“Control 4”: Uncontrolled feelings and emotions in the love triangle

“Control” is a universal and moving story of love, directed by Natasza Parzymies, which won the hearts of young viewers. Initially, “Control” was supposed to be a short job to pass the semester, so there were non-standard, short episodes ranging from 8 to 16 minutes, but it was decided to release the production on a streaming platform.

On Player.pl, viewers were able to watch the production, which is very popular. The series has been shown at Polish and foreign film festivals and has become very popular here. The director of “Control” is the above-mentioned Natasza Parzymies, who shot the first series at the age of 18. It was supposed to be a credit to the erotic study. It’s hard to believe that someone so young can create something so mature and emotional. Natasza has shown that this is possible, and each new season of “Control” has risen to a higher and more mature level in terms of emotionality and sensitivity.

The main characters Natalya and T-shirt were played by Ada Khlebicka and Ewelina Pankowska. The series began with a chance meeting of girls who were once united by a great and passionate love. With the following chapters, the memories began to return, and it became clear that the old feelings had not faded.

For three seasons, Natalya and Majka are left to their fate, which they do not like. This is the worst time you can see on your screen. When one of them is free and ready for a relationship, the other creates a new life by being with the other.

The third season ended with another turn of fate, this time in Natalia’s life. She met a man who would ruin her life.

The fourth season begins with a big emotional bomb. Two years after the third season, let’s move on to the events, and the opening scene gives us reason to say openly that there was a tragedy that left its mark on the lives of the main characters throughout the season.

When Majka meets Natalia for the first time in so long, the heroes and the audience experience another emotional roller coaster. The hope is clear in his eyes that maybe this is another opportunity to finally succeed. When Natalia meets her new lover Sylvia, this feeling quickly disappears. Silvia is the woman in the final scene of the third season (played by Agata Różycka).

As in previous seasons, the fourth part carries a great emotional load. The audience can feel what the protagonists have thanks to good acting, well-chosen music, scenes with close-ups of actresses’ faces and the characteristic neon lights that make the series recognizable.

All audiovisual effects were more noticeable in emotional scenes. In the background we hear songs by Polish artists such as Ralph Kamiński, which makes the series even more unique.

The third season ended with the breakdown of Majka and Natalia’s relationship due to differences in priorities in life. Majka, who was pregnant at the time, wanted to keep the baby. In turn, Natalya was not ready to become a mother. In the fourth season, we see how situations can change attitudes, even on a difficult issue such as having children.

Natalya and Majka are reconnecting, but seemingly kind. But is it possible between the two? The giant chemistry, passion and passion that the girls have shared so far offers only one answer to this question, and it seems that both heroes know it perfectly. Nevertheless, they try to maintain friendly relations.

They meet and help Natalya Majka get rid of the tragedy and spend time with Haniya – Majka’s daughter. In her third season, Natalia, who even travels to an abortion clinic, suddenly discovers layers of motherhood that she had no idea. Natalya and Haniya have a special garden that will surprise the audience.

The dilemmas of previous seasons return, as Majka, who sees how Natalia treats Haniya, cannot resist her feelings of return. This can also be influenced by the special loneliness that the hero struggles in the fourth season. Majka is definitely in crisis: she is drunk, does not want to cry in front of her baby, desperately seeks solace.

The moment that frees him from difficult feelings will be a special conversation with his father (Caesar Zack). There will be a moment when Majka turns from a weak, emotionally unstable, lonely girl into a strong, confident, self-aware woman. Will this also be a turning point in the relationship with Natalya?

At this time, Natalya struggles with Silvia’s jealousy. Although their relationship seems more mature and stable than Natalia’s relationship with Majka, we still see an example of a “love-hate relationship” between them. The girls separate from each other, and then fight to get back, all to one person – according to Majka. A love triangle emerges that Sylwia wants to evacuate as soon as possible.

This is undoubtedly a season when the contradictions between the first and last episodes come to the fore. We start with a tragedy and end with a wedding. Sylvia first treats Majka kindly, and then tells her, “I don’t like you.”

Majka undergoes a special transformation. In the case of this hero, there was a great collapse, an emotional breakdown, and then after revealing the great secret, Majka felt free, changed his appearance, gained self-confidence.

Unlike previous seasons, this season is not very physical and sexual. The creators have focused on creating sexual tension through less noticeable gestures, especially the ability to see, which is very difficult to deceive, and the protagonists learn this in a difficult way.

There is a little more time for the supporting characters, Frank (Anu Czerwiński) and Vera (Joanna Połeć), but I still feel dissatisfied. The fourth season focuses on the Natalia-Majka-Sylwia love triangle, and there is still very little time for those with great potential.

Will Natalya and Majka finally be together? This question will never be answered unequivocally. However, it is good to see girls as separate heroes who experience development and re-evaluation in different aspects. You can see the progress in the approach of the protagonists based on their life experiences. However, they are still playing an eternal battle: to follow the heart, or to think rationally?

The fourth season, in my opinion, is the best so far, because the subtlety and closeness made me feel more extreme emotions than before, when this revelation was a bit bigger. The ending doesn’t satisfy you, but I can’t imagine anything else. Thanks to the end of the series, it will definitely remain in the minds of viewers for a long time.


“Control 4” will premiere on Player on June 1.

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