“I told Jurek that I had gone too far in my family, and he abused me. I gave my heart to him and he robbed my relatives. ”

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Jurek was a boy who could not be loved. Pretty, outspoken, funny … In short, an excellent salesman, a wonderful friend and an amazing storyteller. Even the brewing of morning coffee in his stories sounded like the most interesting adventure.

The girls listened to his stories and said, “You have to write a novel.”

And it was difficult to disagree with them. In our opinion, Jurek wasted in our furniture store. It was very round. For the first two or three hours of work, he could literally sell everything. After that, it was as if the air was escaping him, because he was just walking around the room, avoiding yawning.

How many evenings we talked about wine!

Probably, if he had no income, the manager would have fired him a long time ago. It earned us more than we earned all day for the Jurek store in just a few hours. And she was so beautiful …

“Brother, I’m making you coffee now.” Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything ourselves, girls? The boss would say when he fell asleep from his first son’s bite.

And unable to answer anything, our Jurek flew over with the already fragrant coffee and sat him down in a chair. And then he told stories about how his sisters and cousins ​​burned their families and thus raised the spirits of the unfortunate.

And he listens patiently to their complaints. Yes, it can listen to it! We told him our troubles many times. Girls complain about her lovers, husbands and fiancés, incomprehensible parents, mother-in-law, and she never gets tired of listening. How many times have we talked while drinking wine together in the evenings! Jurek’s friend was good.

– Why are you so sad? One day he asked me. – What happened?

“Nothing,” I tried to shake him off, because I’m not very effective by nature.

“I see that,” he smiled.

“I don’t know, is it worth talking about …” I sighed. – You did not miss still playing quilt?

– I have no problem with that. I know that it is better to let go of their pain than to bite it in vain. Don’t say you don’t want to, but maybe I’ll do something to make you sad – he didn’t let you.

I looked at him vaguely.

– I would probably be better if I told myself. I don’t want to torture my parents, but I can’t stand it anymore … – I started.

I think he really wanted to help me in some way

Jurek pointed to Bashka to replace us at the checkout and pushed me toward the door leading to the back room.

“We’re going to smoke,” he said.

“Iza doesn’t smoke,” he said

“He smokes today,” he replied quietly.

We went to the back of the store. Jurek didn’t even reach for the tie, he covered me tightly with his jacket and ordered:

– Speak.

“Everything is not so simple …” I muttered. – Well, my mother has an older sister. My aunt has been suffering from arthritis for years, she has unbearable pain and does not want to take strong medications. He believes that doctors are fraudulent and it is impossible to persuade him to change his mind. My aunt has no relatives other than me and my parents. That’s why I visit him several times a week. Depending on when I arrive, I shop for her, prepare breakfast or dinner, clean up, and pick up dirty clothes … Aunt Lucy is a really sweet person when she hates me. But when a pain catches him, it just becomes unbearable … ”I stopped.

“It’s like this morning,” Jurek said.

– How do you know? I asked in surprise.

“Obviously, you’re so bad at work,” he shrugged.

– But you are a psychologist … I answered sadly. – You are right, today my aunt was not only in pain, but even cursed me and told me to leave the house. I know he didn’t want to, but it still hurts.

– Don’t worry, you’ll see, tomorrow Aunt Lusina will always hug you and apologize for your behavior.

“Probably not …” I shook my head. – Sometimes the memory weakens. This is an old man and you have to understand him. Sometimes he is loved, sometimes he shouts that he will not write anything to me in his will. It was as if I was visiting him only to appropriate his deposits …

– Because probably not.

– Apparently, a little.

“Don’t worry, you can always call me and cry on my shoulder,” Jurek comforted me.

I can’t believe it! How can someone be so low ?!

And so it happened. From then on, I spoke to her from time to time, even allowing her to accompany me to her home. When I said goodbye, Jurek hugged me and asked me to wait for him. I wouldn’t want to. I couldn’t bear to think that my aunt was frozen under the windows while cooking for me.

A few days after this walk, Jurek left work. His decision surprised me, especially since I had heard about it from our manager, who did not seem happy.

However, I was under the illusion that it would not change our friendship in any way. After all, we changed the phone numbers. I even tried to call Jurek that day, but he didn’t answer. I thought he was probably looking for another job and would call me soon. But he did not.

About a week after leaving work, my aunt Lusina, trembling, called my mother. He asked in a dramatic voice how I felt. The poor mother was silent at first, and then nervously began to ask me what was wrong.

After a long, rather chaotic exchange of views, it became clear that my aunt had recently called my colleague and asked for a loan. He explained that I had a serious accident, was taken to the hospital, and was left alone in the middle of the road with my car that had crashed.

– But Lusinka, Iza does not have a car! – My mother said consciously.

My aunt shouted when she heard this. Because it turned out that he “borrowed” 40,000 from this colleague. PLN, or rather a friend sent to his aunt. He asked her not to bother my parents until I woke up from a coma. Apparently, the doctors made such a decision. The poor aunt was about to have a heart attack:

“But this guy was very nice … He calmed me down when we left so we wouldn’t have to worry, because everything will be fine,” he sobbed.

How could he be so mean that he would abuse this poor, sick old woman and expose her in such a degrading way to her health, perhaps to her life? Besides, it never occurred to me that someone I knew might have done that.

Although my vigilant mother added two and two and started asking questions about all my friends, I was able to talk about my aunt. I know… The work was known from the beginning. But for some reason I didn’t want to believe that Jurek could do it. He was my friend!

The next day my aunt and I went to complain to the police. He held his heart and told the guard everything. The police listened quietly, handed him a glass of water and asked for an explanation.

I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing

“If you remember …” he added.

“Of course, I will never forget that sweet boy,” my aunt replied.

– A tall, smiling-eyed, dark-haired, strong-jawed, outspoken man …

– Jurek ?! I interrupted and was surprised.

– What Jurek? the officer asked.

“My colleague,” I explained. – Apparently, it matches the description of the aunt. But it is impossible that he …

The man asked me for a moment of patience and then brought me a specialist scratch. There was no point in denying it, it was Jurek. Our beautiful, loyal, empathetic colleague who lives through all our problems. He turned out to be an ordinary swindler!

“Well, we already know how he knows Ms. Lucina,” police said.

I lowered my head. I felt stupid and remorseful for allowing myself to be used in this way. A few days later I was called back to the police station and there … I met my friends and the manager.

Each of them had a family in which Jurek cheated. Under the guise of interest, he obtained information from us about our relatives, usually the elderly, the sick, and some naive, and then borrowed large sums of money from them in the form of “grandchildren,” “friends,” or “lovers.”

And when it was over, it evaporated like camphor. The police informed the prosecutor’s office about him. Arrest warrants have been issued throughout the country.

“There is nothing else we can do right now,” one official said. – There is no perfect crime, you have to go abroad, but one day your leg will be broken, and then it will be in our hands.

“Lord, we don’t care what happens one day!” Our relatives have lost their livelihoods, but should we tie our hands and wait ?! Search for it on the Internet, on Facebook! Send him letters all over Europe, because he is probably hiding somewhere in Spain or England, my manager shouted. – He is an ordinary swindler and misled us all!

But his screams were to no avail. We have to wait until our Jureczeki’s leg is broken and someone informs him. But will my aunt return her deposits this way? And will it heal my broken heart?

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