Iga Świątek before a fight with a dangerous Chinese woman. “Squeezes rivals”

Michał Białoński, Interia: How do you assess Iga Schwitek’s performance at Roland Garros this year?

Maciej Domka, Coach of the Polish women’s national team, head of the women’s training department of the Polish Tourism Association: You can see that Iga is in good shape and still feels hungry for more victories. In the last meeting with Danka Kovini, he had difficulty concentrating, but it happened. Keep in mind that he won his previous duels very easily, so a natural decrease in energy is natural.

Do you mean four games in a row in the second set?

– Exactly. The most important thing is that he coped well and got out of this situation and won the next match. It’s nice to see you.

Qinwen Zheng has just emerged from the shadows, but you can see that he is a huge rival. In the previous game with Alize Cornet, she scored all the points after the first pass. One hundred percent effectiveness is rare. He is only 19 years old and he will want to tame the slightly older world tennis leader.

– Everything is true, but in my opinion, it is Iga who is currently dealing with cards. Whatever it is, everything will depend on it.

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In addition, good mental training means that the records he breaks are already winning 31 in a row, not paralyzing him, but moving him. For such a young player, he demonstrates remarkable maturity.

– That’s right. Iga loves competition. He treats everything as a problem, and such an approach allows him to break records.

How do you explain the fact that the other players in the top 10 in the WTA list fall so quickly from Roland Garros? Even Paul Bados said goodbye to the tournament, along with Iga, who remained in Paris, the highest level player is Jessica Pegula, the 11th in the world.

– It is difficult to explain logically. This is undoubtedly proof that the peak of women’s tennis is unstable. Except for the stable Iga. Other girls have to work on it. To present the highest level of tennis throughout the season.

Who else but Iga is the main favorite to reach the grand final in Paris?

– It is difficult to choose someone, because none of the competitors is selected in any form. The girls come on the field, make surprises, and based on a match, for example, Giorgi’s encounter with Sabalenka, it can be said that the Italian in the second and third sets nominates him to play in the final. On the other hand, it is important to remember that an equally good match will not happen to him for a long time. That is why it is difficult to choose a reliable candidate to play in the final with Iga, I think he will rise there.

Today, Iga is doing what he wants with his opponents, but do you think that his tactics are quite simple – a full attack, forcing his opponents to defend themselves, the winners gaining a lot of points? Swiatek tennis does not diversify, does not use shortcuts.

– It is natural. As they say: necessity is the mother of inventions.

Iga Świątek mobilizes our other best players with his game as a world and Polish tennis leader. All Polish women could pass the first round of Roland Garros. Even Magda Fręch, the ball against Angelique Kerber, was close. You see, the slogan is: “equal to the champion.”

– True, it always works that way. This is a natural process and you should use it. We have number one in the world – Iga, the girls know him from individual or team tournaments, such as the last Billie Jean King Cup in Radom. They held a joint training there. All this shows them that they can also make progress to play better and higher. Magda Linette is experienced, she is not racing the Grand Slam for the first time, but it’s nice that it all happened at the same time.

Already in July, Iga will compete in the WTA tournament on licensed Legia courts, among others. father Tomasz Świątek. However, it is known that the cast will be different from the Grand Slam tournaments or WTA 1000 tournaments.

– Of course, he will run away. A smaller tournament awaits us in Warsaw, but it is good that we will have an event with the rank of WTA. I am sure that the organizers are trying to attract media fans. They are still kept a secret to surprise tennis fans.

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Iga Świątek – Qinwen Zheng. What time is the match? Where is the broadcast?

Interviewer: Michał Białoński, Interia

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