Kielce. The vet put the dog to sleep. He is in danger of being reprimanded

It was a scandalous mistake in early May in the commune of Zagnansk near Kielce. A veterinarian called to the sick dog mixed up the address of the property without any registration Put a 5-year-old healthy four-legged child to bed.

The case was made public thanks to a Facebook profile “Pocket knife opens”.

“Stefan was only 5 years old. He was a big, strong dog like a German shepherd. He was not a purebred, but he was calm, not aggressive, he worshiped his family and his family. Unfortunately, Stefan is no more. He was killed by a veterinarian who mixed up the address“- We read in the Facebook post of Kielce activists.

According to social media, local veterinarian Maciej D. went to the yard of dog owners on May 4. With a syringe in hand. They asked where their dogs were and called the animal.

– Why didn’t it surprise dog owners? because The same veterinarian had been vaccinating his dogs for years. He went in with a syringe, got vaccinated and left. This time the owner was convinced that it was rabies vaccine. So he brought the dog and the vet gave him an injection without saying a word – the doctor tells Interia. veterinarian. Alexander Borowiecki, ətwiętokrzyska Professional Responsibility Specialist of the Chamber of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

According to FB, the dog ran to the pen after being injected and did not respond to the recall. When uninformed owners asked the vet to include the vaccinated dog in the dog’s health record, “for example, if he bit someone,” Maciej D. said it was not necessary. “No one will bite again, I’ll put you to bed” – The doctor had to answer.

When the owners started walking towards the dog, the dog had convulsions and later died.

– I started shouting at the doctor, “What did you do, man?” But he was already preparing to leave. Then he asked, “Isn’t this the number XX?” PLN 100 threw the health booklet he received from us for “vaccination”. “You can get a new dog,” he said as he left. – The sleeping four-legged owner said in an interview with the creators of the profile “Pocket knife opens”.

Kielce police were busy that day. The body of the sleeping dog was placed on the autopsy table.

– The police took procedural steps on May 4, the day of the incident. An investigation was launched two days later. It is carried out under the supervision of the prosecutor. Most of the evidence, especially the testimony of witnesses, has already been provided. Right now we are waiting for the final results of the autopsy. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strangeHowever, this opinion will be important for the further course of the case, said Daniel Prokopowicz, spokesman for the Kielce District Prosecutor’s Office.

Investigators are awaiting a final verdict in mid-June. Prosecutor Prokopovich stressed that the circumstances of the incident do not raise any doubts, but the prosecutor’s office must consider the case as a whole.

– We will decide not only whether the address is wrong, but also whether the man made a mistake. continued properly due to his involvement in certain activities as a veterinarian. For example, before applying the agent, he determined the condition of the dog and examined the animal – adds Prokopowicz.

He already knows the answer to that question Świętokrzyska Professional Responsibility Spokesman of the Chamber of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. The findings of Alexander Borowiecki, who is conducting research on behalf of the Chamber, are ambiguous.

– This is the main accusation against the doctor violate ethics, is to put the dog to sleep without instructions for this activity. Our rules say so euthanasia can only be done to reduce the suffering of the animalbut healthy animals do not sleep. He examined the dog Department of Veterinary Hygiene. I read the results of their research. They show it openly the dog was healthy – says the drug Interia. veterinarian. Alexander Borowiecki, ətwiętokrzyska Professional Responsibility Specialist of the Chamber of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

Maciej D. explained his mistake to the spokesman and pleaded guilty to the alleged crime.

It is clear that he did not examine the dog before injecting. Why? This is the great secret of the doctor’s faith. He said that he was in a hurry, that he wanted to put the dog to sleep, that he had mistyped the property numbers, and so on. Kazio explained such translations at the level of a small sandbox – Alexander Borowiecki appreciates.

The environment was boiling. According to veterinarians, the confusion of addresses can happen to anyone. However, failure to check and injecting two instead of one caused the dog to die in agony.

“I have been working in this profession for forty years and I have never heard of such a thing,” said the spokesman.

And adds: – So far, no one has humiliated our profession in this way. What happened exceeds all etiquette. There is no one who is not angry with this and does not demand a high punishment for a friend.

An application to punish the veterinarian will soon be sent to the Medical and Veterinary Court. But, apparently, the punishment may not be severe.

– In terms of professional responsibility the veterinarian is at maximum risk for reprimand or reprimand. Yes, there is a provision that allows a veterinarian to be deprived of the right to practice, but this is the case in jurisprudence. He was questioned in the Supreme Court as a disproportionately high punishment for his actions – Alexander Borowiecki explains.

He added that Maciej D. would formally apply for the revocation of his right to practice his profession, but did not believe in his decision.

– The Court of Medicine and Veterinary, to which I will apply for punishment, very rarely applies the maximum part of the penalties. The general court has broader powers in this regard. It will probably end in a reprimand – Świętokrzyska admits the Ombudsman for Professional Responsibility of the Chamber of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

Interia was able to contact a veterinarian who made a fatal mistake. Maciej D. refused to answer our questions.

– I have already told the police and the professional ombudsman. I have always been successful in my life, and then all of a sudden, by chance, by chance, I became what I was. Leave me alone, he said, and cut off the connection.

Data from the Chamber of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine show that Previously, there were no complaints about Maciej D’s case..

– Continues to operate in accordance with the law and regulations. As long as he is not deprived of the right to train, he can – Alexander Borowiecki admits in an interview with Interia.

Irmina Brachacz

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