew what to do.

When he came out of the bathroom, the dog was standing in front of the door with a hook. But today the plan was different. I took the handle in his hand and opened the door.

I said, “Come on, let’s meet, go.”

Corgis snorted in surprise, but after a while he understood. He ran outside happily and ran to Anna’s house. I waited half an hour to knock on his door.

– Good morning, Anna. My dog ​​is not here? – I asked.

Anna looked at me and a moment later a smile appeared on her face.

– Oh, that’s right. Came to breakfast. Will you join us?

Absolutely yes, I thought.

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